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11 Creative Kitchen Upgrades

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By Katie Carlson on Oct 6, 2016
11 Creative Kitchen Upgrades

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My guess is you spend a considerable amount of time in or around your kitchen on a daily basis. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning or rearranging, it’s a room that requires your attention. Your kitchen is so powerful it can even change your mood. For example, if it’s too dark, messy or loud for your taste, it may upset you.

It’s also a space that gets boring to look at if you’re in or around your kitchen often. If you’ve had the urge to upgrade, personalize or modernize it, you’re not alone. See 11 creative kitchen upgrades that’ll have you falling back in love with the most essential room in your home.

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Charming Style

1. Bring On The Charm  

You may be more inclined to pay attention to the details and personal touches in your bedroom or living room, but they matter in your kitchen too. There are so many great décor pieces out there and DIY projects for you to get lost in. Large display letters, hanging plants, fresh flowers, homemade storage and chalkboards are a few ideas that’ll add instant charm and style to your kitchen. A perfect example of a charming kitchen is represented in the breakfast nook image above, which mixes stripes, plants, red accents and an antique chandelier.

Cookbook Display

2. Create A Colorful Cookbook Display

It’s easy to get caught up collecting cookbooks filled with unique and tasty recipes. The more you have, the harder it is to find space to store them. Install vertical open shelving cabinets and paint the shelves a fun color, then strategically place and display your favorite cookbooks for all to see. Doing this will upgrade your cookbooks from dusty cabinet fillers to trendy décor in no time. Another option is to sneak in cookbook shelf space on the exposed end of a cabinet or island.

Tailored Slipcovers

3. Fasten Tailored Slipcovers

Before you head out and purchase brand new kitchen chairs or stools, ask yourself if a simple slipcover could solve your problem. Interior decorators advise to save your money and skip the fancy upholstery and instead, choose fitted slipcovers for your kitchen chairs. They’re easy to wash, practical and an inexpensive solution in a potentially messy, high-traffic area. Slipcovered kitchen or bar stools will add class and character to a dull space. They come in all sorts of patterns and colors too!

Cabinet Inserts

4. Spruce Up Cabinets With Glass Door Inserts Or Adhesive Backing

Cabinet refacing is a brilliant way to transform your kitchen's look without going to the trouble and considerable expense of a complete renovation. I like the idea of installing glass door inserts to add an element of surprise to your kitchen. There are plenty of possibilities besides plain clear glass including, etched (shown), fluted, crackled and colored or patterned glass. Don’t be afraid to show off your new cabinets with a little interior cabinet lighting.

In addition, peel-and-stick adhesive backing, otherwise known as removable wallpaper, has come a long way. There’s a pattern available for every kitchen style these days, and you can even design your own.

Painted Wood Floors

5. Paint Wood Floors

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Can you believe the way a fresh coat of blue paint brought this kitchen’s wood floors to life? Get creative and let painted wood floors help you achieve a rustic charm or colorful kitchen. It’s also a practical way to hide old, outdated flooring without having to spend the money installing new hardwood floors.

Alternatively, give a plain wood floor oodles of rustic charm with a simple design of stained or painted diamonds. For the former, you'll need to sand down to bare wood and use two contrasting stain colors. Disguise worn wood planks and enliven the look of your kitchen with a coat of enamel in a vibrant color, like this cobalt blue.

Replace Old Sink

6. Replace An Old Sink

Before you go ripping out every item in your kitchen, evaluate the condition of your sink. The right kitchen sink will instantly upgrade the surrounding area and make a statement all on its own. Consider depth, texture, material, color and size. The warm, oil rubbed bronze sink and handcrafted detailing immediately makes the kitchen pictured above more desirable.

Unique Furniture

7. Mix In Unique Furniture Pieces

Assuming the standard table and chair set up is your only kitchen seating option is a mistake. Creative upgrades mean you have to step outside the norm and explore new and exciting alternatives. A bench, old school stools, colorful cushions, a unique or simple platform table base, decorative wrought iron chairs and wood accents, bring a tasteful funk and energy to your kitchen without looking gaudy.

Reflective Backsplash

8. Install A Reflective Backsplash

Don’t just install any backsplash, but one that shines, reflects light and catches the eye. Glass tile, stainless steel and mosaics will give your kitchen just the right amount of interest. In addition to the reflective properties, brainstorm the different places in your kitchen to add a backsplash. It doesn’t always have to be installed in the most obvious and typical place.

Pendant Lights

9. Incorporate Multi-Light Pendant Fixtures

Replacing, layering and enhancing your kitchen lighting is an excellent way to rapidly make creative upgrades. Multi-light pendant fixtures are the new thing entering kitchens everywhere. The brass and glass mini pendant lights in the example above illuminate the room with sophisticated style. Furthermore, I absolutely love the placement and proximity of the bulbs to each other.

Display Dishes

10. Display Decorative Dishes

Are your nice dishes hidden in storage because you only use them once a year, or even worse, have never used them? Don’t worry, this is a common situation amongst homeowners. It’s time to dig out those lovely, delicate dishes and put them to work enhancing the look of your kitchen. Open shelving, or cabinets, and slotted plate racks will do the trick. If you really want to impress, install glass inserts and cabinet up lighting to highlight the dishes even more.

Contrast Design

11. Embrace Contrast

Combine unexpected and dramatic counterparts to embrace contrast in your kitchen for a sleek and attractive design. White walls, black countertops and wood cabinets are the perfect mix for producing a distinct elegance. Also, a properly executed black and white kitchen offers a timeless and beautiful makeover worth considering.


Your kitchen is a significant part of your home life, so it deserves some tender, love and care occasionally. Use these 11 creative kitchen upgrades to improve and enrich the space. You, your loved ones and guests are sure to cherish the outcome.

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