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By Katie Carlson on Aug 24, 2020
2016 Tile Trends

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Tile styles transform and evolve every year, and at some point, we all get sick of looking at our old tiles. You’ll be glad to know that there are some hot new designs, styles, colors and shapes entering homes in 2016. It’s likely you have tile installed somewhere in your house, so it’s good for you to know what features interior designers are endorsing as the latest trends. See below to check out what tile trends are currently making a big splash.

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Chevron-Patterned Tiles

Chevron is having yet another comeback and this time it’s in homes. The design consists of inverted “v” shapes that mold together to form a unique and attractive pattern often used for floors, walls and as an eye-catching backsplash.

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The interesting part about chevron is that it’s both a trend and a tradition. What I mean, is that when something’s hot it spreads to homes everywhere very quickly and is sometimes overdone, but at the same time it’s a safe look that won’t go out of style. When the pattern is used properly and sparingly it has a dramatically wonderful aesthetic appeal, as displayed in the image above.

Brick Tile

Brick Tile

Each season industry design experts select a favorite shape and this year it’s brick. Brick tile, also called thin brick or brick veneers, looks great and ages well. It’s a popular building material and can be used anywhere from building walls, pathways and floors to fireplaces and steps. Brick tiles are aesthetically appealing, slip resistant and easy to clean. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re fire and fade resistant too.

We’re starting to see brick tiles of all shapes, sizes and styles, from micro to macro and polished to rustic. Also, designs that mimic the look of old brick walls and painted marble and wood designs in a brick format. A brick tile pattern is a very attractive and classic look that’s a perfect fit for the home.


Gray & Metallic

How amazing is the metallic kitchen backsplash featured in the image above? I just love it! Nothing screams luxury and sophistication more than a glistening metallic. Your kitchen backsplash can cover as much or as little of your wall as you choose. The reflective properties of metallic dance in the light and make a room come alive. The style pairs nicely with everything from neutrals to bright, bold color.  

Although, not everything in your home has to be bright and colorful. Gray is another beautiful hue professionals are endorsing. Decorating with gray creates a classy and chic interior design. You’ll be seeing a spike in tiles that are colored in metallic, gray, beige and cooler slate tones. Gray hues generate a calm and relaxing environment and a timeless appearance.


Shape & Dimension

The rectangle is being challenged by the emergence of various shapes and geometric patterns in home design. Geometric tile patterns include styles such as black and white, hexagons, triangles, stars and diamonds.

You want the eye to be drawn to something spectacular and intriguing when entering a room. Introducing interesting shapes, stimulating designs and unique configurations in your home is one way to execute this trend. A good example of how to add shape and dimension to your home is to design your floors as a focal point and simplify the surrounding walls and colors.


In addition to geometric patterns, tiles with three dimensional folds, wavy ridges, raised geometry, texture and asymmetrical profiles are taking center state. As shown in the bathroom above, tile is the perfect way to achieve dimension and texture in any room. Glass tiles are often a popular choice for bringing dimension into a space because of their reflective properties. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also beautiful and very easy to care for.

Large Tile


Tile sizes continue to grow each year. The bigger the better in this case. The improvements in tile manufacturing technology are producing larger square and rectangular formats that are quickly becoming popular with designers and owners. Homeowners are installing larger tiles to achieve a contemporary style and reduce the amount of grout lines they have clean.

Installing ceramic tile floors is a great example of how to acquire a winning look using supersized tiles.

If you like the look of small tiles better, then consider using them for a backsplash or areas where you don’t have as much space to cover, and leave the large tiles for the floors.


Tile is one of those materials you can’t live without. It’s versatile, attractive and can be used in rooms all around the house. Whether you’re installing tile in your kitchen, bathroom or as a backsplash, you want to make sure what you’re adding is in style and helping to increase the value of your home.

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