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2019 Pool Trends

Swimming Pools & Spas
By on Jun 9, 2019
2019 Pool Trends

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It’s no secret that the backyard is the new living room for many households. More and more, people are choosing the outdoor patio instead of the TV as their preferred place of relaxation and entertainment. Swimming pools are a great way to transform and elevate any backyard space into an area that can provide years of enjoyment.

This 2019 pool trends list includes some exciting features and styles that make the classic backyard centerpiece a place where everyone can come together, relax, and have some fun in the sun.

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Built-In Ledges & Bars

The swim up bar isn’t just a pool feature you encounter on vacation anymore. This neat addition is something that is becoming the center of socialization in many backyards. Take it to the next level with a sunk-in outdoor kitchen area on the other side of the bar, a perfect way to connect those who’d rather not get their feet wet to those in the pool. Others opt for (or include in addition to the bar) a built-in ledge or tanning shelf. This shallow area is a perfect space for sunbathing, sitting, or for young kids to splash around in.

Dark Interior Pools

Dark pools made the list of pool trends in 2018, and they’re back for a second year. Darker finishes give pools a cutting-edge look that can transform an area into a serene lagoon. Add a few features like a natural waterfall, rocks, or native landscaping and you’ve got a recipe for a peaceful oasis in your own backyard. Besides the stylish look, darker interiors have practical uses. For one, darker surfaces absorb and retain heat more readily, which can help lower your pool heating costs. Secondly, minor debris and dirt don’t show up as easily, making your pool appear immaculately clean without you having to put in all the extra elbow grease!

Oversized Spas

Don’t think you have enough room for a full sized pool in your backyard? Consider an oversized spa. This pool trend is perfect for tiny backyards, townhomes, and villas. Like pools, oversized spas can be customized to include your desired features and designs, but you’ll be left with extra room for other outdoor amenities like a grill area or patio seating.

Single Depth Pools

As the name implies, single depth pools do not get deeper or shallower as you move across them. They are typically rectangular and shallow, making it the perfect design for those who play pool sports or lap swim. The style is sleek and smooth, and pairs well with many modern architectural designs. Safety wise, the depth consistency might be a benefit to children, the elderly, or people uncomfortable in deeper waters.

Smart Pools

Much like the rest of our houses, pools are seeing a trend in “smart” features. Instead of the typical white pool lights, smart lights are giving pool owners the chance to customize the look of the pool by changing the color and brightness of the lights inside. With options that turn off and on, you can set the mood you desire and wow your guests. And best of all, many can be controlled through an app on your phone!

Lights aren’t the only thing getting smart; so is the dreaded cleaning process! Smart features like in-floor cleaning systems filter debris from your pool automatically, making it a breeze to maintain. While upfront costs may be higher, features that reduce energy and maintenance requirements are eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

Pool Installation Costs

If you’re thinking of installing a pool or upgrading your existing one, consider these designs and features. A pool isn’t a temporary addition, so you’ll want to make sure you are creating one that you’ll love and enjoy for the years to come. The average cost to install a pool is around $8,000.

Ready to build the pool of your dreams and incorporate the latest pool trends into its design? Find a local contractor that can get the job done and have you swimming in no time!

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