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2017 Window Trends

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By on Dec 8, 2016
2017 Window Trends

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Windows are an essential element in any room. Sure, they are a great utility for natural light, but have you considered how they can easily change the look of a space? With so many shapes and sizes available, you can easily match your style.

With 2017 approaching, now is the time to consider what changes you can make to your windows to give your room a stylish look. Updating your windows could mean a small DIY upgrade or a new installation. To help, here’s a few window trends you’ll be seeing in 2017.

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Trendy In 2017

2016 Vs. 2017

Last year, we reported that high and functional windows were hot. Many of these trends will carry over to 2017, such as sustainable windows. This is a trend that will carry on for years to come, as many homeowner see the valuable ROI.

Changing out your curtains and drapes is an easy way to update your look for the new year. Window treatments started to make a comeback last year and we’re seeing bright and bold colors at the forefront, as well as including the small details to make a big impact on your window décor.

Overall, you’ll see that 2016 gave a great foundation for the new trends of 2017 to build on. Get ready to make a statement with your windows this year!

Energy-Saving Windows

Creating a sustainable home has been the movement in home design for the last few years. In 2017, the focus is on upgrading your windows for energy-saving benefits. If you have old windows that easily let air out, consider upgrading this year. According to the EPA, switching to Energy Star certified windows can help save up to 12% in energy bills.

Energy-efficient windows come in many different shapes and sizes. When searching for windows, look for the Energy Star Efficiency label right for your climate. The cost to replace windows is between $150 and $2,500 per window, depending on how large of a window there is to replace and any other work that needs to be done.

Tips For Cleaning High Windows

Vinyl Windows

This year, vinyl windows will take center stage as an affordable and convenient option for homeowners. It's been growing in popularity in previous years, with homeowners turning to vinyl as a sustainable upgrade for windows in their home. With so many colors available, it’s easy to find an option to fit your home. It’s a good choice if you plan on installing a larger window this year as it can help costs and still look great in a room.

Additionally, vinyl windows have plenty of energy-saving benefits that can keep heating and cooling costs down during the year, making it a great long-term investment. The average cost to install vinyl windows is between $150 and $2,000 depending on the style and size.

Vinyl Windows

Focal Point Windows

Having big and bright windows was the window trend in 2016. This will remain true in 2017, except now we’re making them the focal point of the room. Find ways to highlight your window by using window treatments that stand out, or positioning your seating so you and your family can enjoy the natural light.

Mirrors add to the effect of big windows throughout the room by reflecting the light. Try positioning a few mirrors around or across from a big window to help enhance the natural light and style.

Bamboo Blinds

Natural Window Treatments

As sustainability is on trend, this will be true for your window treatments as well. As a less costly upgrade for your windows, try incorporating the latest sustainable window treatments in your home this year. Bamboo and woven blinds are making a comeback this year, as natural and functional window décor. They make for a great backdrop against curtains or leave them alone for a minimalist look. Though it is possible to hang window treatments on your own, a pro can help ensure all measurements are correct and your blinds are a perfect fit. The average cost to install window treatments is $139.

Jewel Tone Curtains

Bold Curtains Styles

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One of the biggest home décor trends of 2017 is incorporating bold colors into your fabric window treatments. This year’s hot colors are deep jewel hues like turquoise, emerald and topaz. This is easy to incorporate into your room’s décor and create a style that pops. It’s also an affordable way to update your window based on current trends.

If there’s a fabric you’ve fallen in love with, you can easily DIY your own curtains this year. If you get tired of the look, it’s easy to change! A sewing machine will come in handy for this project. Two Twenty One has a great tutorial on How To Make Curtains.

Jewel Tones And Tassles

Attention To Detail

A little detail goes a long way, especially in 2017. Adding small details to your windows and window treatments will not go unnoticed this year. Tassels on curtains or drapes will add an elegant decorative touch to any room. Consider the hardware you use on and around your windows as well. Stylish curtain rods can completely change your look and are inexpensive to update. You can also DIY these small projects, saving you time and money when it comes to updating your windows.


Let your windows make a statement this year. If you have older windows, 2017 might be the time to update to a sustainable option. If you’re not ready for a window replacement, try one of the stylish decorative upgrades that can add style to your windows and a statement in your room.

Looking for more ideas to update your windows in the new year? Read 6 Window Styles You Need To Know About to see what might be the best fit for your home.

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