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5 Tips to Protect Your Home from A Zombie Attack

Your Home Remodeling Guide for Halloween

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By on Mar 7, 2016
5 Tips to Protect Your Home from A Zombie Attack

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It's that scary time of the year and no, we are not talking about rising heating costs. Halloween is nearly one week away and that means the zombie invasion is coming. Despite what popular TV shows like The Walking Dead have to say, there are ways to keep the undead from entering your home. Below are our five tips to protect your house from a zombie attack.

Install a Privacy Fence

It may seem obvious, but building a fence is just one more barrier of entry for these undead ravages. While standard wood-plank fences may slow them down, homeowners who are extra paranoid may want to consider brick and stone fences. Not only will these fences help keep them out of your home, they will also reduce outside noise such as the fire alarms and car alarms going off.

Install Additional Patio Steps

Zombies are known for their poor sense of balance and that is why additional patio steps can be a great asset for preventing zombies from entering your home. As a common rule, patio steps are wider and broader than standard residential steps. Patio steps should be at least 4' wide so two people can enter and leave the home simultaneously. The standard height for a patio step is four inches, but remember, we are trying to make it difficult for this killers to enter. You might want to go as high as seven inches. 

Add Storage for Water & Food

You never know how long the zombie takeover will last and that is why you need to stock up on all the water and food you can get. Therefore, sufficient storage is needed. Don't settle for store-bought varieties; do it yourself. On top of saving a few bucks, building your own storage shelves can ensure you have all the room you will ever need in case you are under house arrest during the apocalypse. Are you ready? Check out our step-by-step guide for building storage shelves.

Replace or Update Windows

Any window in any home can be replaced and if you are keeping the undead from your children, you will have to consider replacing those older double-hung vinyl windows. While a total upgrade is not necessary in all cases, certain additions such as vinyl track inserts or new sashes can certainly aid in your privacy concerns. Those of you taking extra precaution may want to add a wood dowel in the slider track or add laminated film to the window. 

Transform Your Basement into A Panic Room

It may seem extreme, but we are not leaving anything to chance. You may think panic rooms are only for the rich, but any homeowner has the capability to convert a current room in your basement into a zombie-free zone. First, make sure flooding will not be a concern by making sure water spurts carry water away from the house. Then, you can start constructing your walls by attaching furring strips or building a 2-by-4 stud wall. Continue following these steps and you will ensure your family's safety.

Get Help from Local Pros

Halloween is quickly approaching and whether you want to spend the time and money to update your home, the zombies are heading your way. For those who refuse to take any risk, find a pro in your zip code who can knock out all our prevention tips before the next zombie attack.

(Flickr photo by Kevin Dooley)

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