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3 DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Make A Difference

By on Apr 5, 2014
3 DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Make A Difference

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DIY bathroom projects are not just growing in popularity, but growing in simplicity as well. Nevertheless, some homeowners are afraid to take the DIY bathroom to remodel plunge due to fear, costs or lack of knowledge. No more excuses. There is a bathroom remodeler in all of us and below, we will detail three easy DIY bathroom projects any homeowner can undertake.

Many of our avid fans know this already, but the bathroom is one of the most trafficked rooms in any home. Therefore, it is one of the most remodeled rooms in the house. Whether the homeowner is adding lighting, building new cabinets, framing new pictures or installing a new shower door, they are taking it upon themselves versus hiring a licensed professional. Each of the following DIY bathroom projects can all be done on your own, but as always, if you seek the help of a professional contractor in your area, click here.

Let’s dive in.

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Replace Bathroom Toilet

In the old days, a bathroom was just a bathroom and was used as such. You needed a sink, shower and most importantly a toilet bowl. We like and admire other aspects of our bathrooms, but the toilet is the bare necessity. However, toilets get old and don’t function as well as they used to. Nonetheless, you as the everyday homeowner, have the capacity to replace your own toilet, saving you hundreds on hired help. Below is a rough step-by-step guide to replacing your toilet, but if you seek greater detail, be sure to read DIY Tips for How to Replace a Toilet.

  1. Measure the old toilet before buying a new one.
  2. Then, measure from the wall to the toilet’s bolts.
  3. To remove the old one, shut off the supply water valve, located near the floor behind the toilet.
  4. Remove the toilet tank lid, flush the toilet and then sponge out all the remaining water in the tank.
  5. Disconnect everything from the toilet: the supply hose to the tank, the toilet tank (if it is a two-piece system), and finally, the nuts from the flange bolts on each side of the toilet.
  6. Now, lift the old toilet up and off the closet flange.
  7. Scrape off any wax around the closet flange.
  8. Turn the new toilet upside down on some rags or a bathmat to protect the finish.
  9. Press the wax ring firmly over the toilet's drain hole (some plumbers like to put on two wax rings for extra precautions against a leak).
  10. Turn the toilet right side up and set it carefully on the closet flange so that the flange bolts slip through the holes in the toilet base.
  11. Sit on the toilet and rock back and forth slightly until it is firmly seated.
  12. Tighten the flange bolt nuts until the bowl does not rock, but be very careful not to overtighten, which can crack the toilet bowl.
  13. Put the new tank on the bowl, following the assembly instructions.
  14. Install the rubber gasket flange between the tank and toilet and then bolt the tank to the bowl.
  15. When the bolts are snug tight against their rubber washers, reconnect the water supply line, turn on the water, fill the bowl, and check for any leaks.

Make a Desk or Dresser into a DIY Bathroom Vanity

Earlier, I mentioned the bare necessities we all need in the bathroom, but in the modern world, some of us demand more such as extra storage, organization or multi-level sinks. This DIY bathroom task is for those looking to enhance their current bathroom design.

Believe it or not, any homeowner can convert a desk into their bathroom vanity. All you need is an existing desk or dresser (if old, we recommend sanding and painting), a current sink, a cleat, hole saw (jigsaw) and a spare towel bar.

All you need to do is cut holes in the back of the desk for the faucet and drain. Never forget what goes behind this vanity. Then, measure out your sink and make sure if will fit on top of the desk. Use a magic marker to trace out the hole and then get to the big cutting.

After placing the desk in your desired location, add some caulk around the rim and slowly place the bowl in the hole. For the top drawer, where the sink is most likely hitting right now, you can either take it out completely or just place toiletries around the holes you cut earlier for the pipes. Either way, if you are using a dresser, you will not have as much room as you did before.

Attach the faucet and then connect the back plumbing to the sink. For a more detailed description of the process, check out An Orange Cottage.

Remove Bathroom Floor Tile

A new bathroom floor can breathe new life into the space, and it even has the potential to raise the overall value of the home. Here is a DIY guide to removing bathroom ceramic tile on your own.  

After removing everything physically possible from the bathroom, go ahead and target your first tile.

The first tile is generally the hardest to remove. Pick a tile in the center of the room to start with and use a utility knife to scrape the grout out from around the bathroom tile. Using a putty knife or a solid trowel, try to gain some traction underneath the flooring tile and pry it off. Take it slow, and don't be surprised if it takes a few minutes.

Work your way to the outside by removing one bathroom tile at a time. Again, the best tool for the job will be a simple putty knife. You will want to wiggle it underneath a tile, lift up to get leverage and wait for it to crack, break or come off in a single piece. Don't try to salvage whole tiles, which is nearly impossible for this kind of project. Expect many of the tiles to break. Keep a bucket on hand to deposit the tiles and avoid an injury from the sharp edges.

For more guidance on this DIY bathroom project, head to DIY Tips for How to Remove Old Ceramic Tile from Bathroom.

On the surface, all these DIY bathroom ideas may seem daunting, but with a little bit of guidance, and a lot of confidence, each homeowner will be able to call themselves DIY bathroom remodeler before you know it.

If you're ready to get started on your bathroom project, contact a pro today.

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