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3 Kitchen Trends To Watch In 2015

By on Jan 14, 2016
3 Kitchen Trends To Watch In 2015

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home and it is where life happens. A well-designed, remodeled kitchen will surely make your day-to-day life easier. The best part yet, according to my colleague, Andrea Davis, anything you do to improve your kitchen will bring a high return on your investment. 

However, given that the average cost to remodel a kitchen is $17,226, you’ll want your new kitchen to stay on trend for years to come. 

In this article, I picked three kitchen design trends that will be all the rage in 2015 and beyond.

2015 Kitchen Trends_Streamlined Kitchen

1. Less is Definitely More

The average kitchen size is shrinking. Without a lot of space to spare, less is more is certainly becoming the trend and not just a fad. In 2015, you’ll see more minimalist kitchen designs that come with clean and simple lines.  

If your New Year’s resolutions include decluttering your small kitchen, here are a few streamlined design ideas you should try.

More Open Shelving & Fewer Upper Cabinets 

Swap out your bulky upper cabinets with open shelving. As I mentioned in 11 Small Kitchen Ideas That Make A Big Difference, the clean lines of open shelving can flow with the rest of the space, making a small kitchen feel airier and roomier. Additionally, open shelving allows homeowners to showcase pretty dishes and glassware, adding more personality to a streamlined kitchen that is usually less ornate.

However, if you really need cabinets to hide seasonal appliances like a juicer, opt for a mix of open shelving and closed cabinets. This way, you can keep ugly gadgets out of sight while spotlighting items you want to show off.

Large windows or Even French Doors

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Except for open shelving, more and more homeowners are trading their wall cabinets for additional and larger windows. As we all know, large windows can offer plenty of natural lighting that can illuminate your workspace, making food prep more efficient. Most importantly, they can also bring the outdoors in, brightening your mood while cooking. In the following year, I guarantee that you’ll see not only large windows, but also a lot of glass walls and French doors installed in new kitchens. 

Sound like a good idea? See the average window installation cost in your area.

Hidden Appliances

Mismatched appliances can really disrupt the flow. Instead of spending a fortune replacing your refrigerator, microwave and oven, simply disguise them by integrating them into the adjacent cabinetry. Thus, your kitchen can have a seamless, sleek look.

Depending on your existing kitchen design and layout, you can hide those appliances either behind wood panels or underneath countertops. 

2015 Kitchen Trends Sociable Bar Table

2. Kitchens Don’t Have to Look Like Kitchens…Wait, What?

Yes. 2015 is definitely the year to think outside the box. But, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you get rid of kitchen essentials, such as stoves or sinks. In fact, this new concept is about making your kitchen go beyond function by turning it into a real social hub where you can entertain your family and friends. And all it takes is a few design tweaks.

Sociable Bar table

These days, homeowners tend to share their kitchen moments with family and friends. Unlike before, guests are more than welcome to congregate and chitchat in the kitchen while the owner is preparing food. As a result, don’t be surprised when you see a variety of workstation designs combined with a social bar table on the market next year.

Furniture-Style Island

2015 Kitchen Trends Furniture Style Island

As your kitchen becomes a more public space meant for socializing, you’ll definitely need a few pieces of exquisite furniture to decorate your kitchen, making it feel part of your living room. However, given the limited real estate, an ideal kitchen furnishing should offer both functionality and aesthetics. 

Take this furniture-style island featuring thin legs and intricate paneling for example. While it looks exactly like an elegant TV stand, it indeed provides work surface and hidden storage space that every home cook needs.

Bold Ceiling Design

Don’t just look down at your stoves and chopping board while cooking. For health’s sake, it’s time to look up and let your neck do some exercise. Nonetheless, no one wants to stare at a blank, dull ceiling. That’s why you’ll need a bold ceiling design to draw your eyes up.

If you want to play safe, try painting your ceiling with bold colors. It will only cost you between $242 and $412. Another bolder, yet more expensive way is to build a coffered ceiling. Although the average installation fee is approximately $1,279, it can add an instant dramatic look to your kitchen, grabbing everyone’s attention. 

2015 Kitchen Trends Modern Traditional Kitchen

3. Traditional and Modern Finally Get Married

When it comes to kitchen style, most will debate between traditional and modern. Fortunately, with the emergence of modern traditional kitchens, the design dilemma finally comes to an end.

There’s no need to spend tons of money to build a modern traditional kitchen from scratch. With a few easy and cheap updates, you can immediately turn your current kitchen, whether it is modern or traditional, into an eclectic style. 

From Modern to Modern Traditional

While stainless steel and marble can definitely give your modern kitchen a sleek look, they, oftentimes, make it feel sterile. If you’re looking to add a touch of warmth to your modern kitchen, consider blending materials that exude traditional charm. I highly recommend wood finishes or subway backspalshes, as they can evoke a nostalgic, homey feeling that usually misses in a modern kitchen.  

From Traditional to Modern Traditional

On the other hand, you can also bring modern flair into a traditional kitchen by installing new metal fixtures. Believe it or not, metal can match perfectly with traditional kitchen décor in warm and earthy tones. If you dare, take a bold move with copper or brass faucets. The warm glow will wake up your traditional kitchen, giving it a contemporary facelift.  


Kitchen fads come and go. If we could, we would remodel our kitchen every year. However, the truth is that the average cost to remodel a kitchen is no small amount. Ideally, a kitchen renovation should last at least 10 years. Hence, before you throw your money into a renovation project, make sure the kitchen design you choose doesn’t turn into a kitchen nightmare a few months down the road.

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