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3 Rooms Inspired by Fairy Tales

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By on Apr 8, 2014
3 Rooms Inspired by Fairy Tales

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There are rooms full of fantasy, but then there are those truly inspired by cherished childhood stories. Fairy tales are natural for a child's room. They spark play and imagination and can turn every day into a new adventure. 

Here are three beautiful rooms with fairy tales as their inspiration. You may not have the space or means for something as elaborate as these fairy tale rooms for your own home, but you could incorporate some of these fantastical interior design ideas. If you are thinking about redesigning your home, see some of the costs that go into it

Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Takes Center Stage

Cinderella HouseIn the Cinderella fairy tale, a pumpkin magically transforms into a carriage, which carries the heroine to the ball where she meets her handsome prince.

This fairy tale bedroom brings the story of Cinderella to life. One wall has a faux stone veneer, which captures the look of the prince's castle. The ceiling and remainder of the walls have a mural depicting the countryside and sky. 

The floors are wood, but there's a faux stone path leading to the carriage.

Cinderella's carriage is the star of this fairy tale bedroom. It's crafted in the shape of the famous pumpkin, with gold trim and curtains in the windows. Tucked in the center is a bed fit for a princess.

The floor is wood, but there's a faux stone path leading to the steps of the carriage. And of course, there's a tuffet, which is where Cinderella might try on her glass slippers.

This fairy tale bedroom was designed by Hansen Architects, in Savannah GA.

A Nursery Becomes Peter Rabbit's Favorite Garden

The tale of Peter Rabbit is one of the world's most loved fairy tales, written by Beatrix Potter in 1893.

This nursery's standout feature is the mural. It covers each of the walls, as well as the ceiling, for an immersive fantasy experience. Peter and his friends, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail, are included throughout the room. Mr. Fox sits on a stump reading a newspaper and the family's own Pomeranian dogs are also included in the scene.

The crib is designed as a hot air balloon basket. The balloon overhead is bright-colored silk.

Slide Down the Rabbit Hole to A Tea Party

Who hasn't thought about sliding down the rabbit hole? In this Alice in Wonderland fairy tale room, Alice's adventures begin with a real rabbit hole "tunnel" hallway. On the other side, the playroom is set for tea.

The mural work in this fairy tale space is extraordinary. The colors are true to the story's artwork and notable sayings adorn the walls. "I'm late ... I'm late ..." trails down the wall beside White Rabbit. In the tea room, complete with colorful table and chairs, Alice famously peeks behind a red curtain with the words, 'Curiouser and curiouser..." overhead.

This spacious fairy tale room is made for imaginative play. It was designed by Schrader and Companies

Imagine the delight on your child's face when he or she first sees the fairy tale room you've created. Fantasy spaces don't have to be delicate or sweet. For an older child, perhaps Peter Pan's adventures with Captain Hook's ship for a bed might be more fun.

There are few rules with spaces like these. Whatever you can imagine, an experienced designer can create. If you're thinking about a fairy tale room for your home, let us help you find local designers who can make your dreams come true.

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