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By on Oct 17, 2014
6 Fall Decor Ideas

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Fall is the peak of the decorating year, but oftentimes, we have trouble bringing our tremendous fall décor ideas to life. Whether you want to add new life to your living room, a certain wow factor to your porch or just want to get into the fall and/or Halloween mood, there are always fall décor ideas that fit everyone’s tastes. 

Let us give you a boost with our six fall décor ideas.

Fall Mantel with Multicolor-Leaf Garland

Source: BHG

We wanted to start off easy, so we found a very simple and easy fall décor idea that fits any living or dining room. This mantel got a simple upgrade when the homeowner decided to add a multicolor-leaf garland. It adds those dark reds and browns we all think of every October. It brings life outside into the home.

To incorporate this idea into your home, all you need is a few fallen leaves, a hole punch and a string. It’s really that simple.

Sweet TouchSource: BHG

Sticking with the dining room, these homeowners decided to bring food into the equation by hanging small crabapples from the chandelier. You can do this with any small fruit (real or fake) or any chandelier in the home. It’s a great way to add a new scent to any room and stick with a fall theme.

Furthermore, fall decorating lets you finally use those huge vases you have been storing all year. Throw some fall arrangements in there and add some color to your dining room table. In the example above, the color adds a necessary touch to this rustic table.

Combo Arrangement

Source: BHG

If there were one image that depicted fall, this would be it. The combination of small pumpkins, fruits, pinecones and leaves bring it all together to create one hell of a centerpiece.

Don’t let the fall season go to waste. Go outside and gather all the fall foliage you can get your hands on. It will not only look great inside the home, but smell terrific too. Feel free to use the centerpiece for Thanksgiving and have everyone rave about your new fall décor item.


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Then again, there are those of you that don’t like all that greenery or outside elements in the home. If that sounds familiar, then this subtle décor update is for you.

As you can see, the homeowners added a small basket of pinecones above the wine rack right outside the kitchen. It’s not as flashy as some of the other décor ideas I mentioned, but it certainly ties in with the fall theme.

Just remember, you don’t have to go all out on fall décor to blend in with the crowd.

Twine-Wrapped Vases

Source: BHG

While it may seem all fall décor ideas need to involve the outdoors, it certainly isn’t true, as is evident with this simple update from BHG. The leaves may deter you, but I want to focus on the twine-wrapped vases.

Twine gives the illusion of outdoor design without actually bringing in pinecones or leaves. Yes, they added a few outside elements in this design, but the fall theme would have been evident without them.

Twine may be a standard material in your son’s arts and crafts class, but it can also be prevalent as part of your fall décor as well.

Pumpkin Flower Vase

Source: I heart naptime

I couldn’t end this fall décor list without incorporating a large, orange pumpkin into the mix. This is a fun update you can do with the kids or by yourself on a quiet afternoon. Really get into the theme of fall by adding a pumpkin flower vase to your porch. If you went all out on fall décor inside, give your guests a sneak peek before they walk in.


You don’t need a big budget or an ultra creative mind to decorate your home for fall. Take these ideas and expand on them. Make your décor items unique to your home. Have the confidence to add what you think looks best.

Now that you have seen it, go out and do it.

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