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5 Glorious Kitchen Styles From Around The World

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By Katie Carlson on Jan 19, 2016
5 Glorious Kitchen Styles From Around The World

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The kitchen is one of the best rooms in the house! It’s a space that’s fun to design, decorate and remodel. The kitchen is one place where you spend a lot of time and money. It’s no wonder most homeowners want it to not only look beautiful, but also decorate with a personalized touch.

Everyone has their own taste in clothes and it’s no different when it comes to kitchen styles. No matter your cup of tea, it’s entertaining to explore and see how people live around the world. Look no further, the following five kitchen styles are sure to inspire!

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1. French Country

You may have heard of a French country kitchen design but aren’t quite sure what it exactly means. Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. This style encompasses a space that’s warm, comfortable and beautiful. It portrays a traditional and simple way of life.

The key characteristics of a French country kitchen include pale colors and earthy tones that are taken from a rural landscape. They’re typically dressed in crown molding, made of natural materials and more than likely have a large kitchen island. The expert interior designers at HomedIt describe another significant aspect of this style, “Traditionally, the hanging of cookware overhead was a purely functional decision. Today, the strategy of copper pots on display in the French country kitchen gets as much applause for its gorgeous form as for its function.”

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The image above should give you a good idea of what these elements look like when they all come together. This particular French country kitchen has a stone enclosure around the stove and cabinets painted in muted shades of beige and brown. You’ll see the room not only has a large island, but also a secondary plank table that functions as a work station and breakfast bar. This kitchen compliments the natural materials with sunflowers on the table and smaller yellow bouquets in front of the windows.

Mediterranean Style

2. Mediterranean

The main inspiration of Mediterranean décor comes from the natural beauty of the Mediterranean landscape and its mild, temperate climate. Rich wood textures and elaborate accents are at the heart of this style. Colors typically include vibrant shades of blue and green, which reflect the hues of the Mediterranean Sea and sky. Bright jewel tones influenced by colorful Moroccan tile and textiles, earthy tones of warm terra-cotta and sand and burnt orange and yellow come together for an artistic and lively space. Spanish roof tiles and stucco walls are also a part of this signature style. Interiors contain an eclectic mix of Spanish, Italian, French and Moroccan style furniture and accessories (Decoist).

The example above is the perfect rendition of a kitchen outfitted in a Mediterranean style. The backsplash is a unique creation of colorful hand-painted tiles that immediately catch the eye. It’d be a rare occurrence to not see some sort of wrought iron pattern and metal chandelier in a kitchen of this specific style. As you can see, the cabinet handles and lighting design above the island include this detail.

Tuscan Style

3. Italian-Tuscan Kitchen Design

An Italian, or Tuscan, kitchen design is a familiar option you may already know a little more about than the others. Textured walls in shades of cream, pale yellow or darker earthy tones of burnt orange and terra-cotta mimic the aged plaster walls of Tuscan farmhouses. Vibrant golds, earthy greens and accents of blue, sunny yellow and bright pops of red reflect the natural colors of the Tuscan countryside. A few other features often embraced are simple window treatments, framed prints, custom murals and wrought-iron candle holders.

Tuscan furniture is described as rustic, with natural wood finishes. As displayed in the kitchen above, Terra-cotta tile or reclaimed wood flooring add a Tuscan feel. This Tuscan Italian kitchen features a gorgeous arched brick ceiling, sage green cabinets and a terra-cotta tile floor. What really pulls this design together are the finishing touches, like the hanging copper pots and vases and the butcher block island countertop.

4. Modern Asian Design

An Asian interior design is one of the world’s most popular choices. The simple lines and soft elegance draw many homeowners to adapt this style. No matter if it’s Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean or Thai, all of the looks are similar. They’re always beautifully done with sleek furniture and features that radiate classic charm and clear simplicity. As for colors and materials, red, black, white, silver, gold and dark brown take center stage, while popular materials range from stainless steel and chrome to bamboo and silk.

The beauty and simplicity I mention above is apparent in this example of a stunning modern Asian kitchen design. Black, white and brown come together for an elegant and tasteful space filled with wood, stainless steel and lots of texture. The little details, such as the plants and rocking horse, are the most important features of this style.

Traditional Style

5. Traditional

Last but not least, is the traditional kitchen style that portrays a warm and classic space. Not to be confused with Old World or country, the colors are different in a traditional style kitchen. The foundation of this appearance incorporates soft, muted colors such as creams, taupe and light grays. You can mix and match, bring in elements from the outside and create a homey space with focal points and fabrics.

The kitchen in the image above couldn’t get any homier. They’ve included all of the right touches such as the multi-light windows, charming light fixtures, muted green paint, wood cabinets and tile floors. There are a few special touches that provide a unique twist on the traditional style, like the cabinet hardware, a backsplash and glass-front cabinets.


See, wasn’t that fun? Kitchen styles may change over time, but each style brings its own character and charm to a home. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, or just ready for a change, I hope you consider one of these fabulous kitchen styles from around the world.

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