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10 Of The Hottest Interior Paint Colors Perfect For Any Home

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By Katie Carlson on Sep 6, 2016
10 Of The Hottest Interior Paint Colors Perfect For Any Home

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Interior paint selections make or break the appearance of your home. Additionally, colors have the power to dramatically influence your feelings, behaviors and moods. For these reasons, it’s important you research your options before altering your walls. 

Professional painters can paint your home or you can roll up your sleeves and DIY. Either way, there’ll come a time when you need to choose the right color for each individual room. See the 10 hottest interior paint colors that are guaranteed to bring style and new energy to your home.

Hazel Paint

1. Hazel by Sherwin-Williams

This paint is a beautiful light blue hue that’s versatile and attractive. This is a color that looks stunning paired with wood, neutral accents and white trim. Hazel paint is perfect for any homeowner looking to add subtle color to their rooms without coming off too loud.

Cloud White

2. Cloud White by Benjamin Moore

White is always a popular paint color amongst homeowners. The trick is finding a shade that’s not too bright or dull. Cloud White is part of Benjamin Moore’s Classic Color Collection and a fan favorite. These timeless, elegant, classic colors guarantee beautiful, usable color all the time, every time. It has a softness to it that creates a relaxed and comfortable space.

Indigo Streamer Door

3. Indigo Streamer by Valspar

This is the paint for you if you’re someone who likes a fun pop of color in their house! Not only is this color gorgeous on its own, but it looks amazing paired with white walls. Use this paint to spruce up a door or incorporate an accent wall. It’s vibrant and trendy with just the right amount of spunk.

Indigo Streamer

Feeling even bolder? Paint the walls of an entire room this color and use it as the foundation to decorate the rest of the space. Accents, such as furniture or additional colors, will complement the dramatic hue and allow you to create a room full of energy and liveliness.

Drizzle Paint

4. Drizzle by Sherwin-Williams

This is one of my personal favorite looks in a bathroom! Although, the homeowners used a beachy theme in the example above, this color lends itself to limitless possibilities. White accents, trim and textured floors are great ways to showcase this beautiful paint. It’s a calm and soothing color that can easily be presented in the bedroom as well.

Parma Gray

5. Parma Gray by Farrow & Ball

Gray continues to be a hot color in the interior design industry. Both light and dark shades will suffice. Despite its name, Parma Gray reads as a light grayish-blue. It pairs well with Farrow and Ball Light Blue and neutrals. Farrow and Ball Modern Emulsion Paint is washable, stain and scuff resistant making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and high traffic areas.

Sea Salt

6. Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

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Looking to redecorate your bedroom with a more serene and peaceful feeling? Sea Salt by Shermin Williams is the paint for you. This attractive and delicate hue has just enough green to warm up a room, while the influence of blue gives it a refreshing, water-like appearance. It’s been said that Rainwashed and Sea Salt are two of the prettiest, softest colors that never fail to disappoint. They’re a few you don’t have to worry about buying and disliking once you get it home on your walls.

Tempest Paint

7. Tempest by Benjamin Moore

The name says it all with this one. A moody, soulful marriage of gray and purple, this richly saturated shade has an air of mystery when displayed across your walls. It’s daring, but not a color you need to worry about looking too dramatic. It’s a shade of purple experts likes to call their favorite. Elegance and sophistication will be felt when you walk in the room.

Simply White

8. Simply White by Benjamin Moore

There are those who love nothing more than to decorate their entire home in white paint, and that’s okay! If you’re going to go this route, I suggest you use Simply White by Benjamin Moore. As you can see, it looks amazing with hardwood and silver and beige accents. This is a versatile paint that is easily adaptable to spruce up cabinets, walls, ceilings, trim and more.

Jonquil Paint

9. Jonquil by Sherwin Williams

Bring the sunshine inside with this bright and cheery paint color! Jonquil is the perfect shade of yellow and looks lovely in the kitchen. Yellow is one of those colors that isn’t for everyone, however, fans of it will fall in love with this shade. The study of the psychology of colors proves that a yellow kitchen is known to increase metabolism, brighten a room and give you energy.

Alexandria Beige

10. Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore

If you’re an advocate of neutral paints, then I’m sure you’ve been waiting to hear about the perfect beige paint for your walls. Look how gorgeous Alexandria Beige comes across in one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s warm, cozy and looks nice with light and dark features. It’s one of the more robust beiges out there and helps a small room look bigger. What’s not to like?


Paint is by far one of the most beneficial ways to add aesthetical appeal to your home without breaking the bank. Any of these gorgeous paint colors covered in this article will do the trick. A fresh perspective and coat of paint will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

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