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6 Hanging Flower Pot Plant Ideas

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By on Jun 1, 2016
6 Hanging Flower Pot Plant Ideas

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Does your yard need a makeover? Spending a huge amount of money on professional gardening and landscaping services every time you want a change in your garden design isn’t necessary. You‘ll only need some inspiration to turn almost any type of container into a funny and cheerful garden pot.

The more creative you are, the more you‘ll start to see things that can be used as pots. Here are a few DIY ideas for hanging flower pots that are very easy to make and will look amazing wherever placed.

Pink Flower Basket

1. Metal Mesh Planters

To form this pot, you‘ll need a palm scoop, metal mesh wire and some coconut fiber liner, which will be used to cover the mesh. You should first shape a cone funnel from the mesh, then cover it with the coconut fiber and place the palm scoop. Fix the pot to the wall with the help of a screw and fill it with imitation flowers or put a small planter with lively greenery.

2. Fishbowl Hanging Pots

If you want to make sure that your hanging garden isnt dangerous, we suggest using plastic fishbowls to make these gorgeous and creative plant holders. Fix a jack on the one side of every bowl. Tip them a bit to make caring for the garden easier. Then, attach a cord to each bowl. Once filled with soil and plants, you can hang the bowls separately or tie a couple of them together. In both cases, your garden design will truly benefit from the transparent pots.

Flowers And Lawn Ornaments

3. Wooden Peg Pot Planter

This time, your first step should be choosing the pots you‘ll be hanging. Knowing their exact size is essential for the arrangement to be steady. To ensure that the pots are properly fixed, make the wooden frame precisely for their size. Pick some ropes and attach them to each of the sides of the wooden planter. The only thing remaining is to put the potted plants and hang the planter in an area of your garden or inside your home where their elegance will be most remarked.

4. Ice Cream Cone Pots

Both outdoor and indoor areas which get enough sunlight and fresh air are perfect for this sweet garden idea. Should you have any unused waffle cones, a bit of modeling clay and some jute rope, the task will be very simple for you. You have to simply fill the cones with clay and leave them until solid. The rope is best to be fixed on an edge which will make hanging effortless. Put some fertile soil in the ready ice cream pots and plant your favorite tiny flowers there. The limited space of the cones predetermines the size of the plants you can grow in this small, but very cute hanging garden.

Heart Hanging Flower Basket

5. Tire Planters

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There is rarely a garage that isn‘t a storage place for old tires of different sizes. This provides another great option for people who want to have DIY planters in their domestic gardens. If you manage to select tires of the right size for the pots, try painting them in your favorite color. Your tire planters will truly contribute to the originality and attractiveness of your garden space.

Don’t forget to match the diameter of the pot and the saucer with tire’s size. If you‘re willing to go the extra mile and cut the tires creatively to give the planters more interesting shapes.

6. The Simplest Hanging Planter

People who want to make hanging pots on their own don‘t need sophisticated tools. To do this, the only thing required is rope (white or colored works well). Cut the string into pieces with equal length, 4“ to 5” should be enough. Keep in mind the bigger pot you‘re going to hang, the more pieces of rope you‘ll need. Tie the strings along from one end through knit basket by twisting each of the two sides together. Leave a few inches of every string free to attach the pot later. After you have placed the pot inside your knit rope basket, don't forget to add the flowers and plants to complete the backyard look.

Orange Flowers


Hanging herb or flower pots can really emphasize the beauty of your space, providing it with a creative and unusual garden. This originally English practice is wide-spread today and many professional and hobby gardeners take great advantage of it.

Hanging flower planters can be incorporated in most garden landscapes and interior solutions and furthermore, they can vary when it comes to materials, texture and color. As long as you take care of the greenery and keep it healthy and good looking, you can be sure that these decorative elements will improve and freshen the atmosphere of any area you hang them.

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