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2019 Bathroom Trends

By on Dec 16, 2018
2019 Bathroom Trends

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Is your new year’s resolution to finally update your old bathroom? There are many parts to a bathroom remodel that should be considered. A few smaller updates can even help if you’re planning to sell your house in 2019. Studies have shown that bathrooms truly can help change the mind of a buyer.

Regardless of the reason, you’ll want to stay up to date with the hottest trends of the new year. See all of the 2019 bathroom trends you can use when remodeling.

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What’s Hot In 2019

A bathroom remodel is a big project. While some homeowners choose to complete their updates one at a time, others find it best to get the entire remodeling done within a few weeks. Whatever you choose, it’s important to know what’s popular before completing any home project, especially if you plan to sell your home. Here are a few bathroom trends to pay attention to:


Adding more light to a bathroom, especially a small one, can be a challenge. At the top of the list for popular bathroom remodeling trends is new bathroom mirrors. Not only do they look great but they can make your bathroom seem brighter and larger. However, the 2019 trend is not just an average mirror. Carly Pupillo, kitchen and bath designer at LaMantia Designs & Remodeling, said many homeowners are opting to add lighting features.

“Mirrors with built-in lights are going to be a huge hit! They are great for putting on make-up, shaving and more,” she said. “Mirrors of all shapes and sizes are being made with integrated lighten to brighten up the bathroom.”

The average cost to install a mirror is $266, with most homeowners spending between $175 to $286.

Floating Vanities

In many bathrooms, an updated vanity can give your space a completely new look. Simply freshening up your vanity with a new coat of paint can be enough. However, for an even bigger change, Pupillo suggest a floating vanity, which will be popular in 2019.

“Instead of a traditional vanity sitting on the floor,” she said. “Floating vanities hang on the wall and are usually 12” off the floor. This gives a nice clean, updated look, and gets away from the typical cabinet box shape.”

Bathroom Cabinets

A common concern for homeowners is space in the bathroom. While some have luxuriously large bathrooms, others need to find ways to stay organized without sacrificing space. Cabinets can be a great solution, especially for a bathroom without closets. In fact, Pupillo said that your average linen closet may be going out of style soon due to beautiful bathroom cabinetry.

“Eliminating typical linen closets and replacing them with tall cabinetry is going to be very popular,” she said. “It still gives homeowners that added linen storage they need, but makes it look nicer in the space.”

When it comes to bathroom cabinets, you have plenty of options. White cabinets are currently the hot look to have. If you already have cabinets but look a bit outdated, you might want to try cabinet refacing. The average cost to install cabinets is $4,305 while the average cost to reface cabinets is between $250 to $335 per cabinet.

Amber Accents

Looking for the perfect color to compliment your bathroom style? Amber is what’s hot this year. It can pose as the perfect neutral paired with a bold color, or be a bright pop of color against a timeless neutral.

“Amber toned items are going to be huge in the bathroom,” Pupillo said. “Whether it's accent rugs, candles, and soaps, amber is the new color on trend! It adds warmth to the space and a calming effect that people love for their bathrooms.”

For more color inspiration this year, read 2019 Home Design & Color Trends.

Glass Shower Doors

The latest craze in shower features is glass shower doors. They are low maintenance and add an extra style element that works well with any décor theme. “Everyone loves how simple they look and how easy they are to clean!” Pupillo said. The average cost of a frameless glass shower door is around $300, with the installation you should expect costs around $1,000.

All-White Fixtures

Similar to your bathroom cabinets, all-white fixtures are not going out of style anytime soon. If you need to upgrade your toilet, sink or bathtub this year, be sure to do it in white.

“White will continue to be the most popular color for porcelain plumbing fixtures. People love how they brighten a space, and it truly is a classic look,” Pupillo said.

What’s Out In 2019

Bathroom trends can change frequently, so it’s no surprise that a few once trending items are on their way out. Pupillo recommends staying away from tile accents in showers and gray cabinets if you’re remodeling this year. And, surprisingly, she also recommends opting for material other than marble.

“Marble materials in the bathroom are out,” she said. “While they look so pretty, homeowners are tired of their high-maintenance qualities, so people are going to opt for ceramic and porcelain materials.”


If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom this year, try to utilize a few of these trends and pay attention to what might not be as popular anymore. You can help to increase the value of your home with a few simple, trendy updates!

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