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2018 Basement Trends

By on Jan 4, 2018
2018 Basement Trends

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If you’re looking to create more livable space in your home this year, the answer might be right below your feet. A finished basement is a great way to add more usable area to your home without an addition.

Chances are you might not know where to start when it comes to creating a beautiful basement. Many often choose to look at what’s currently trending to help create a unique space. Here are the hot basement trends you’ll be seeing in 2018.

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Basement Remodeling Costs

What’s Trending In 2018

Not everyone has a basement, but if you do, it’s a space that’s meant to be used. It can also add value to your home. Overall, many other trends such as color and décor, can be incorporated into your basement design. However, there are a few trends you’ll be seeing in 2018 in many basements. Here are a few:

  • Open Floor Plan
  • Walkout Basements
  • Basement Bar
  • Luxury Basement Flooring
  • Basement Home Theater

Open Floor Plan  Basement

Open Floor Plan

Much like the upper floors of the home, open floor plans will continue to be hot this year. As basements become more elaborate living spaces, the open floor plan is well-suited for this space. It allows for the basement to appear larger than it really is. It’s perfect for entertaining and family gatherings.

An open floor plan for a basement could mean a few things depending on the space. It could be both a kid-friendly play area and an entertainment center. Or, maybe a game room as well as a home bar. An open floor plan in the basement allows you to truly customize how you’ll use the space. Get creative here and think what might be best suited for your families needs.

Walkout Basements

If your home is situated on a slope, you can take advantage of this feature with a walkout basement. This is a component that homebuyers are looking for. Walkout basements provide easy access to the backyard and allow for your basement to be used in more ways. If you’re planning a basement remodel, this is quite a project, so you’ll need to work with your contractor to make sure the walkout is safe and waterproof.

Basement Bar 2018 Trends

Basement Bar

A basement is a perfect spot for entertaining. A great way to get people to gather is with a basement bar. Wet bars are becoming more popular in basements. It allows you to play bartender and work on those mixologist skills you’ve been practicing. If you want to include a bar in your remodeled basement, you may have to contact a plumber who can correctly help you set up your water supply.

Luxury Basement Flooring

This year, the look of luxury is taking center stage. From elegant colors to textured designs, luxury should be included when possible in the home. But what does this mean for your basement? With a focus on sustainability as well as elegance, cork flooring is trending this year and the perfect option for your basement. The average cost to install cork flooring is between $3/sf and $22/sf.

Alternatively, vinyl is making a comeback in the basement. It’s a great choice because it’s water-resistant and easy to install. It will also give you the look you want without the worry. The average cost to install vinyl flooring is $1,545, with most homeowners spending between $868 and $1,685.

Home Theater Basement 2018 Trends

Basement Home Theater

While basements have always been the hot spot for a home theater, these trends can change every year with the latest innovations in audio and video technology. This year, homeowners are looking to add more than one screen to their home theater, but not for the reasons you may think. An additional screen can help you follow along with what people are saying on social media or news updates as you watch your favorite game or awards show. This is a definite perk for homeowners who are looking to host a fun gathering and impress their friends.

Home theaters are truly custom spaces. To see what you need to budget for, read How Much Does It Cost To Install Home Theater Accessories?

Basement Remodeling Costs

If all of these popular trends have you dreaming about what your basement can look like, it might be a sign that it’s time to get started on your remodel. Basements are versatile spaces so there are many possibilities when it comes to making it the perfect space for you. Budgeting will help you determine what you want to do with your space. The average cost to finish or remodel a basement is $17,459, with most homeowners spending between $12,064 and $19,922.


A basement remodel will dramatically change the way you use your home. While you’ll be creating a basement that fits your family’s needs, you’ll also want to bring it up to date with the latest trends. This could mean big or small changes for your current basement, but it's sure to make a difference!

Looking for more ideas to improve your basement this year? Read 7 Basement Remodels You Wish You Had.

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