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2018 Landscaping & Garden Trends

By on Aug 24, 2020
2018 Landscaping & Garden Trends

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As the snow melts and the first buds of spring start to appear, you might be thinking about what you want to do to your landscaping this year. The landscaping projects you choose to take on this year can help improve curb appeal and boost the value of your home, so you’ll want to spend your time on projects that will make the most difference.

Each year, landscaping trends change, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest in order to maintain the exterior of your home. If you’re wondering what’s hot this year, we have the answer.

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2018 Landscaping & Garden Trends

As you begin to plan your garden for the new year, it’s important to make note of the trends you can include. Exterior trends often reflect those happening inside, and that is true in 2018. Home trends, both indoor and outdoor, are pointing to healthy and holistic living. Having the perfect space to do so outdoors has never been so important. Here are the landscaping trends you’ll be seeing more of in 2018:

  • Garden Retreats
  • Water Features
  • Garden Walls
  • Pet Landscaping
  • Succulent Gardens
  • Mosaic Pathways
  • Outdoor Dining Rooms

1. Garden Retreats

As more people look to the benefits of mindfulness and relaxation, many are giving themselves a specific space to do so. A garden retreat of your own can be just what you need to reconnect and refuel after a long day. Most include a sitting area and privacy landscaping features, so you can meditate or work on your yoga practice in the comfort of your backyard.

Garden Water Feature

2. Backyard Water Features

Including more natural elements in your backyard can help provide you with more relaxation benefits as well as a beautiful landscaping feature. A backyard water feature is a must-have in 2018. A small trickle of a fountain or a shallow reflecting pool is a great addition to a garden retreat. It’s an investment that can easily make you the envy of your neighbors. The average cost to install a water fountain is $2,428, with most homeowners spending between $1,228 and $2,710.

Garden Wall

3. Garden Walls

Have you ever wanted a vegetable or herb garden all your own, but don’t have the space for it? Popular this year are garden walls, where pots and containers are used to grow plants vertically. This can be done on a shed wall, or a freestanding unit made from pallets. It’s a great way to incorporate both style and function into your backyard.

4. Pet Landscaping

Did you know that 68% of American families own a pet? Breaking that down further, 60% of pet-owning households have a dog and 47% have cats, according to the American Pet Products Association. So, it’s no surprise that more homeowners are thinking about the comfort of their furry friends both inside and out. Now more than ever, there’s a focus on landscaping for your pet. This could include a separate area where dogs can relieve themselves or pet-friendly plants.

Landscaping For Pets

5. Succulent Gardens

One plant that seems to never go out of style is succulents. These are easy to care for and come in varieties that can fit into any garden. A common misconception about succulents is that they don’t add enough color, when in fact, there are many blooming varieties that can really make your garden pop! Succulents are a hardy garden addition that is sure to be a great choice to add in 2018.

6. Mosaic Pathways

I love the look of a whimsical garden pathway, and mosaic stone and tile will do just that. While natural stone walkways were popular last year, many are looking to upgrade with a pop of color this year. While garden paths can come in a wide variety, mixing up your stones and colors is the look to have this year. It makes a great feature to have against any greenery or mulch.

Succulent garden trends 2018

7. Outdoor Dining Room

While picnics can be fun, what if you had an elegant dining room outside to relax and entertain? Creating usable space outside that mimics the inside is a hot trend this year and the best way to do so is with an outdoor dining room. You can really create a beautiful space by adding a luxury outdoor dining furniture, a small patio and a pergola to help set this outdoor area apart from the rest. Depending on how large you intend your pergola to be, that may be the largest expense of the project. The average cost to install a pergola is between $2,000 and $15,000.

What’s Out In 2018

Landscaping trends are incredibly seasonal. Although there are some great trends ahead in 2018, here are a few old styles that we’ll be saying goodbye to this year.

  • Metal garden features & furniture
  • Stepping stone garden paths
  • Terracotta yard décor

Outdoor Dining Area


If you’re looking to update your landscaping this year, these are the features you should be paying attention to. Keep health and wellness at top of mind when picking out plants, furniture and more. Also, you can keep your yard stress-free by hiring a landscaping contractor to take care of weekly maintenance for you. Choose a backyard where you can relax in 2018.

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