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21 Facts About Siding You Didn’t Know

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By on May 9, 2014
21 Facts About Siding You Didn’t Know

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Home siding isn’t mentioned as much as kitchens or bathrooms, but since it’s the first feature all guests see, perhaps it should. Whether you are selling your home or staying there for the long haul, home siding can play a key role in your home’s overall impression.

Given that siding does not get the exposure it deserves, I decided to find 21 facts you may not, or need to know about home siding. Some may surprise, while others may not. Either way, before you install or repair your siding, be sure to review all 21 facts below.

1. There are more than 15 different kinds of siding (BHG).

2. Vinyl is the No. 1 siding option in the U.S. (ImproveNet)

3. Warranties offered by vinyl manufacturers are generally lifelong and transferable (ImproveNet).

4. Wooden siding can rot and damage quite easily (Best Pick Reports).

5. The average price to install siding is $7,415 (ImproveNet).

6. Wooden siding is known to be one of the most expensive materials to replace, while aluminum and vinyl siding are generally cheaper (ImproveNet).

7. You should power wash or pressure wash your siding (ImproveNet).

8. Power washing uses a combination of a powerful stream of water and hot temperature for best results, but pressure washing just uses cold water (ImproveNet).

Wood Shingle Siding

9. Decades ago, asbestos was widely used in home construction due to its low price and ability to fireproof the walls, attic and foundation of a house. Once asbestos became known as a health hazard, it was no longer put to use in new construction. However, there are older homes built before the 1970s in which asbestos was used in the siding, roofing and insulation materials (ImproveNet).

10. When the asbestos siding on a house becomes damaged, consultation and inspection with a licensed asbestos removal and repair contractor is necessary before proceeding. So long as the asbestos fibers are not loose, the siding should be repairable, but in some cases, it may need to be removed, which can be a costly endeavor. (ImproveNet).

11. Most siding companies work year-round, but if you’re looking for a deal, fall and winter are usually the best times to install house siding because few people choose to have their siding replaced during the slow season (HomeAdvisor).

12. Vinyl siding usually comes in thicknesses of .035 to .055 inches thick, and most quality brands have a thickness between .040 to .048 inches. Generally, the thicker, the better (HomeAdvisor)

13. Most vinyl siding is designed to meet the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard 3679 (This Old House).

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14. Most siding installation is rated for winds up to 110 mph (

15. If wind does rip it off, vinyl siding is much easier to replace than other types of siding (

16. Aluminum siding does not rust and can be painted over when the color fades. It uses approximately 80% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable when discarded (Siding Magazine).

17. Steel siding is considerably heavier than aluminum and requires extensive labor to install. It’s durable and will last, on average, more than 20 years (Siding Magazine).

18. Steel contains about 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable when discarded. It requires a pressure washer for cleaning (Siding Magazine).

19. The most significant downside to steel siding is that it will rust (Siding Magazine).

20. With wood siding, dry rot may occur and it’s not always visible to the naked eye (Best Pick Reports).

21. Believe it or not, log cabin siding is actually environmentally friendly. Since it doesn't use the whole log, more can be made from a single tree. This thrifty procedure helps in conservation by limiting any wood waste (HomeAdvisor).


There is much more you can learn about home siding. For more facts and figures, check out our siding cost estimators.

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