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5 Wine Cellars That Will Wow You

By Katie Carlson on Sep 22, 2016
5 Wine Cellars That Will Wow You

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Anyone who loves wine has probably admired someone’s wine cellar or dreamed of having one in their home. While it’s more realistic to experience a wine cellar outside the home, it’s still fun to drool over the ones we wish we owned.

Whether you’re someone who loves to entertain or considering the idea of building a bar in your house, these ideas are sure to spark your creativity. See five wine cellars that will wow and inspire you to as you continue to fill out your wine racks at home.

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Stone Wiine Cellar

1. Wine A Little, Laugh A Lot

This wine cellar is absolutely stunning, and for being a cellar, it sure gets a lot of light. Although the stone may make the room feel cold or uninviting, the wood, flowers and lighting help it feel cozier. Many homeowners find that using natural stone causes the cost of their job to skyrocket. Manufactured stone is a relatively new type of product that mimics the look of natural stone but costs much less, making it a good alternative to natural stone.

Let’s not forget to admire the small nook carved out for the purpose of opening and serving wine to guests. It’s easy on the eyes, but also functional, with the perfect amount of seating and plenty of space to move around the room.

Mediterranean Wine Cellar

2. The Beverage that Feeds Body, Soul & Spirit

This luxurious Mediterranean style wine cellar located in Austin, TX is the perfect spot for entertaining guests. Wood rich in color mixed with light stone bricks and multi-color tiles, creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for sipping on fine wine.

It’s large enough to fit a refrigerator and a built in bar area. A gray border surrounds a beautiful nature scene created from colorful tiles. This is a stylish and sophisticated wine cellar that speaks for itself.  

Brick Wine Cellar

3. Wine Speaks to All the Senses

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This one’s for all the homeowners out there who love brick and can never get enough of it. Not only are the walls covered in brick, but the ceiling too! An elegant chandelier lights up the room and highlights the beautiful woodwork. The wine cellar racks extend vertically which make the ceilings look higher and the room more spacious.

These homeowners threw down a few area rugs to cozy up the entrance and inside the cellar. My favorite embellishment in this wine cellar is definitely the gorgeous and sparking chandelier. It wouldn’t have the same look without it.

Wood Wine Cellar

4. Never Drink A Bad Bottle Again

Isn’t this wine cellar stunning? While the carpet is an interesting choice of design and colors, it does add warmth and comfort to the room. The backlighting and ceiling fixtures create a relaxing ambiance that makes you never want to leave.

There’s enough wine and storage space to last you a lifetime, well, some of us anyway. The best part about this wine cellar may be the storage island and beautifully hung display of wine in a wood encasement.

Dining Room Wine Cellar

5. A Bottle of Wine Begs to be Shared

This fifth and final wine cellar, turned fabulous dining room, is one of the most luxurious of the bunch. Wine bottles, brick and wood scale the walls, while layered lighting and tile floors brighten the space. Who needs to decorate when you have exquisite bottles of wine and lovely bricks everywhere you turn?

This is the perfect spot to host a party or holiday gathering. Although the wood bookcase style shelving is nice, I prefer the built in storage with triangle borders. If nothing else, this wine cellar has a lot of character and potential to host an evening to remember.  

Wine & Cheese Pairings

Uncork & Unwind

While we can all dream, I realize we can’t all own a spectacular wine cellar. On the other hand, we can still relax with a glass of wine and visit with friends and family. After you’ve uncorked, it’s time to unwind with your favorite sips and cheeses. To make it easier on you, I found a helpful infographic, from Life Hack, which tells you how to pair your wines and cheeses for the perfect blend of flavors.  


If you’re not ready or able to build the wine cellar of your dreams, then start small and do what you can to make a cozy spot to store and display your wine bottles. If you’re someone who enjoyed admiring these gorgeous cellars, but have no plans of ever owning one of your own, then uncork other possibilities with these five DIY wine cork projects.

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