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5 Ways To Stay Cool Outdoors In The Summer

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By on Aug 1, 2016
5 Ways To Stay Cool Outdoors In The Summer

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When summer arrives, hot weather is everywhere. In some parts of the country, temperatures can reach a sweltering 100 degrees or more. Now, if you’re anything like me, the longer days days are great but the hot, outdoor temperatures present a challenge. If I’m outside in the hot weather, a beach is absolutely necessary for me to enjoy it.

For those instances when a beach is not convenient, solutions are needed to keep cool. From low-key picnics to large backyard BBQ parties, the summer is made for outdoor fun. See cool ideas you can incorporate into your summer plans to ensure everyone is comfortable and enjoying the best of what summer has to offer.

The No. 1 way to cool off in the summer is with a swimming pool. Contact a pro to begin your pool installation today.

Maintain Your Swimming pool

1. Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can bring hours of fun with friends and family, with instant relief from the heat. Host a pool party with neighbors to bring together the community, or enjoy floating on a sunny afternoon. A swimming pool will prove its convenience on a hot summer day.

The keys to truly enjoy your pool this summer is with pool maintenance. The average cost to maintain a swimming pool is $254, but this can depend on the size of the pool. Maintenance is important for the overall health and the longevity of your pool. Here are some ways to regularly care for your pool this summer:

  • Skim Debris
  • Clean Out Baskets & Filters
  • Vacuum
  • Test pH Balance
  • Maintain Water Level

Backyard Water Slide

2. Backyard Water Slide

Swimming pools are a large investment that take extra time to care for properly. If you’re looking for a short-term option to keep the kids cool and entertained outdoors, look to the traditional backyard water slide. Many stores offer a wide variety of backyard water slides, with sprinklers attached to various areas and inflatable options for safety. These bring hours of fun to those of all ages and are a welcome activity on hot days. Always read safety instructions for each model so you can ensure a great time in the water.

Most homeowners are concerned about lawn damage when it comes to these water activities for children. To prevent harm to your grass, be sure to only have the water slide out when it’s in use, to prevent burning or damaging the grass. Put it away immediately after use. It’s likely the slide will flatten out your grass. If you’re able to plan for it, let your lawn grow longer than you normally would before using the waterslide. Cut the grass once you have removed the water slide. Damaged grass may take up to two weeks to return to its green hue again.

Pergolas For Partial Shade

3. Seek Shade

If water activities aren’t for you, adding more shade can help to cool down. An arbor or pergola installation can help reduce the amount of sun you come into contact with. Not only will this help you keep cool, but it will also increase your home’s ROI.

Pergolas are a stylish way to add partial shade to your yard and can be placed almost anywhere. For extra coverage, try draping a large canvas or fabric between the slats. This beautiful, airy look will have you loving summer in no time.

Arbors typically are attached to the home and will provide you with complete shade, as it is a solid frame. They are a great way to add a permanent, shady retreat to your yard.

Whatever you choose, be sure to include comfortable lawn furniture or a hammock to rest and relax in the shade.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

4. Deck Out Your Deck

As nicer weather begins to become the norm for a few months, more homeowners begin to utilize their decks. Enjoy a dinner outdoors or find a cozy place to read, there are plenty of things you can do to stay cool on your deck. An awning or umbrella can add shade where you need it, when you need it. While awnings tend to be semi-permanent features, umbrellas can be moved from one area to another typically without an issue.

If your deck has a roof, a ceiling fan might be just the touch you need to get a little breeze going outside and keep the bugs away. The average cost to install a ceiling fan is $229. Even though your deck may provide some shelter from the elements, it’s important to choose a fan that is weather-resistant.

Make Your Own Popsicles

5. Cool Food Ideas

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If you need a quick fix for the heat, choose a cold food to provide some relief. First, remember to stay hydrated. Not drinking enough water when working or playing outside in hot weather can cause dizziness, cramps and in severe cases, heat stroke. Keep a water bottle on hand when you’re out, regardless of activity.

Fruits like watermelon and pineapple are naturally cooling and nutritious. Though ice cream may be tempting, dairy and hot weather don’t always mix. Popsicles are a great way to enjoy a cold treat on a hot day and are even better if you make them yourself. Purchase a popsicle mold and fill with your favorite fruit juices and fresh fruit. This is a great treat for both kids and adults on a hot summer day! Here are a few great recipes from PopSugar.

Rest And Relax Outside


There are so many activities to enjoy during the summer months and keeping cool is key. Whether it’s diving in the pool or reading in the shade, you’re sure to enjoy everything the season has to offer by utilizing these ideas.

Are there any ways you like to cool off during the summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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