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6 Tips For Extremely Organized Basement Storage

By on May 4, 2016
6 Tips For Extremely Organized Basement Storage

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A basement is the perfect place to store almost anything. There is no doubt that basements can be utilized in many ways, but being a storage spot is usually the initial designation.

Even if you have reshaped your basement or are planning on it, it’s space can still hold many different items. With a few pro tips, you‘ll be able to organize your possessions easily and smartly. Here's how to make the most of your storage room.

Basement Storage In Wall

Check the Conditions

If your basement is too wet or cold, you’ll have to ensure that your belongings are protected. Opt for storage solutions that are appropriate for the given situation. It‘s a good idea to use a dehumidifier to avoid wall damages from the high moisture level. Store your stuff in plastic bags or put them in plastic bins to prevent the dampness from pervading. If it‘s too late and some of your possessions have already grown moldy, dispose of everything affected to stop the mildew from spreading. If you do see that your basement is overly damp or wet, this can cause serious damage to your home. Try to find the source of moisture and take steps to remove it.

Safety Measures

If you happen to have many boxes and bins to store in your basement, placing them onto sturdy and secure shelves is a must. Before building the shelving, measure the things you’ll store so you choose boxes that will fit. Put the larger and heavier boxes on shelves not higher than 50" to evade possible injuries while getting them down.

Should you decide to remove some old junk that might be dangerous, contact an expert waste clearance company which will guarantee a safe and absolutely secure disposal of your junk. This way you‘ll free your basement for the new luggage without making a mess. Consider storing tools, which can be dangerous for your children or pets, in lockers. You‘ll have the stuff at your disposal without worrying that your child may get hurt.

Clean Basement

Arrange Your Items

If your basement is large enough to accommodate many storage units, you have the ability to designate what belongings go in which storage area. Boxes made of transparent material will allow you to see your items and are especially good for smaller things. Labeling your storage boxes will be helpful for you to quickly find and return your stuff in the right place. Another clever organizing idea is to use some baskets to prevent clutter and keep your basement looking like you have done a basement junk clearance just now. If you manage to keep things organized and maintain their order, you‘ll surely utilize your storage space to its full potential.

Finished Basement

Be Creative

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Wall shelving is definitely not the only storage option that will make your basement more organized. There is a huge variety of solutions that may turn out to be much more practical for your space. A pegboard, a wire rack or a magnetic organizer may work perfect for your tools. Using cubbies is also a very smart way to organize tools or small to medium-sized items as they can provide you with a lot of flexibility.

You can build and rearrange the cubbies depending on your current storage needs. Plus, they‘re easier to carry and you can use them when you‘re doing domestic junk clearance. Just pick three empty cubbies and label them “toss,” “donate” or “keep” to speed up the process and not mix things up. Another crafty way to organize your stuff is to use pegs and hooks. The more items you hang and use your basement’s height, the more free space will remain on your shelves for other stuff.

Use Your Space Optimally

To keep the basement as organized as possible, avoid the clutter and try to create storage areas all around your home. Hidden corners that are still easily accessible will make a great use. You can even get out of the basement and make your ceiling a storage space, too. Getting some things off the floor will provide you with more room, not allowing clutter to build up in the basement. The space beneath the stairs will also do the same job and it will contribute to your interior as well if you arrange your items, instead of keeping them in cardboard boxes in your basement.

Clutter Free Basement

Prepare for A Remodel

Basement remodeling has to be done only if you‘re well prepared for it and really know what you‘ll be doing. Put all your builders’ plans on a functionality test with the help of a tape. Use it to mark the areas of the floor where your storage units will be placed. After that put your items there, dtermine whether they‘ll be accessible and what size your doorways should be. The more schemes you test, the less likely you‘re to have problems with the arranging and organizing of your stuff in the end.


Your basement and other areas of your home are not immune to clutter. They can easily get disorganized if you don’t know how to manage it. Nevertheless, if you pay enough attention to your property clearance and organizing of  storage areas, things can work quite well for you. Take advantage of our professional guidelines so you can be sure that your basement will be neat and well organized for years to come.

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