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2018 Flooring Trends

Flooring & Tiles
By on Dec 20, 2017
2018 Flooring Trends

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Your floors are an important part of your home. They are used every day and each room has different needs. If you’ve noticed that your floors could use some sprucing up, this might be the right year to do so.

While flooring trends usually stick around for some time, there are a few new styles that are hot right now. We’ve pulled together some of the top trends to hopefully inspire your next flooring project.

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Whats Hot In 2018 Flooring

What’s Hot In 2018

If you’re remodeling any room in your home, or just realize it’s time for an upgrade, you’ll likely be considering what flooring styles are popular. Most homeowners determine the type of flooring based on the room they’ll be styling. However, as open floor plans remain popular, this can change the way people choose what flooring is right for the room.

“With the emphasis on the open floor plan layouts which unite the kitchen, dining and living areas, the demand for wood floors throughout the home for a seamless transition from room to room has not slowed down,” Kristin Whalen, award-winning kitchen and bathroom designer, said. “When it comes to wood flooring trends as we enter the new year, I expect to see a continued desire for wider and longer hardwood planks as well as using mixed width planks that are reminiscent of reclaimed, antique hardwood planks. Wider planks have the advantage of creating a more unified look with fewer joint lines while showcasing the true beauty of the wood.”

Among the larger hardwood flooring options, here are a few other things you’ll see in 2018.

Kitchen Flooring Trends 2018

Kitchen Flooring Trends

As one of the most highly used areas of the home, where spills and mishaps can surely occur, you’ll need a flooring option that’s durable and looks great. The trend for wood-like porcelain tile is popular in the kitchen right now. They give the appearance of the trendy rustic planks, without the worry that a spill could stain or damage them. The average cost to install porcelain tile is $1,986, with most homeowners spending between $1,008 and $2,048.

Bathroom Flooring Trends 2018

Bathroom Flooring Trends

Like the kitchen, the flooring in the bathroom needs to be moisture-resistant. Tile is often the best choice when it comes to the bathroom and this year, slate will be the hot bathroom flooring trend. As bathroom colors go darker and dramatic, slate tile fits right in. The average cost of slate tile is between $2.50/sf and $10/sf.

Open Floor Plan Trends 2018

Dining & Living Room Flooring Trends

As previously mentioned, open floor plans are popular still and should be considered when it comes to your flooring. So, if you’re planning to upgrade your flooring, more than one room must be considered. Hardwood flooring is a timeless look, and the wider the plank the better this year. The average cost to install hardwood floors is $4,113, with most homeowners spending between $2,952 and $4,646.

Bedroom Flooring Trends 2018

Bedroom Flooring Trends

The bedroom should be an oasis away from it all and a comfortable spot to rest at the end of the day. While carpet will always be the cozy option, some homeowners don’t want to deal with the upkeep. Cork flooring is what some are turning to in lieu of carpet in the bedroom. It’s a soft flooring choice that’s also allergy-friendly, unlike carpeting. The average cost to install cork flooring is between $3/sf and $22/sf.

However, carpet will always be a great flooring style to have in the bedroom. Not much compares to landing on a soft carpet first thing in the morning. Frieze carpeting is the style to have if you choose to include carpeting in your bedroom this year. Though bold carpet colors are in, you may want to stick with a trendy greige color. The average cost of frieze carpeting is between $2/sf and $3.50/sf.

Flooring Installation Costs _ Flooring Trends 2018

Flooring Installation Costs

If you’re planning on replacing your floor this year, it’s certainly something you’ll want to budget for. Often, materials are the largest cost and some prices could vary as different flooring styles cost more than others. The average cost to install floors is $2,299, with most homeowners spending between $1,424 and $2,464.

What’s Out In 2018

While many flooring options last over time, there are a few that are beginning to fade. “The previous trend for highly polished, flawless floors will continue to trend out in favor of rustic styles,” Whalen said. “In fact, you’ll see more and more floors where no two planks look the same, particularly with hand scraped wood and wire brushed finishes also on the rise.”

A few other flooring trends you won’t be seeing in 2018 include:

  • Subway Tile: As bathrooms become more rustic, subway tiles are now on their way out.
  • Chevron Rugs: This is a pattern that’s going out of style so don’t make an investment into a rug that won’t last.
  • White Vinyl: This is a trend that went out of style fast due to the ability to keep it clean. While it can certainly brighten up a room, it's too difficult for homeowners to keep looking pristine.


Your flooring is an important part of the home and the style you choose should be considered carefully. The latest 2018 flooring trends can help you choose the best for your home. From large hardwood planks to sustainable cork flooring, there’s certainly a trend for you to try.

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