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2019 Kitchen Trends

By on Dec 26, 2018
2019 Kitchen Trends

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The kitchen is the heart of your home, a space that needs to merge both functionality for your lifestyle and be atheistically pleasing. Whether your kitchen is in need of an update or a full overhaul, you’ll want to know what’s trending. The good news is that making your kitchen a great place to entertain both family and guests in 2019 doesn’t mean having to do a full kitchen renovation.

While some kitchen trends change quickly, others stick around for some time. Before choosing your appliances, backsplash and cabinetry, see what exciting trends 2019 has in store for your kitchen.

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Matte Black Appliances

What’s Trending In The Kitchen In 2019

While some homeowners plan to remodel their kitchen to help sell their homes, others are just in need of an upgrade for an outdated kitchen they want to enjoy for many more years. Whatever the reason, this year’s trends should be incorporated whenever possible.

As kitchens transition to be a more casual and personal space to entertain and welcome guests, here’s what you’ll find trending in 2019:

  • Matte Black Appliances
  • Open Concept Kitchen
  • Metallic Accents
  • Minimalistic Cabinetry
  • Open Shelving Kitchen
  • Colorful Kitchens

Matte Black Appliances

Back in the 1980’s, black appliances were all the rage, so, in 2019 you’ll find that matte black appliances are a sophisticated upgrade to this past trend. Matte black appliances, like refrigerators, dishwashers, and ranges, are not only attractive, but also very functional. They are easier to keep clean and don’t show fingerprints or smudges like their stainless-steel counterparts. When matching these appliances with timeless white cabinets, the look is minimalist, but when paired with trendy deeper hues, the effect is elegant and luxe.

Open Concept

Open Concept Kitchen

An open concept kitchen is still one of the top kitchen trends in 2019. Carly Pupillo, kitchen and bath designer at LaMantia Designs & Remodeling, believes it is easier than you’d think to incorporate this trend into your home in the new year.

“People love being able to entertain and feel included in the party,” she said. “It’s also great for families with children so that kids can be in one area, and the parents in another, but are still visible.” If you love to host get togethers, then an open kitchen will create a more relaxed atmosphere and a more informal dining experience.

“Most houses can easily achieve the open concept by removing just one wall,” Pupillo continued. “By having a licensed remodeling company out, they will be able to tell immediately looking at the wall what is required in removing it, but it can always be done, and for less money than people expect!”

Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents

Adding metallic accents throughout your home is another trend that is gaining popularity. In 2019, you’ll be seeing more copper accents, as well as mixing and matching different finishes in your kitchen. Pupillo agrees, “brushed gold or bronze fixtures are quickly gaining popularity. From hardware to faucets, people are loving adding a little character and bling to the space. Plus, these items are easy and inexpensive to replace!” The average cost to install a new kitchen faucet is $235, with most homeowners spending between $174 and $250.

No Upper Cabinets

Minimalistic Cabinetry

If you are into minimalism and the hygge philosophy, then you’re going to love this kitchen trend that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. In 2019, you’ll be finding more kitchens nixing upper cabinets, helping to make the kitchen look less cluttered and feel bigger. If you’re worried that your walls will look bare without upper cabinets, have your backsplash continue up to the ceiling or add some artwork to your walls. A minimalistic kitchen isn’t for everyone, so make sure you know what kitchen tools and utensils you can and cannot live without!

Open Shelving

Open Shelving Kitchen

If you just can’t get on board with the minimalistic cabinetry trend, but still want to scale down and open up your kitchen, then you might want to consider open shelving. A big pro to switching to open shelving is that the cost of installing shelves is significantly less than that of traditional cabinetry.

Pupillo agrees that open shelving is still a major trend in 2019, however, “they are a little difficult to keep dust-free but are a great way to open spaces up and decorate,” she said. “They can also be functional, for coffee mugs, flour/sugar canisters, etc., giving homeowners an opportunity to get creative!” Reclaimed wood shelving, a 2019 home décor trend, is a great way to incorporate this open shelving into your kitchen.


Colorful Kitchens

The new year is all about bringing color back into your kitchen. If you have an all-white kitchen, an easy way to add pops of color, without the need to renovate, is by adding colorful home décor items. Think about displaying some colorful serving dishes on your opening shelving or adding a bright mixer onto your countertop.

Unless your plan is to remodel your kitchen in order sell your home right away, Pupillo suggests homeowners pick colors and finishes they’ll enjoy, for themselves. “Don’t necessarily worry about resale when picking kitchen materials,” she said. “If you are remodeling to enjoy your home for the next five to fifteen years, pick finishes you’ll love and enjoy. Don’t worry about the navy island or the colorful backsplash going out of style, because in ten years, everything will change anyways, and a new buyer will be looking to put their own character in to the home.”


Updating your kitchen is a large investment, one that you want to get right the first time and feel timeless year after year. Whether you’re completely remodeling your kitchen or just need an upgrade, consider these current trends to keep your home in style.

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