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6 Things Homeowners Delay Fixing & Why It’s A Bad Idea

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By Katie Carlson on May 5, 2016
6 Things Homeowners Delay Fixing & Why It’s A Bad Idea

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If you’re like most homeowners, then your priority list of upgrades and repairs probably never stops growing. It’s frustrating when it seems like every time you fix a problem, another one pops up.  

There are a few critical repairs around the house that homeowners shouldn’t delay fixing, and for good reason. It’s extremely important to attend to the following items in your home to keep your family safe and your pocketbook full.

Fix Leaky Toilet

1. Water Leaks

Water leaks are never fun to address, and if not fixed properly, they can easily create additional complications in your home. A leaky toilet, dripping pipes and drain clogs are all types of problems you’ll want to address right away.

Water that pools or sits in your ceiling or basement will continue to cause more damage and possibly turn to mold. This is not only a concern for the materials the water is causing damage to in your home, but it can lead to health issues and risks. If you see water where it shouldn’t be collecting, hire a handyman immediately to take care of the leaks and inspect for mold.

Pest Control

2. Pests

If simply hearing the word pests makes you cringe, then seeing them in your house might push you over the edge! My guess is that some of you have already had to deal with these types of annoyances in your home and weren’t too thrilled.

A home infestation is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. If you don’t take care of pests right away, they’ll grow and multiply and then, you’ll have an even bigger problem on your hands. Whether you need to call a professional depends on what type of roach you spot and how many you see. Beyond being creepy, pests can carry harmful diseases and hazardous bacteria that can expose your family members to illness.

Roof Repair

3. Damaged Shingles

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Roof damage can be caused by a number of different factors, including weather. Your roof is one of the more expensive projects in and around the home, so delaying a mend could mean handing over even more money than if you just repaired it right away.

You should know that the cost of roof repair is much lower than installing a new roof altogether. Fixing a damaged roof is extremely important since it’s one of the most essential parts of a home; it keeps out the weather and helps families maintain household budgets by improving energy efficiency.

Loose Wires

4. Loose Wires

We’ve all seen it before; wires you don’t recognize now hanging from your walls and ceiling, or lurking around your home in a big tangled up mess. Spotting wires that seem out of place doesn’t always need to be cause for concern, but they also shouldn’t be ignored.

Spotting melted wires or loose electrical wiring does need to be addressed. Old electrical wiring has been known to cause many homeowners a great deal of grief, however, if you reach out for professional help, it’s something an electrician can take care of for you.

Basements and ceilings are the biggest culprits of improper wiring, so before you hire pro, ask yourself:

  • Is the wiring well secured?
  • Are there any uncovered junction boxes?
  • Is the wiring frayed or corroded?
  • Are there connections made without being housed in junction boxes? 
  • Is wiring in a location where it is likely to be damaged?
  • Are receptacles damaged or uncovered? 
  • Are receptacle or switch boxes loose?
  • Are the plugs from appliances too loose in the receptacles, do lights flicker or dim?

Basement Foundation

5. Big Ticket Items

In addition to all of the individual projects above, there are a few big ticket items you need to be aware of. Your basement is a good place to start.

Many homes have a few small cracks in their basement walls from the settling of the foundation and the weight of the house. In a stable home, the small cracks aren’t growing at all and they’re considered safe. If they’re growing, however, you’ll save a lot of money by getting the problem addressed sooner rather than later (The Simple Dollar).

Below is a short list of other important home areas to address.

  • Thermostat: A programmable one allows you to schedule automatic increases and decreases in your home’s temperature, saving money on cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.
  • Energy efficient appliances: Save money by replacing your old appliances with Energy Star qualified appliances.
  • Damaged hardwood floors, tile & grout: Not only will leaving your floors damaged hurt your home’s resale value, but you risk inviting leaks, stains and more damage into the space.
  • Gutters: Clean those gutters quarterly, or at least twice a year, to rid them of any debris and prevent clogs. A clogged gutter can lead to plenty of unpleasant incidents and cause the spread of diseases.
  • Loose deck rails: Those loose railings may not bother you much, but if someone gets hurt, you’ll be liable for any damages.
  • Asphalt cracks: It’s suggested you seal your driveway about every three years to prevent deterioration. 

Reapir Sidewalk

6. Uneven Walks

Broken sidewalks and walkways are tripping hazards. It’s something that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. This is a concern for both your family and children, as well as anyone else walking up to your home. Uneven walks are one of the most important, yet ignored, things homeowners delay fixing.

A sidewalk leading up to the door of a single-family residence from the street that has an elevated area over one-fourth inch is considered a hazard. Even though it's not  causing any immediate issues, there’s still a chance someone may fall or hurt themselves on your property.


If there’s one lesson to be learned here, it’s to not only prioritize your home projects, but also take action in a swift amount of time. Leaving leaks, cracks and loose wires around your home is only setting you up for a bigger disaster. Now that you know what to look for and which items should be addressed first, you’ll be on the path to success.

Home repairs are a big undertaking and that’s why there are pros who specialize in this type of work. Select a home improvement project and we’ll send you up to four free estimates from contractors in your zip code.

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