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5 Ways To Incorporate Solar Energy In Your Home

By on Aug 26, 2016
5 Ways To Incorporate Solar Energy In Your Home

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Creating a sustainable home is not only trendy, but it’s the best option for the environment and your wallet. New and innovative technologies make this a possibility for families who are looking to go green at home. From water conservation tactics to energy saving methods, now more than ever, it’s easy for the average homeowner to become the eco-friendly homeowner with just a few simple changes.

If you’ve ever considered cutting back on energy costs, finding ways to utilize solar energy around the home could be a great way to do so. There are many unique ways to incorporate the power of the sun into your lifestyle that you may not have considered before. Here are a few solar power ideas to get you thinking about how you can reduce your energy usage in your home.

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Home Solar Panels

1. Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming a very popular option for families who are ready to truly change the way they use energy. These panels sit on the roof of your home and harness the sun’s energy to provide you with power. It’s a large investment, however. The average cost to install solar panels is $18,314. Though the initial costs will be high, you have almost instant ROI when you see your energy bills decrease.

Solar Panels

2. Solar Water Heater

Much like solar panels, a solar water heater can cut energy costs significantly and use less energy than traditional methods. This heater sits on your roof, where water is cycled through solar collector tubes. This method works best in warmer climates that don’t get below freezing typically. If you’re not ready to make the large investment in solar panels, but ready for a greener lifestyle, a solar water heater is a great place to start.

Pool Solar Heater

3. Solar Energy for the Pool

The pool is a great place to create environmentally-friendly habits. Many homeowners have a water heater to provide comfortable temperatures when the cooler days in summer are a surprise. Utilize the summer sun to help heat your pool through a solar pool heating system. These systems can be elaborate, but can efficiently heat your pool to be enjoyed when you please.

Of course, proper pool maintenance is required to keep your pool in great shape, regardless if you own a heating system or not. An innovative and low-impact way to keep your pool clean is with solar options. Solar Ionizers and floating cleaners are the way to go to maintain your pool’s efficiency.

Solar Device Chargers

4. Solar Power Chargers

How many devices do you charge daily? If you’re anything like me, it’s likely between three to four items that need to be powered up. Solar power chargers are the unique solution to charge up without plugging into your home’s electricity. There are many versions available depending on your device or needs.

If you plan on using your charger only in your home, some options have a window attachment so the small solar panel can soak in the sun’s rays. Others can attach to your phone's case or come with an external battery pack you can leave in a window. This is also a great idea for anyone who travels or enjoys camping, to take with you anywhere!

Solar Path Lights

5. Outdoor Solar Lights

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Outdoors is of course, ideal location for solar energy. What better place to soak up the sun? Nowadays, it seems like there are plenty of stylish options for solar power outdoor lights and décor. Here’s a few creative ways to use the sun’s energy to improve your yard.

Solar Path Lights

I never thought much of solar path lights until I had them. Now, I will never turn back! Instead of searching for the light switch in the dark, I have a worry and guilt-free solution that illuminates the route to my door. A bonus, there are no wires or plugs to fuss with. Simply use the stake attached to place in the ground. There are so many varieties of solar path lights, you can certainly find a set that fits your current landscaping.

Solar Deck & Patio lights

Another area that typically requires lighting is the deck and patio, especially if there are stairs or steps. For safety’s sake, you want to make sure these are illuminated so you or your guests can enjoy moving about without worrying about missing a step. Solar post caps are very helpful here and there are great solar options to match other lights you may already have for your deck. They are also very simple to install, making it an easy upgrade for any homeowner.

Solar Christmas Lights

When the holidays arrive, it’s likely you may not be thinking about sunshine as much as snow. However, the sun is just as helpful in winter, especially when it comes to your Christmas lights. Minimize wires and save money this holiday season with solar power Christmas lights. Many options work just like traditional lights, with automatic timers and blinking features. Make the switch to solar this holiday season.


Your switch to solar power does not have to be a complete overhaul. Start with small items here and there that will help to form energy-saving habits. It’s a great way to know that you’re doing what you can to help the earth, even at home.

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