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2018 Lighting Trends

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By on Aug 24, 2020
2018 Lighting Trends

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When you think of home décor, what comes to mind? Maybe the paint you’ve chosen for your home or the materials you’ve chosen for your furniture? One aspect many homeowners neglect is lighting and the impact it has on your home décor.

In many cases, your light fixtures are often a budget-friendly way to upgrade the décor. In 2018, they’ll be an important part of both interior and exterior decor. Here’s what’s trending in 2018.

While some new light fixtures you can safely install yourself, others may need the expertise of a pro. Contact an electrical contractor today to receive quotes from pros in your area, for free.

Whats Hot In 2018 Lighting

What’s Hot In 2018

In 2017, we reported that statement light fixtures were one of the hottest décor trends, and that theme will continue into 2018. Light fixtures not only highlight important features, but they're also a decorative element all their own. Here are the lighting trends for 2018:

  • Rustic Kitchen Lighting
  • Starburst Chandelier
  • Industrial Bathroom Lighting
  • Energy-Saving Bulbs
  • Deck Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting

Starbust Lighting Trends

Interior Lighting

If you haven’t caught on to the vintage design trends throughout the home yet, now’s the time. In every room of the home, rustic- and vintage-looking fixtures are back in style. The good news is that this is a budget-friendly décor upgrade. The average cost to install a light fixture is $421, with most homeowner spending between $177 and $328. Here’s the top interior lighting trends you’ll be seeing in 2018:

Rustic Kitchen Lighting

Adequate lighting in the kitchen is a must. After all, you must be able to see everything that’s cooking and baking so you can get dinner on the table successfully. Often, homeowners install kitchen lights simply for utility and not for style. This year, brighten up your kitchen with a stylish rustic-looking kitchen light fixture. Pennant lights and small chandeliers are popular this year and will provide all the lighting you need in the kitchen.

Starburst Chandelier

As the retro look starts to make a comeback, it’s no surprise that the starburst chandelier is the hot item to have in your home this year. It’s a focal point of its own, as it has a unique shape, unlike other chandeliers. If you’re looking for a chandelier to start a conversation, this is your must-have home décor item for the year.

Industrial Bathroom Lighting

As brass and deep colors make a comeback in the bathroom for 2018, it’s no surprise that industrial lighting will also be popular. From sconces near the mirror to including a small chandelier in your bathroom, both are great ways to include the latest industrial trends.

Energy-Saving Bulbs

Recent years have proved that homeowners are making sustainability a priority. So naturally, choosing energy-saving lightbulbs is a great choice for those looking to create a more earth-friendly home. LED and CFL bulbs are currently the most efficient choices. According to Energy Saver, they use 25% - 80% less energy and last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs. Most light fixtures are able to use these types of bulbs, but double check with the manufacturer guidelines before purchasing.

Exterior Lighting Trends

Exterior Lighting

Lighting trends don’t just stop inside. Exterior lighting is an important part of your curb appeal and can even help make your home more secure. Here’s what’s trending in exterior lighting for 2018:

Deck Lighting

As an important safety and décor feature, deck lighting is a great investment to make. If you want an option that will last and add a chic look to your decking, recessed deck lighting is what’s trending this year. It looks great on your deck and is perfect for hosting events outside, providing just the right amount of light.

Solar Landscape Lighting

As I mentioned earlier, homeowners are turning to earth-friendly options when it comes to their lighting. This is also true for landscape lighting. Now more than ever, there are plenty of choices when it comes to using solar-powered lights in your yard. From illuminating a pathway to solar spotlights highlighting a particular feature, solar power lighting is a hot trend in 2018 and will likely stick around for some time.

Whats Out In 2018

What’s Out In 2018

While lighting trends are slower to change than others, there are a few you might want to stay away from. Here are what lighting trends you won’t be seeing in 2018:

  • Fluorescent Lights: With alternative eco-friendly lighting options available, fluorescent is on its way out.
  • Mirror Lighting: Last year, it was a hot trend, but with industrial bathroom lighting taking center stage, this trend will not be as popular.
  • Table Lamps: Most are looking to save space in their homes. A table lamp takes up usable state that can be better placed elsewhere.
  • Rope Lights: Even in home theaters, rope lighting is out. Instead, try simple wall sconces to brighten up the space.


New trends appear every year and are important to be aware of if you’re planning on remodeling or redecorating. Lighting trends tend to change slower than others, so it’s likely what you choose now might be in style for some time. Try one of these light fixture upgrades this year and see what a difference it can make in your room.

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