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2018 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

By on Dec 18, 2017
2018 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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A kitchen remodel is a great way to increase the value of your home and the usefulness of the space. If you’re planning to start your remodel this year or just a few simple upgrades to freshen up your kitchen, you’ll want to know what’s hot and what’s not.

While some kitchen trends change quickly, others stick around for some time. Before choosing your fixtures, paint colors and appliances, see what 2018 has in store for kitchen remodeling.

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Whats Trending In 2018

What’s Trending In The Kitchen

While some people plan to remodel and sell their homes, others are just in need of an upgrade for an outdated kitchen. Whatever the reason, this year’s trends should be incorporated whenever possible.

You may have noticed more and more kitchens in darker, deeper colors. Drama is in this year when it comes to the kitchen, as well as keeping it clear and uncluttered so it can truly be the heart of the home. “Kitchens really are the gathering place of the home,” Emily Hoefler, kitchen and bath specialist at Renovations Group Inc said. "These spaces have evolved to accommodate the modern family.  Creating a space where you can cook a meal while also entertaining or even just gathering with your family on a weeknight has really changed kitchen design.”

As kitchens transition to be casual spaces to entertain and welcome guests, here’s what you’ll find trending in 2018:

  • Open Shelving
  • Kitchen Island & Seating
  • Copper Finishes
  • Tech-Savvy Spaces
  • Darker Hues
  • Wood Countertops

Open Shelving 2018 Kitchen Trends

1. Open Shelving

A trend that tops the list for 2018 is open shelving. This has been an up-and-coming trend for some time. If a homeowner does not want to deal with the expense of a new cabinet installation and wants to embrace the minimalism trends, open shelving is the solution. It makes the space look open and airy, which is what homeowners are looking for when it comes to their kitchens.

Island And Seating 2018 Trends

2. Kitchen Islands & Seating

While kitchen islands are a feature you’ll find in many kitchens, the idea of utilizing them as a central gathering point is what homeowners are remodeling for. “We’ve known for a while now that dining rooms were on the out,” Hoefler said. “But, now I’m seeing a lot of people forgoing traditional seating and incorporating most or all of their seating at an island or a peninsula. People entertain, and families are more on-the-go, so they want flexible seating near the kitchen.”

If you have a kitchen island, getting on board with this trend will be easy for you. Create some seating arrangements and a centerpiece to make it a gathering point for all.

Copper Sink

3. Copper Finishes

In any room in the home, warm metallics are in style this year. When it comes to the kitchen, copper is the finish to have. From faucets to kitchen cabinet hardware, copper can be used to add a sleek look to the room. Most of these updates are affordable as well, making it a budget-friendly way to change the décor of your kitchen.

4. Tech-Ready Kitchens

The latest kitchen gadgets incorporate smart technology into their function. This trend was popular in 2017 and will carry through 2018 as more new technology appears. The kitchen is now a tech-savvy space. From automated cooking appliances to simply telling your lights to turn on, these are items a home chef can only dream of. This year, make sure that your kitchen is prepared for all the new technology by creating docking stations and more outlets to plug in all your devices. The average cost to install an outlet is $193.

Dark Kitchen Walls 2018 Trends

5. Darker Hues

As a surprise to many, darker kitchen paint colors will be popping up across the country. Charcoal, navy blue and forest green are all hot colors to have. This matches with this year’s bathroom trends as well, as navy blue with be the popular color to have.

This also goes for your cabinetry colors as well. “Blue cabinetry is huge right now, especially as an accent on an island,” Hoefler said. “A dark blue island with white perimeter cabinetry is a very popular look.”

If you’re planning on changing the color of your kitchen this year, the average cost to paint an interior is $1,679, with most homeowners spending between $1,130 and $1,826. However, depending on the size of your kitchen, this cost could be less.

Wood Countertops 2018 Kitchen Trends

6. Wood Countertops

Natural elements are a hot item to have in any area of the home. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen this year, consider adding wood countertops. These are a trendy feature to have in your kitchen and will also benefit home chefs. It’s a rustic look that will look great paired with any of this year’s trends.  If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, consider reclaimed wood countertops.

What’s Out In 2018

When it comes to kitchen trends, a few may go out of style. At the top of the list are pot fillers, which many homeowners were including with kitchen remodels. “They seemed like a great idea, and a lot of people were excited to incorporate them,” Hoefler said. “Now, it seems that people don’t really use them. It’s an extra expense for an under-utilized item.”

Other kitchen features you won’t be seeing in 2018 are:

  • Bright Accents: With current trends pointing towards deep and dramatic colors, bright accents won’t fit into this color scheme.
  • Hanging Pot Racks: While pot racks that hang from the ceiling or wall are certainly space-saving, open shelving makes it possible to store and display your pots neatly.
  • Window Treatments: When it comes to the kitchen, keeping it open and airy is key.


Kitchen trends this year focus on making the room a warm place for all to gather. Try a few of your favorites and give your kitchen a whole new look!

Looking for more hot trends this year? Read 2018 Lighting trends for more inspiration.

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