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2016 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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By Katie Carlson on Jan 14, 2016
2016 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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Trends are something you want to keep in mind as you remodel or update rooms in your house. The resale value of your home increases over the years as you make upgrades and improvements. The ROI is well worth the little time it takes to research what’s hot in home renovations.

The kitchen is definitely one room in the house you don’t want to skimp on when you’re remodeling. Keep in mind that many buyers purchase a home based on the kitchen. Knowing the 2016 kitchen trends will help you understand what remodels make sense and what you should be looking for if you're buying or selling.

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Neutral Kitchen Colors, Natural Materials & Bright Accents

Modern designs are still at the top of the trend list in 2016. Neutral colors and natural materials are popular because they’re classy and timeless. A neutral foundation gives you more options to work with when you start decorating and stylizing your kitchen walls and countertops.

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The hottest shades in the coming year will be soft whites (with white and black decorating schemes), light and dark brown colors of natural wood, light gray color tones of natural stone or concrete, all topped off with accent colors in rich hues. 

Modern wall tile designs is a common way to incorporate bright accent colors and patterns into your kitchen. Designing kitchens that effortlessly incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone and bamboo is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Integrating textures in your kitchen scheme is also going to be popular. 


Thin Kitchen Countertops

As far as countertops go, thin is in. Bulky shapes and thick edges are taking a backseat to a more sleek and elegant appearance. Slim countertops have many advantages, such as good resistance to moisture, shock and heat. Thin countertops are perfect for kitchens with a modern design and futuristic ambiance.

Regardless of the thickness of countertops you install, make sure you select a material and design that will catch your attention. Striking patterns and colors are a must in 2016. You may have already heard, but Quartz counters will continue to take the lead in kitchen countertop trends in the coming year.

Modern Cabinets

Contemporary Cabinet Designs

Your kitchen cabinets should not be anything short of spectacular. Contemporary designs, simple yet bold drawer pulls and frosted cabinet doors are just a few ways you can turn your storage up a notch. As modern kitchen designs continue to gain steam, clean lines and subtle designs are smart choices for those looking to upgrade their kitchen cabinets.

Don’t be afraid to use bright colors and glassy finishes. Bold cabinets are great when you are working with a neutral backdrop. The hardware on your cabinets is the perfect opportunity to show some style and make your cabinets really pop! There are so many different options out there these days that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something that’s both trendy and appealing to you.


Hardwood Flooring & Gray Tones

Hardwood flooring is still trending and it seems that it’ll remain that way for a while. Dark wood finishes and rich tones are taking the spotlight. The World Flooring Covering Association (WFCA) recently shared that natural looks showcasing textures and grains are going to be popular trends in the floor remodeling department.

If you prefer a traditional style kitchen, then you should stick to warm browns such as dark walnuts and mahogany floor stains which will enhance this particular design style. Kitchen floors with dark tones bring a boldness that makes the room appear updated and compliments a contemporary design.

Gray tones are gaining popularity because of their ability to blend their tones in with surrounding walls, carpeting and tile. Interior designers are even going as far as to call gray the new neutral.

Sleek Appliances

Sleek Appliances, Furniture & Fixtures

Regardless of what you’ve heard, stainless steel is still going to be the number one choice for appliances in 2016 because of their wide appeal and classic style. KitchenAid recently introduced the first-ever professionally inspired Black Stainless Steel appliance finish. I don’t know about you, but we think it’s fantastic! It’ll give your kitchen a softer and warmer look than what you’re used to seeing with the shiny stainless steel. Kitchen island countertops, sinks and furniture are also ways to incorporate this polished look.

Lighting design has blown up over the past year. It’s not something that can afford to be ignored as you plan your kitchen remodel. Kitchen lighting will be all about the details and finishing touches in the coming year. Use fixtures to make a statement and be sure to keep them stylish and sleek. The more lighting options you install, the better you’ll be able to adjust for mood and ambiance.

Decorating with Glass & Metal

Whether it’s a pendant lamp or tabletop, glass and metal are two materials that will be big in 2016. Glass is a material that’ll bring a light and chic look to your kitchen. The rich and sleek appearance of a mosaic glass tile backsplash makes it a favorite amongst homeowners. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain.

If it’s metal that you prefer, this material will easily add class and elegance to your space. Mixing hardware and fixture metals is a perfectly okay thing to do in this case.


Trends don’t always trump what other ideas are out there, but they do set the tone of what’s in and what’s to come in the home improvement industry. Some of these ideas may be the perfect fit in your home, and some may not. Whatever improvements you choose, we encourage you to leave the heavy lifting up to the pros.

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