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13 Basement Designs You Should Copy

By on Sep 22, 2014
13 Basement Designs You Should Copy

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Basement design is a tricky beast. You want to create that amazing basement everyone wants to visit, but more often than not, time and design creativity get in the way.

That is why I have researched and located 13 of the most remarkable and creative basement designs in the U.S. Ignore budgets for now and just dwell in the pure amazement of these tremendous basement remodels.

Bold Colors

Bold colors should be a staple of all basement designs. They help give it that “wow” factor every homeowner wants their guests to have as soon as they head downstairs.

This basement remodel went all-in on purple. It compliments the open shelves, white ottoman and tiled fireplace. You certainly won’t get cold down here.

Thinking about remodeling? The average price to remodel a basement is $16,733.

Basement Bar

I stuck with the dark color theme, but I added a little more space in this remarkable basement design.

Of course, the full bar stands out with six bar stools, an illuminated counter and a stone backdrop. Move over to the living area and you can see that these fruitful homeowners went all out and mounted three flat screen TVs. Surrounding their custom fireplace, this living area is perfect for your next Super Bowl Party.

Can’t wait until February. Start your basement remodel!

Basement Aquarium

Pool tables are another staple in all finished basements. However, this basement remodel went with a padded table (great for trick shots), dark hardwood floors and a huge aquarium. Who couldn’t help stop and stare at all those gorgeous fish as you walk around this remodeled basement?

Traditional Basement

Traditionalists will love this basement renovation. Nothing modern here as they chose to go with a stone fireplace, dark hardwood floors, a brown leather couch, a mix of stone and wood walls and finally, dark upholstered bar stools.

The sectional was perfect as one side faces the fireplace and the other gazes at the brand new TV.

Now that you have seen some of the best, see some of the costs that went into these basement remodels.

Bunk Beds

Oftentimes, basements are finished as an extra play area for the kids. Well, the young ones will love this basement design as these rustic homeowners built in two bunk beds, perfect for a neighborhood sleepover. In fact, if you look close enough, you can see the rope and handle bars leading down from the top bunk.

Additionally, the exposed beams, stone siding and dark colors match the theme these homeowners love.

Basement Theatre

Speaking of sleepovers, this basement turned into a home theatre is perfect for the kids and their friends. The large pillows make it as though they are watching the movie on a cloud.

On the other hand, as the parents, along with the fireplace and large projection screen, you can turn this remodeled basement into a romantic night in.

Basement Slide

All young children will love this basement renovation, but you know their favorite part will be that slide heading downstairs. Slides don’t only belong in mansions, so if you think your kids would really love the idea, go for it.

Basement Apartment

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When you don’t need the basement as an individual play area for the kids or extra space, many homeowners choose to turn it into a separate living area for extended family, guests or even potential tenants.

That was the route here with a small kitchen, including an oven, hardwood floors, a gorgeous sectional couch and a colorful backsplash.

Even better is the door leading outside. This way, your guests or tenants can leave and enter as they wish.

Barn Doors

Other than the colorful couch and open bar shelves in back, nothing screams amazing about this basement. However, I want to make note of the sliding barn door in back.

Barn doors have hit the market and aggressive homeowners are using them in very creative ways, such as a door for their master bathroom, bedroom and basement.

Don’t be afraid to try something different when it comes to your basement remodel.


Natural sunlight and basements are rarely uttered in the same sentence, but when you have a huge sunroof overlooking your remodeled basement, it sure does.

Fortunately, they also added an eclectic chandelier, as well as a full wet bar for maximum enjoyment.

Best Basement Design

This basement has it all with light hardwood floors, a pool table, a full bar with one TV above, a modern fireplace in the middle to keep the place warm in the winter, stadium seating in back and room for five leather recliners in back.

Also, notice the neon lights under the pool table. Pretty snazzy.

Eclectic Basement

This basement renovation is for our eclectic lovers. They added a wide array of basement furniture with the dark brown bean bag, white and red sofas, multiple area rugs and intriguing art pieces. Seems like the perfect setting to sit and chat with friends.

Basement Pool

Finally, we must include a pool in one of our awesome basement designs you should copy. I realize some of our readers may not have the space for an indoor pool or sauna, but if you do have the space or the gall to add one, I highly recommend it.

Interested? See some of the costs that come with all swimming pools.


These basement remodels are not cheap, but their designs should open the door to some creative and eye-opening ideas that fit your home!

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