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5 DIY Projects Your Kids Will Love

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By on Jun 15, 2017
5 DIY Projects Your Kids Will Love

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If you like to DIY, it’s likely your family knows it. While completing a project on your own is always an accomplishment, have you considered getting your children involved? Not only is a it a great way to bond with your child, it helps them express creativity, learn and allows them to put their own personal touch on your household.

With proper safety and supervision, you and your children can have a great time crafting the best DIY décor for your home. See a few ways you can have fun together with DIY projects for kids.

If you need a new look, a few DIY projects can really dress up a space. However, you might need to consider a few larger changes to update your look long-term. Contact a remodeling contractor today to get started on your next project and you can get up to four quotes from pros in your area, for free!

Painting Projects WIth Kids

DIY Safety

Anyone preparing for a DIY project of any size should refresh themselves on basic safety tips. This is especially important with children around. Here are a few pointers for DIY projects with kids:

  • Never allow them to use sharp cutting materials, such as Exacto knife or razor blade.
  • Keep hot tools, such as a glue gun, out of reach.
  • DIY projects should always be supervised by an adult.
  • Paints and other liquids can be poison for kids if ingested.
  • Be sure your first aid kit is stocked if an accident were to happen.

DIY Project Ideas

When it comes to incorporating your children with your DIY home decorating projects, it can be endless. There are so many projects available to try! It’s a good idea to take your child’s skill level and age into consideration. Also, expect a few mistakes as your child learns something new. Here are a few projects you can try:

  • Small paint projects around the house.
  • Replanting a flower in a container garden.
  • Creating a seasonal wreath for your door décor.
  • Custom and decorative wall art for the family room or bedroom.
  • Holiday décor such as Christmas ornaments.

1. Painting

For kids of all ages, painting is a great way to introduce them to the wonderful world of DIY. A small project, such as an accent wall, can be a great way to teach them about painting as well as getting them involved with the look of the home. If you’re transforming your son or daughter’s bedroom, invite them to help pick out the color and ask them to help paint!

Gardening Projects With Kids

2. Gardening

If you’re looking for more ways to keep your child busy this summer, get them involved with your next gardening project. A container garden is a great place to start. Begin seedlings in the late spring, explaining that they will be replanted once the weather gets warmer and the sun is shining more often. Once it’s time, guide them through the steps of replanting a flower; carefully transferring it out of the seedling dish into the bigger garden or container. Have them water and care for the plant throughout the season.

If space allows, a vegetable garden is a rewarding DIY project for kids. This can be started in the same way, but the end result is delicious produce for both you and your family.

5 DIY Projects Your Kids Will Love

3. Door Décor

While you may only consider door décor at Christmas time, wreaths are a great addition regardless of season. A year-round wreath is a fun way to easily interchange your door décor, and incorporate your children. The most important part is creating the base so you can easily switch out your décor. Kids will have a blast getting creative with the changing seasonal décor. I love this tutorial from That’s So Cuegly for a year-round wreath.

  Wall Art Kids DIY

4. Wall Art

For a personal touch, create wall art with your child. There are plenty of options you have to customize your artwork and plenty of kid friendly ideas. If you’re looking for a DIY wall art idea, string art is an easy way to add home décor. Before you get your children involved, you’ll want to prep the project. Find your favorite saying or simple picture and print it out. Using that piece, insert nails part way in around the border of the photo. Tear the paper off and allow your kids to decorate by criss crossing the string between the nails. You’ll have a beautiful piece for your wall art!

Holiday DIY Kids Crafts

5. Holiday Decorating

Get your family excited about the holidays with DIY décor projects. A great way to get your kids involved is by making your own ornaments. These can go on Christmas trees or simply as gifts. These are also wonderful keepsakes to have as your child gets older. There are many ideas such as:

  • Creating a reindeer out of popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and a pom-pom.
  • Using construction paper to create different kind of snowflakes.
  • Gluing together green pipe cleaners and decorating with small pom-poms to create a Christmas tree.
  • Painting a clear ornament with holiday designs.

Of course, winter holidays aren’t the only time your children can get involved with decorating for the seasons. Halloween, Easter, Fourth Of July and Thanksgiving all provide opportunities to create DIY seasonal home décor with your child. Jack-o-lanterns are an obvious choice for Halloween. However, have you ever considered outdoor Halloween décor? Create ghosts you can hang from trees and bushes very simply. Start by creating the ghosts form by stuffing the center with cotton balls and tying off with a string. Then have your child draw a spooky ghost face. Finally, add string through the top and have your child hang them from a tree or bush, welcoming trick-or-treaters!


Next time you have a DIY project you’re planning see how you can incorporate your children. It will be a fun experience for all and help encourage creativity in your home. Plus, it will give you a unique decorative element to display that your family will be proud of!

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