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5 Stylish Organizing Solutions For Any Bathroom

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By Katie Carlson on Jun 24, 2016
5 Stylish Organizing Solutions For Any Bathroom

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Bathroom storage doesn’t have to be boring. This article isn’t about just any type of bathroom storage, it’s about storage that’s functional and good looking. We’ll share ideas that will spark your creativity and make you rethink your standard plastic bins.

Many of us don’t look forward to reorganizing and decluttering our bathrooms. But let’s face it, deep down, we all know we should, so let’s at least have some fun with it. See five stylish organizing trends for your bathroom that will rock your world.

Towel Rack

1. Wall Hooks, Shelves & Cabinets

If you’re going to hang hooks, think about how you can dress them up and make them more attractive. This example is a modern twist on your typical hook. These silver hooks look fancy because they’re mounted on a lovely, rustic piece of wood. If hooks aren’t your thing, install a chic hand towel rod on the side of your vanity for a unique look that saves on space.

Floating Shelf

I absolutely love these floating shelves, and to top it off, there are spotlights shining down on each individual shelf. This creates a sophisticated, warm and romantic vibe. Shelves are great because not only are they nice looking, but you can showcase and display fancy décor pieces on them as well.

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If you’re not feeling either of these ideas, consider installing an attractive cabinet above the toilet for added storage space. Many times, we assume to hang pictures in this space, but a cabinet is much more useful. Also, wine racks aren’t just for wine bottles. Wrought iron wine racks can easily be transformed into a beautiful towel holder in your bathroom.


2. Jars, Canisters & Wicker Baskets

No need to hide all of your bathroom necessities. Use pretty canisters to highlight your soaps and bath essentials. You can find these containers in any home store and personalize them for your use. Mason jars are also an excellent choice for holders that are a bit different and on the trendier side.

Wicker Basket

These wicker baskets give this entire vanity a whole new look and feel. They are visually appealing and are handy for storing towels. The color and the size are perfect in this bathroom. Wicker baskets come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for many different purposes.

Slender Shelves

3. Ledges & Ladders

I think this slender shelf wall liner is a brilliant solution for a small bathroom. There are even hooks under the shelf for hanging towels and clothes. It’s a nice option for someone who cares about style and is also trying to save on space.

An alternate possibility is a ladder shelf, typically wood, that leans against the wall and has multiple shelves for storage, towels and décor. They work well in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Shower Shelf

4. Shower Shelves

Installing corner or built-in shelves in your shower is a decision you will never regret. It’s a clever way to make your bathroom look clean and organized, versus cluttered and messy with shampoo bottles scattered all over the place.

The example above is a contemporary shower that utilizes the wall for storage and extra space. Due to the shape and size of the shower, this is definitely the best option. There’s even room for an additional ledge or two along the shower wall. It’s so much better than having to store your bathroom cleansers and shampoos on the ground!


5. Accessory Bins

As I mention above, there's no need for a bunch of plastic bins in your bathroom. Purchase something that fits your bathroom theme and color scheme. The image above is a nice example of how using elegant accessory containers that flow with your décor will make a huge difference in your bath. Well done!

If you’re worried about makeup, nail polish and hair accessories, find cute compactable organizers, or put your makeup brushes in a pretty glass jar with some colored stones. I’ve seen women store nail polish on shelves that are built inside of the mirror, or in a fancy carrying case. There are plenty of dividers, holders and hair tool storage solutions out there. The hardest part is making the effort to get organized and pick something out.


You should now be equipped to tackle your bathroom with a new strategy, and implement some of these creative storage ideas. Think outside the box, shop around and find pieces you’re passionate about. In a few simple steps your bathroom will have a facelift that’s sure to impress.  

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