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5 Common Features Of Kitchens Designed For Men

By on Oct 28, 2014
5 Common Features Of Kitchens Designed For Men

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What once was thought of as a woman’s domain, the kitchen has become the most popular room in the home for both men and women. Nonetheless, when it comes to popular kitchen designs, few only keep the man in mind. That is why I have researched and found five of the most dominant traits in all kitchens designed for men and/or bachelors.

All of the following characteristics are popular features in kitchen remodels across the country. Given that the average price to remodel a kitchen is $17,226 across the U.S., you too can implement these prominent design updates into your next kitchen update.

Modern Kitchen

1. Industrial/Modern Design

Of all the kitchens we researched, many went with an industrial or modern style. Given advances in kitchen technology, it’s no wonder why more men prefer a clean and sleek design to their kitchen.

Before you knock down the walls and go with sleek design like the image above, make sure you add hints of color and contemporary or traditional elements. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a kitchen that feels cold and unwelcoming. Even though you designed the kitchen for yourself (and your family), you always want to make sure it has an inviting charm.

Living Space

2. Make It A Living Space

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One way to ensure your renovated kitchen is inviting is by making sure your guests see it as a living space. Given that most remodels implement an open floor plan nowadays, you have to make sure your guests have plenty of space to sit, relax, converse and place their drinks as they enjoy your gourmet meal. 

Make sure you add a breakfast bar with multi-level counters, implement window seats or even add a wine cooler and/or mini fridge. You want to encourage your guests to lounge at ease and converse while you cook or serve. In fact, some may even lend a helping hand.

Butcher Block

3. Install A Butcher’s Block

A very common countertop among kitchens designed for men is the butcher block. Butcher block countertops offer a down-to-earth and traditional feel in the kitchen. Like I said earlier, it’s a great way to add a traditional tone to an otherwise modern or industrial kitchen.

According to our butcher block material estimator, prices range from $40/sf to $56/sf. Butcher block countertops are affordable and cost less than many other popular countertop materials. Furthermore, interested men should know that unlike some other countertop options, butcher block counters can be made from a wide variety of hardwoods ranging from ash, maple, pine, hickory and many more.

There are many advantages to installing butcher block countertops in the kitchen. With an endless array of wood stains, colors and finishes, homeowners can easily customize the look of their countertops. Finally, vegetables and meat can be cut directly on the surface of the butcher block. The resulting nicks and scratches add character to the surface.

Looking to install new counters in your kitchen? See what it will cost in your area with our countertop installation cost estimator.

Black and White Kitchen

4. Go Black, White & Silver 

If you’re going to maintain that industrial look, you want to make sure the colors match the trend. Looking at the best man kitchens across America, you will see a trend of black, white and silver kitchens. In fact, white is one of the freshest new “neutrals,” and it’s a color that makes perfect sense in the kitchen.

Men will be delighted to hear that while black and white kitchens may seem expensive, they are in fact not as costly given the rather simple colors and design. I highly recommend keeping most items within the black and white theme, including appliances and dishes. Just remember, make sure you introduce a contrasting bold color elsewhere in the kitchen to give it that inviting touch.

Gray Cabinets

5. Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray is quickly becoming the go-to color for new kitchen cabinets and that trend is expected to stay for years to come. Gray provides a welcomed change from the dull beiges we have seen across the country. And of course, gray blends in perfectly with your industrial design.

To add a more modernistic touch, consider adding metallic surfaces. They can transform the entire look of your kitchen for a fraction of the typical kitchen remodeling cost.


These traits are five of the most common characteristics among kitchens designed for men. If these ideas don’t resonate, you could also go high-tech as my friends on Home Improvement did.

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