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2019 Tile Trends

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By on Aug 24, 2020
2019 Tile Trends

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There are so many ways to incorporate tile throughout your home, especially in your bathroom, kitchen or other water-sensitive areas. Replacing dated tile is a quick and easy way to update the overall look of your home.

Tile, an affordable alternative to hardwood and natural stone, is a great option to install to make your home truly unique. With so many different options, we’re here to show you what is trending in 2019.

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Tile Trends

Tile Trends in 2019

Unlike other home design trends, tile trends do change quickly and outdated tile can really stick out like a sore thumb.

“Homeowners should focus on what they like best,” Emily Hoefler, kitchen and bath specialist at Renovations Group Inc., said. “Trends will come and go, and we can all try to predict what will stick, but the bottom line is it’s your house and you should put what you like in it. It’s always a good idea to stick with the style and color palette of your home and work with what’s existing.”

Here’s what will be trending in 2019:

  • Hexagon Floor Tiles
  • Marble Subway Tiles
  • Full Wall Tiled Backsplash
  • Vintage Inspired Backsplash
  • Faux Wood
  • Cement Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

A bathroom is a perfect place to install tile because it is both mildew and water-resistant. Since tile can be installed throughout the entire bathroom, you can really play around with the style, size, and color of tile you use in this space. Here are some of the top bathroom tile trends for 2019:

Hexagon Floor Tiles – Thinking Outside of the Box

This year, bathroom tile trends will stray from traditional squares or rectangles to showcase a variety of other geometric shapes. Hexagonal tiles are making their way back into the bathroom in all sizes, colors, and textures especially on shower floors, where they create a unique appearance.

Don’t stop at the shower floor! Think about creating a truly unique space by installing complementary colored tiles and repeat the design through the space. Tiling the bathroom floor or an accent wall in a bold graphic tile design creates a space you’ll be proud of.

Marble Subway Tiles

White subway tiles will always be a timeless and safe way to incorporate tile into your home. The average cost of subway tile is between $6.86 and $13.03/sf. Ceramic subway tile is getting a sophisticated need update in 2019.

“Marble subway tile is popular in showers,” Hoefler said. “Many homeowners love the elegant look and it can be even low maintenance if it’s porcelain. The subway sized tile is a nice new twist on the classic marble tile.”

Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash

Your kitchen is another popular place to find tile because it is so easy to clean up after your everyday cooking messes. While the number of tile options might seem overwhelming, choose one that will make your kitchen unique.

Full Wall Backsplash

One of the hottest kitchen trends in 2019 is having minimal or no upper cabinets. This year, homeowner are embracing the extra wall space that used to be covered by cabinets and extending their backsplash up the entire wall, from countertop to ceiling. Ceiling-height backsplashes can give even the most classic tile a fresh and modern look by highlighting a single area of the kitchen, creating a focal point, or help a large patterned tile be the star of your space.

Vintage Inspired Backsplash

What goes around really does always come back around. In 2019, you’ll be finding more vintage inspired backsplashes in the kitchen. These tiles tend to be patterned and playful, adding some much-needed color to the stark white kitchen trend. Vintage tile will help to create a more relaxed and laid-back kitchen, so this trend might not work for everyone.

Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles

If you’re looking to update your flooring this year, tile is a fantastic long-term option for any of your rooms. Here are the top flooring tile trends for 2019:

Faux Wood

It is safe to say that hardwood is the flooring standard, however, hardwood and water do not mix. “Wood tile is still definitely a trend as people still want the look of hardwood but the durability of tile,” said Hoefler. Faux wood tiles are scratch and water resistant, making them ideal for high traffic areas of the home as well as the bathroom. Does it get any better than that? In fact, wood tiles are more affordable than their hardwood counterpart. The average cost to install new floors is approximately $2,299, with most homeowners spending between $1,424 to $2,464.

Cement Tiles

With 2019 being the year we’re all concentrating on sustainability, so if this is the year you’re looking to update your flooring then you’ll want to consider cement tiles. Crafted from natural materials like sand, clay, and color pigments, cement tiles are both extremely durable and eco-friendly. Not to mention, cement tiles are generally made individually using natural pigments, so they can be customized to your taste and the needs of your space.


With so many options and ways to incorporate tile into your home, you’re sure to find a finish and style that will fit perfectly into your home. You might be surprised at how much installing new tile will freshen and update your home!

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