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12 Terrific Sinks Ideal For Small Bathrooms

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By on Jan 19, 2016
12 Terrific Sinks Ideal For Small Bathrooms

Like many other features in the home, bathroom sinks have transformed over the years and smart designers are coming up with creative ways to showcase and feature beautiful sinks for both large and small bathrooms.

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Smaller bathrooms require prominent features that make the room stand out. With such a small footprint, gorgeous bathroom sinks give one of the most trafficked rooms in the home the spark it needs. As such, we found 12 bathroom sink designs that are gaining prominence every day.

See each design below or check out our bathroom sink cost estimator to see what it costs to install a new sink in your home.

Note: Some of the sinks below appear in larger bathrooms, but they provide the same spark in small bathrooms as well.

Bathroom Sink

You will see a fair share of vessel sinks in this post. Unlike the old days, design has become just as vital as utility for both guest and master bathrooms. Pictured above, the homeowners went with a vessel sink made of glass, along with a brushed nickel faucet. The dark basin plays well off the light tile countertop.

Kohler vessel sinks have hit mainstream the last few years and according to their website, “Vessel sinks are no longer a trend--they're part of a design ethic.”

Bathroom Sinks

There’s more than enough space in this large master bathroom for double vessel sinks above a floating vanity. They chose to go with the rectangular design given the abundance of space above the granite counters. While this bathroom is large, wall-mounted vanities are great for smaller bathrooms because they give the illusion of more space.

If you’re thinking of adding a little flare to your master bathroom, check out Home Depot’s extensive bathroom vanity selection.

Conical Sink

Many of us have Asian-inspired bathrooms and if so, a conical sink like you see above is a perfect design compliment. Depending on the color, a conical sink can add elegance and spark to any bathroom. Conical sinks come in a wide array of colors, ensuring there is one out there for any homeowner.

Curved Sink

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Stainless steel has been making its way into every room of the house. It already dominates the kitchen with stainless fridges and other appliances, but now, stainless steel sinks are making their way into bathrooms across America.

This steel, vessel sink is rectangular in shape and features a curved back to ensure minimal spillage. Washing your hands can get messy, but the curved design ensures no water makes its way behind the sink.

Terrific additions were also made with the tile-framed mirror and black granite counters.

Looking to add similar features in your bathroom? See our bathroom cost estimators to gauge what each one costs.

Bowl Sink

Wall-mounted faucets have certainly climbed the ladder lately, especially with smaller bathrooms, as they ensure more space for a cozy bathroom counter.

This small bathroom went big with a large, white vessel sink. It gives new meaning to the term basin sink as this beauty certainly highlights this homeowner’s guest bathroom.

Carved Sink

It’s true that rustic styles blend quite well with contemporary, as you can see here with the carved wood sink and black faucet. While this bathroom is not small by any means, they too went with a floating vanity and light counters to provide a little contrast from the drawers and sink. 

Not sure if your bathroom can fit a carved sink like the one below? See 8 small bathroom designs that can accommodate.

Steel Sink

This sink design combines some of the earlier elements I mentioned such as a stainless steel sink, a wall-mounted faucet and black counters. However, I chose this sink to show eager homeowners that undermount sinks still have their place in fantastic bathroom remodels.

The undermount steel sink blends nicely in this modern design and compliments the black wall and white floor tiles. Despite its small stature, the sink still stands out in this renovation winner.

The minimum cost of an undermount sink is $167 according to our material estimator.

Trough Sink

This trough sink is certainly a modern bathroom sink feature that lends itself to design more than utility. While it certainly gives off a peaceful and clean modern aroma, it’s not as functional as some of the other sink designs mentioned in this article.

Gold Sink

Some form of color should be displayed in every room around the house, including your guest bathroom. These homeowners did not shy away from color with their gold vessel sink and orange vase beside. Additionally, they added an oil-rubbed bronze faucet giving this bathroom remodel the upscale look they desired.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks have been popping up all over the country, but their design and function lend perfectly to bathrooms as well. Given their large footprint, they may take up more space then you want, but rest assured that no water will be leaving this enormous sink.

Pictured above, they chose a dark brown sink to blend in with the light brown cabinets and tile backsplash. The oil-rubbed hardware keeps popping up as well.

See if a farmhouse sink is right for you by connecting with a bathroom pro near you.

Stamped Sink

You don’t tend to see copper in bathroom sinks (or sinks in general), but the stamped diamond pattern provides a new design feature we have not seen. Not willing to stick to one material, they went with brown and white marble counters and a ceramic tile backsplash.

Wall-Mounted Sink

For those of you with little space and extra storage elsewhere, this is the sink design for you. On top of their transitional design, with intriguing wall art, they added a wall-mounted white sink with curved edges and a chrome faucet. It’s not your typical bathroom design, but it certainly leaves little room for imagination.


There are plenty of sinks out there that can provide that spark or conversation starter we all seek in our small bathrooms. Going with one of the 12 sinks mentioned above will certainly make them forget how small your bathroom really is.

Ready to add a new bathroom sink? Click here to chat with up to four bathroom pros near you!

Note: All sinks were featured on DesignMine.

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