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10 Unique Ways To Decorate A Wall

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By on Sep 27, 2016
10 Unique Ways To Decorate A Wall

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Decorating your home is a fun and yet, continuous process. Between painting, hanging frames and utilizing accessories, it’s important to make sure that no area is forgotten when it comes to the look of your space.

Everyone has that one wall in their home that they just don’t know what to do with. Maybe it’s partially covered or placed in a strange part of the room. Some homeowners don’t see large, blank walls as a clean slate to work with but rather something intimidating. The good news is that there are plenty of ideas to match your style and create a unique look for your room. Here’s 10 unique ideas you can use to decorate a large wall and turn it into a lovely focal point.

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Striped Accent

1. Striped Accent Wall

For an easy fix to a large wall, consider creating a striped accent wall. This is a great DIY project that can transform the look of your room in just a weekend. You can choose colors that match your room’s décor and go either horizontally or vertically. To see how you can do this project yourself, read How To Paint Striped Walls.

Gallery Wall

2. Gallery Wall

Do you have a lot of artwork or photos you’re not sure what to do with? Turn them into the perfect decorative element by hanging them as a gallery wall. There are so many options when it comes to styling your gallery. You can choose photos and frames that match, for a sleek and modern look. Or, mix it up to create a chic look. Remember to always plan out your wall before beginning to hang any frames, so you don’t make any permanent errors on the actual wall.

Mirror Wall

3. Mirror, Mirror

If you have a blank wall, it’s likely windowless. If you long for a bit lighter in your room, turn your windowless wall into one full of mirrors. One option is to cover the entire wall with flat mirrors or section them off to give the appearance of a window. You could also use the gallery wall technique to hang a variety of different mirrors to change up the look. Any option you choose will not only add to the décor of the room, but also add additional light.

Triangle Shelves

4. Shelving That Pops

There are so many unique shelving options today that they can be their own wall art. Triangle shelves are a unique way to decorate your wall, and for an extra touch, you can back them with fabric to add a pop of color. Floating shelves gives you the look without all the additional bulky hardware and can be arranged in whatever way meets your needs. Move them one after another to create a ladder effect, or square them off to create unique cubby shelves.

Chalkboard Paint

5. Chalkboard Wall

For families big or small, nothing beats the fun you can have with a chalkboard wall. A few coats of chalkboard paint will help to make this wall stand out as a place for play. Play a game of tic-tac-toe on the wall or simply write out the day's to do list. If you’re feeling like you’d like a more artistic solution, stencil your favorite quote or design with the chalk to create a feature you can change as you please. A chalkboard wall is certainly a great talking point for any room.


6. Wall Mural

A wall mural is a great way to display your passion for art, right in your own home. There are two options when it comes to wall murals. One option is getting a custom wall mural decal made to fit. There are many options when it comes to getting a mural printed, both in famous art, patterns and photography. Over time, these may peal or fall from the wall.

Another option is to have a small art project painted in your home. You can choose to DIY your mural, but if there is a design you really love, it's best to contact a painting pro. The average cost of a small paint job is $585, but these costs depend heavily on the size of the project.

Wallpaper Accent Wall

7. Wallpaper Patterns

Wallpaper is making a comeback and in a great way. A trendy option for wall décor right now is creating an accent wall with wallpaper. There are many wallpaper options available to match your current décor. It’s perfect for trying out bold colors, textures and patterns that you may not be able to replicate with paint.

Show Off Collection

8. Display Your Collection

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Do you collect something unique? Hanging it from your unused blank wall could be a great way to show it off! Hanging collectible plates is a great way to display your collection while creating a unique look to your wall. Be sure to find the appropriate hangers, like plate and disc hangers, to securely hold the shape of the plate.

Show some support for your team! Sports memorabilia is another great idea to display on your blank wall. Hang jerseys, pennants and collectible items to create a collage of your favorite team. Use creative shelving to display equipment, balls and other collectibles that you don’t want touched.

Wall Sconces

9. Light It Up

If you’re looking to add light to your room, a wall sconce can do just that. The options are endless when it comes to finding one that matches your current style. For easy installation, a plug-in sconce might be a great choice, however, you’ll want to be sure to hide the wires. To install a direct wire sconce, it’s best to contact a pro who can help with the electrical work.

Large Art

10. DIY Wall Art

If you love to DIY, crafting your own wall out is the perfect way to get creative in your home. One of my favorites is a DIY postcard wall piece. Use postcards from places you’ve been or ones within the same series. See the tutorial from How About Orange.


Big, blank walls could seem intimidating for some homeowners. Be sure to have a plan before you start any new project so you know exactly how you’d like it to look when you’re finished. And when you’re done, step back and enjoy the new look.

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