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2020 Fall Decorating Trends

What are the latest ways to decorate your home for the fall season? Here's what you need to know to get your house ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other autumn holidays.

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Fall decor in 2020 will probably be unlike that of any other year for people across the country. In some areas, common events like Halloween trick-or-treating have been canceled, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip your fall home decor.

One thing that’s proving true for fall decor in 2020 is that everyone is looking for unique ways to show off their homes without having to invite people inside. This doesn’t mean that interior fall decor is falling by the wayside; it simply means there is a big focus on the exterior decor that passersby can see.

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Fall Decorating Ideas For The Outside

You can update the look of your home’s exterior for the fall months while upgrading the curb appeal. Some fall decorating ideas for the outside feature more permanent changes, such as upgrading the windows with shutters.

As you’re planning the fall decor on the exterior of your home, think about things that will make it easier for people who are passing by your home to see the decor. Including larger elements, such as bigger pumpkins or big wooden signs, is appropriate for this season since many people don’t want strangers to stop by their homes and visitors are limited.

Adding Shutters This Fall

Adding shutters to your home can instantly give it a new look. While many people think about traditional hinged shutters, the newer rolling shutters keep the home’s look clean while providing a way for you to protect the windows when a storm is coming.

People who live in areas that get snow and cold weather can use these shutters to keep out the cold and help them save on their heating bill during these months. Individuals in warmer climates can roll down the shutters to help keep heat from outside at bay.

Front Porch Fall Decor

Your front porch welcomes people to your home. You can use this space to display fresh flowers that bloom during the autumn months. You may also opt to put out pumpkins and other items that show your love for the season. Remember, you aren’t limited only to the oranges and browns that are commonly used in fall decor. Adding in some reds and blues may help you to show off your unique style, and it might make it easier for you to transition into the winter holidays.

One fall decor that’s remained popular in recent years is the use of wreaths. Vibrant colors combined with twig accents are a hot item this year. Parents of high school seniors are already starting to find ways to incorporate their graduate’s school colors into their fall decor, since some are concerned about what 2021 will bring for the graduating class.

Creating A Fall Garden

One idea that people are embracing this season is using flower beds and garden spaces around the home as fall gardens. This can add a lot of color to the area. Caring for a fall garden isn’t especially difficult.

You do need to take some special steps, such as bringing in certain plants before the first frost, as you prepare for winter. Take this into account when you plan how your fall garden will look, since you likely don’t want blank areas to occur when you bring those plants in.

Fall Indoor Decor

You should pick a theme for the interior of your home so you can keep things consistent. Some people want farmhouse fall decor, while others might look for fall pumpkin decor. Once you decide on a theme, you can look for items that work with that theme. This might include everything from signs to display in the living spaces to finding scents that remind you of fall to use in wax warmers.

Remember to consider the permanent items in your living room when you’re trying to determine what type of color scheme you’re going to use for fall living room decor. For some people, adding smaller accents, such as fall fireplace decor, is all they need to do to make the room show their love for autumn.

Now is also the time to bring out the heavier blankets that add to the warm and cozy feeling of the room. You can use these as drapes over the furniture or show them off in a cute cabinet in the living room.

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