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6 Benefits Of Adding A Fence To Your Backyard

By on May 15, 2017
6 Benefits Of Adding A Fence To Your Backyard

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Yards are extremely versatile. Your landscaping will help it look its best but fencing will not only add style but security. While open yards are beautiful, there’s a lack of security and sense of useable space that’s all your own.

While some homeowners choose to leave their yard unfenced, others choose to install a fence for style and security, keeping intruders and other unwelcome guests out. An unfenced yard can leave you defenseless. Here are the benefits of adding a fence to your yard.

There are numerous benefits when you add a fence to your yard. If you’re ready to start your fence installation, contact a fencing pro today for up to four quotes from contractors in your area for free.

6 Benefits Of Adding A Fence To Your Backyard

Backyard Fencing Installation Costs

Like any home improvement project, there is an initial investment needed. If you don’t already have a fence for your yard, you’ll need to install a new fence. Of course, prices can vary greatly depending on what material you choose and how much of it you’ll need. The average cost to install a fence is $2,401 with most homeowners spending between $1,773 to $260.

You’ll also want to carefully plan for your new fence installation. Some areas have regulations that may restrict the height or types of materials you can use. Research what your area requires before beginning any new fencing project.

1. Increase Property Value

Adding a fence to you home can increase your property value, meaning you’ll see a good ROI when it comes time to sell. Of course, this depends on the type of fence you choose to install. A wood privacy fence or picket fence will increase salability as opposed to a standard chain link fence.

2. Deter Unwelcome Guests

While a fence can add style, it also aids in protection. While there is some debate among experts if privacy fences are enough to keep burglars out, there are anti-climbing measures you can take to ensure your home’s safety and your backyard’s privacy.

Additionally, fencing can help keep pests out of your yard. Wooden panel fencing is a great way to keep larger rodents out of your garden and backyard.

Small Backyard Fence

3. Keep Pets & Children Nearby

It’s important for the entire family to be able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own backyard; this includes children and pets. A fence ensures their safety and peace-of-mind for you. While you should always keep an eye on your children and pets when they are outside, you can take comfort in knowing they won’t stray out of sight.

For pets, knowing the type of fence to get is important. Smaller dogs can easily get through holes in or under fencing. To ensure security, make sure the fence is in good condition.

4. Maintain Privacy

If your backyard is your oasis, keep it that way with a privacy fence. Many homeowners are turning to privacy fences for a sense of peace and calm in their yard. The average cost to install a privacy fence is between $3 and $13 per linear foot, excluding the cost of materials, which could vary greatly depending on what you choose.

However, homeowners don’t need a tall fence to maintain a sense of privacy in their yard. A small wood fence could provide the feeling of privacy without making your neighborhood completely out of view. This is also a great option for those on a budget as well.

Soundproof Backyard Fence

5. Decrease Sound

For those who live near a busy street or even noisy neighbors, a solid fence can be a great barrier to block out sounds and create a more peaceful yard. Certain styles of fence have sound-absorbing insulation that is effective in blocking out area noise from your yard.

6. Additional Style

There’s no doubt that fencing adds a unique style to any yard. A white picket fence can turn ugly landscaping into something lovely. A rustic wood fence can give any home the vintage look. With so many fence styles available, the options are endless.

Because chain link fences are the cheaper option, many homeowners turn to this when they’re looking to install their fence. However, they are not initially a beautiful addition. There are plenty of DIY ways you can dress up your chain link fence for style. Planting a vine or spreading shrub, such as wisteria, will add natural greenery to your fence. Reed screens are another way to make a chain link fence, and increase privacy, while still on a budget. Get creative!

Fence Maintenance

Fence Maintenance

Of course, with all these benefits, one of the biggest hesitations homeowners have is the maintenance and care a fence will require. The worry of repairs tops the list. The good news is that prices are reasonable, the average cost to repair a fence is $446, with most homeowners spending between $306 and $484.

For wood fencing, staining is necessary to keep it looking great. You’ll need to inspect a wood fence more often than other types of fencing to see if any nails need to be replaced or moisture has not taken a toll on your fenceposts.


While some homeowners opt for an open yard, others see the benefits adding a fence has. It allows for additional security for pets and children, as well as adding a stylish barrier to block out any noise. With various styles to choose from, a new fence can be the perfect addition to any yard.

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