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2016 Home Garden Trends

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By Katie Carlson on Jul 22, 2016
2016 Home Garden Trends

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A favorite spot for many homeowners is their own backyard and garden. It’s a location that’s fun to personalize and reinvent each year. A lot of people find keeping up a garden to be a relaxing activity and gratifying experience. The best part about taking care of your own garden is admiring and enjoying it when it’s all done. It’s a project you can say you did yourself and something you can be proud of at the end of the day.

The 2016 home garden trends are innovating and redefining gardening as we know it. I’ve got new ideas, styles and terms that are going to help get you started on your plans and designs, as you think about how you want to upgrade your garden in the coming year.

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Sentimental & Hardy Landscapes

Recalling sentimental memories and honoring family traditions is a big part of life. The home is a perfect place to make these warm and fuzzy feelings come alive. In 2016, you’re going to see homeowners re-living childhood memories through their garden. It’s all about reinventing a sentimental tradition or feature you remember as a kid. For example, a swing from a childhood lake house you visited or a vegetable garden you remember from grandma’s house.

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In addition to personal sentiments, landscapes are going to look heartier. Experts are predicting fewer annuals and more natives, evergreens, conifers and ornamental grasses that offer multi-season interest (even winter). Designers will encourage homeowners to shy away from monoculture plantings and instead inspire them to create “layered landscapes.” Think in terms of more shrubs and trees like those found in nature, and fewer “green deserts” of grass. Although it’s common to plant across the ground, you’ll see vertical designs and plant offerings in bolder colors.   


Engaging the Senses

People are feeling more overworked and worn out these days, so they’re turning to their gardens for Zen-like experiences. It’s a great way to bring some peace and calm to your hectic family life. Music, lights and water will create a sensual garden and produce a sense of stillness and tranquility you usually only get on vacation.

Also, consider adding some elements for texture, such as statues, water fountains and planters. Homeowners are realizing they don’t have to leave home to kick back and relax. They can mold their backyard into a joyful and peaceful existence in just a few simple steps.


Merging Health & Technology with Nature

Many people are making changes in their lives and around their homes to live a healthier lifestyle. They’re also realizing that connecting with nature is one of those ways to improve health and reduce stress. Homeowners are exploring, educating and entertaining themselves with creative new ideas for their garden. Just like people go hiking for exercise and to clear their head, they’re getting the same relief from taking care of their home garden.

Growing your own food, fruits and vegetables and engaging with nature hands-on is an excellent way to rejuvenate and improve health. It’s now easier than ever to get on your smartphone or iPad and search how to plant your own shrubs or grow your own food. The advances in technology are allowing people to explore and test inside and outside of their home without any hesitation.


Plants with A Purpose

Yes, gardens are admired for their beauty, but with the right touches, they can also be praised for their functionality. In the coming year, you’ll see homeowners planting for practical reasons and not just for the beauty of it. A few of the functional garden designs you’ll see include homeowners growing hops to make their own beer or grapes to make their own wine.

People are starting to take advantage of the natural healing properties of plants, such as planting calendula to produce soaps and lotions. As part of today’s shift toward more natural and organic living, homeowners have even taken to creating their own hues for scarves, sweaters and Easter eggs. Marigolds and onions are a few of the plants that can be used to make botanical dyes. Talk about planting with a purpose! 

Animal Friendly

Dogscaping & Xeriscaping

Dogs are becoming the pet of choice these days. Homeowners are sharing their quarters and backyards with these furry creatures and proving how much they love them with topnotch hospitality. It’s only fitting that pet owners are deliberately planting gardens that are healthy and welcoming to their animals. People are being mindful to incorporate plants that are neither harmful nor poisonous to dogs. The experts have even coined a term for this idea, called Dogscaping. It sure would take away a lot of the worry when pets are roaming around the yard! 

Flower DIY

Xeriscaping is another term you should know before you start planting. This is the conservation of water through creative landscaping. As a way to conserve water, homeowners are building gardens and landscapes with plants that take little water. It’s a smart solution for sustainable living, given the fact that water is now considered an expensive and limited resource.


Gardens are no longer an afterthought for homeowners. Many are taking up gardening as a hobby and viewing their backyards as a gateway to better health for themselves, their families and their pets. If you’re not sure where to start, get professional input and then decide what upgrades you’re going to leave to the pros and which ones you’d like to tackle as a DIY project.

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