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2018 Window & Door Trends

Windows & Doors
By on Jan 2, 2018
2018 Window & Door Trends

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Your windows and doors are an important part of the home. They can be features of a room and enhance your curb appeal at the same time. However, old windows and doors are not helpful to any part of the home. Make 2018 the year to replace any older windows, doors, hardware or treatments.

When looking for the best fit for your home, don’t get overwhelmed by the options. To help, here are some of the top trends that 2018 has in store for windows and doors.

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2018 Window Trends


The windows in your home can impact many areas. A new window installation can improve your home’s décor, curb appeal and efficiency. If this is something you’ll be doing this year, start with your budget. The average cost to install windows is $4,516, with most homeowner spending between $3,207 and $5,252. This is the cost to add or install 5-10 windows. If you’re adding less, it can end up costing you less.


As you may have guessed from last year’s trends, homeowners are still looking to increase their home’s energy-efficiency with the right windows.

"Many homeowners are looking for the most energy-efficient windows available,” Dave Cook, Feldco Windows Siding and Doors spokesperson, said. “Foam-insulated vinyl windows with double or triple pane glass filled with argon gas are a very popular option. They create an airtight seal for your window openings, making your home more comfortable and saving you money on your energy bills.”

When it comes to choosing energy-efficient windows, you’ll want to look for windows that have been Energy Star certified. This means that they have been tested and meet certain standards that are set by the Environmental Protection Agency, ensuring you get the maximum benefits from your new window.

Black Window Frames

When browsing for your energy-efficient window, the style is important too. Black window frames are trending this year. As the dramatic style of 2018 takes center stage, black window frames will be the detail you want to have. Black frames can come in almost any type of material, making it a versatile choice for your window installation.

2018 Window Treatment Trends

Window Treatments

If your windows are in good shape, but need a different look, changing your window treatments is a great way to get them up-to-date. It’s cost-effective too. The average cost to install a window treatment is $168, with most homeowners spending between $102 and $159.

Here are a few window treatment trends you’ll be seeing in 2018:

Colorful & Geometric Curtains

In line with this year’s design trends, both colorful and geometric pattern curtains are hot this year. They can add just the stylish touch you need to any room. Since textures are also trending this year, look for curtains with various textures. Velvet and tassel embellishments are small details not to be overlooked if you want to have trendy curtain décor.

Natural Window Treatments

Another trend from 2017 will that continue into the new year is natural window treatments. Blinds and shades of bamboo and woven cotton will remain popular among homeowners looking to dress up their windows.

2018 Door Trends


Your front door is often one of the first things a visitor notices about your home. Naturally, you’d want to make sure it’s up-to-date with current trends. “Cookie-cutter doors are on their way out,” Cook said. “Homeowners want to fully customize their entry door. Choosing the color, glass inserts and hardware gives you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind entry door for your home."

Here’s more of what you’ll find in 2018:

Bold Colors

The more homes you drive past, the more you’ll notice that homeowners are choosing a front door color that really pops! While red has been a trendy choice in the past, yellow and teal are coming to the forefront of popular front door colors to have. It’s a great way to dress up an older door without a complete replacement.

Pocket Doors

Space-saving is key to great, modern décor. That’s why pocket doors are gaining momentum inside the home. These doors slide right into the wall instead of opening outside of the room. It’s also a great way to make your home more accessible for all.

Door Décor

Of course, one of the easiest ways to make your door more stylish is by changing the door décor. It’s also budget-friendly as well. A year-round wreath is a great way to do so. Stick to minimal and bold pattern styles to hang on your front door all year long. Also, as warm metallic details are a hot trend to have this year, consider switching out your front door knocker and other hardware to a gold or bronze.

Whats Hot In Window And Door Trends 2018

What’s Out In 2018

Window and door trends change slowly, but the décor and treatments do not. Thankfully, those are more budget-friendly and can be easily exchanged. Here’s what you won’t be seeing on your windows and doors in 2018:

  • Satin Curtains
  • Pleated Curtains
  • Light Wood Doors
  • Antique Brass Door Hardware


Your windows and doors are an important feature in the home. While it may not call for a complete replacement, you might want to consider updating your window and door décor to stay up-to-date with the latest styles.

Looking for more décor that will be trending this year? Read Hot Home Remodeling Trends In 2018.

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