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5 Ways Home Automation Can Keep Your Home Safe In 2016

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By on Jan 30, 2016
5 Ways Home Automation Can Keep Your Home Safe In 2016

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The dawning of a new year brings new resolutions, new goals and all the best intentions. Most of these are related to things like our waistlines or the junk drawer, but 2016 can be your year to shake things up by adding smart home technology to the mix. Home automation isn’t the future — it’s now — and it can help us live a safer, healthier 2016. 

Here are the five top home automation products you need to know about this year.

Smart Ait Purifier

1. Smart Air Purifiers

Nothing is worse than enduring the short days of winter while battling seasonal bugs and allergies. Keep the sniffles at bay this year by adding a smart air purifier to your home. When your smartphone is in range, a smart air purifier can access the latest local allergen and smog reports via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and adjust its own settings. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

Smart air purifiers continually monitor allergen and pollutant levels in your home and outside. And because they can be controlled from the other room or across town, you can start purifying the air in your home before you leave the office or go to bed. 

2. Home Security that Integrates with A Smart Home Hub

A security system makes your home three times less likely to be burglarized. But home security isn’t just about keeping out the bad guys. When you combine a home security system with a smart home hub, you upgrade the comfort and convenience in your life along with improving safety.

If you’re trying to hit the gym more often in 2016, for example, a smart home hub combined with your home security system will make sure you don’t miss a thing while you work out. Remote cameras, voice control and alerts can let you know when the kids get home from school — and you’ll be able to check out who’s at the door even if you’re on the elliptical. You can even turn on the lights, make sure the doors are locked or turn off the coffee pot if you forgot to before you left for the day.

Security System

3. Smart Home Detectors

With a smart detector in your home, you can rest easy knowing that it's looking out for everything from smoke and carbon dioxide to water leaks and open windows to safeguard your loved ones’ health. Smart detectors also let a designated list of emergency contacts know about an emergency situation in your home.

If you’ve already outfitted your home with smoke and CO2 detectors and don’t want to pay to start over, smart batteries can turn your “old-fashioned” detector into a smart one. These batteries allow you to get alerts and notices sent straight to your smartphone or other mobile device.

4. Smart Doorbell

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Whether you’re at the office or in the shower, a smart doorbell can be your extra pair of eyes. Smart doorbells allow you to see and interact with whoever is at the door through your smartphone or tablet.

Most will send you alerts when someone rings the doorbell, and some even include motion detectors that let you know if anyone approaches your front door. For extra security, look for a smart doorbell that triggers the lights to give the impression you’re at home even if you’re enjoying a night out on the town.

Best Home Automation Systems

5. Robotic Vacuums

Banish dust and dirt — and uphold your resolution to keep the house spic and span — with the latest robot vacuums. Household dust and allergens are not just a nuisance; they can also cause respiratory problems and lead to sickness and infection. Automated household cleaners have come a long way, and are now very affordable for everyday homeowners. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got hardwood, tile or carpet, today’s robotic vacuums can remove up to 90% of dirt from hard floors and over 70% of grit and grime from carpets.

If you dread pulling out the vacuum cleaner, or your kids and pets make you feel like all you do is clean the floors, this little device can be your new best friend. Advances in technology have given robot vacuums the ability to detect areas that need extra attention. You can even set your vacuum on a schedule or get it going remotely.


No matter what your goals are for the coming year, these awesome home automation tools will make it easier for you to go confidently into a healthier, happier and safer 2016.

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