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6 Food Hacks That Actually Work

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By on Jan 19, 2016
6 Food Hacks That Actually Work

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Everyone loves a good trick to make their life easier. Given that food plays an important role in life, having a few kitchen tips up your sleeve will certainly simplify your world.

Below are six shortcuts that will make every annoying food prepping task easier—from how to peel a hard boiled egg to opening a tight jar. Whether you love or hate cooking, you can always benefit from these useful food tricks. The best part is that they’re all proven to work! 

How to Perfectly Peel A Hard Boiled Egg in Seconds

Even for an experienced home cook, peeling a hard boiled egg can still be a struggle. Rumor has it that you can put a small crack in the bottom of the egg before you boil it. However, creating a small crack that extends all the way through the hard shell without rupturing the membrane really requires some technique. If you thought you could simply crack the egg’s bottom with a spoon, you’re WRONG. I made this mistake when preparing deviled eggs for a potluck party, and this is how they turned out.

Yes. They’re ugly and hard to get out of the shell.

If you don’t have a tool, such as a wood pestle that can help you make a predictable circular crack, try this trick instead. 

How to Open A Tight Jar with A Spoon

We’ve all been there. While you assume opening a jar is the easiest part of the meal, it turns out to be the most difficult. It doesn’t matter if you’re strong or weak. Oftentimes, when encountering a really stubborn jar lid, even the strongest will throw in the towel.

You could get a fancy jar opener at a nearby supermarket, but why bother rushing out and wasting money when you could use something you already own? Believe it or not, a common spoon will do the trick, and it never fails to loosen the lid. All it takes are four simple steps:

  1. Hold the spoon in one hand and the jar in the other.
  2. Place the tip of the spoon between the jar lid and the glass at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Press up and back the spoon alongside the jar lid to break the seal.
  4. When you hear a pop, let go of the spoon and use your hands to twist the lid off. 

How to Keep Salad Greens Fresher Longer

Salad is always the go-to meal when you run out of dinner ideas. Moreover, a big bag of pre-cut, ready-to-eat lettuce is the most convenient and economical way to get your veggie serving. Yet, everything has its drawbacks. The packaged salad greens always turn soggy and brown soon after the bag is cut.

You can either suck it up, opt for a compact package or stop at the store several times a week, but none of these ideas sound ideal to me. Hence, I’m here to offer the third option: keep the greens fresh for up to 10 days with a container and paper towels.

  1. Line a plastic container with paper towels.
  2. Place the greens in an even layer on top of the paper towels.
  3. Cover it with another layer of paper towels.
  4. Lock down the container lid.

This way, you can prevent the value pack from becoming a waste. 

How to Keep A Banana Fresh

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Another healthy food we all wish we could keep fresh longer are bananas. Oftentimes, people go with green bananas to give themselves a bit more time. As we all know, ripe, yellow bananas always turn brown the day after purchase. However, here comes the dilemma: what if you want to have a banana immediately and store some for future use?

Instead of going grocery shopping two days in a row, try this easy solution that will blow your mind.

By separating each banana from the bunch and wrapping the stem in plastic wrap, you can keep your bananas fresh for three to four days longer than not doing so. 

How to Make Perfect Bacon

Who doesn’t love crispy, tender bacon? Unfortunately, not every home cook knows how to make perfect bacon. Bacon is so easy to screw up if you fail to control the temperature and timing. However, thanks to American’s Test Kitchen, there’s a fool-proof way for cooking bacon just right— cook your bacon in the water.

The theory behind it is that water can keep the temperature low and even, so the bacon won’t get burnt or dry out. Additionally, you can avoid any splatter burns in the process. Want to give it a try? Follow these steps:

  1. Place your bacon in a cold skillet on the stovetop and turn the heat to high.
  2. Add water to cover the bacon slices.
  3. When the water starts to boil, turn the heat to medium.
  4. Once the water boil off, turn the heat to medium-low.
  5. Wait until the bacon gets crispy.

How to Keep Brown Sugar from Clumping

We all know how frustrating it is when you need brown sugar for your almost-done dessert, but you find that your brown sugar has become a perfectly formed hard rock. This happened to me the other day, and no matter how hard I tried smashing it, it still sticks together. I almost gave up hope, but luckily, at the last moment (before it goes to the garbage), I found a quick way to soften the sugar.

  1. Put the brown sugar in a ceramic bowl with a moist paper towel above it.
  2. Cover it with a lid or plate.
  3. Microwave it for 20 seconds.
  4. If it’s still hard as a rock, give it an additional 20 seconds. Repeat until the brick turns into a pile of soft brown sugar that you can sprinkle onto your dish.

To keep your brown sugar from clumping again, after using it, remember to put a slice of bread or a couple of marshmallows on top of it and seal it in a plastic bag or container.


There are hundreds of food hacks online, but few of them can actually work. Instead of simplifying the cooking process, some food hacks become pranks that make your food prep a complicated game. Stop complicating your life with random, unproven tricks. As a foodie, I use the above tips almost everyday and they work like a charm. Give them a try and enjoy a hassle-free home meal.

Do you know any other food hacks that actually work? Share your tips in the comments section below. We love to hear from our fans.  

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