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6 Tips For Picking Your Cabinet Colors

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By on Mar 4, 2016
6 Tips For Picking Your Cabinet Colors

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There’s no doubt that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, especially when eating and drinking are the main focal points of gatherings and celebrations.

Luckily, having a beautiful kitchen doesn’t have to mean shelling out thousands of dollars for a full upgrade. Small changes like refreshing the colors of your cabinets can go a long way in giving your kitchen a fresh, modern look at little cost. These six tips will help make your decision easy when choosing the right kitchen cabinet color and turn an outdated kitchen into your favorite room in the house.

Kitchen Style

1. Decide On A Style for Your Kitchen

The underlying style of your kitchen is one of the most important steps when deciding on a paint color for your cabinets. If you’re going for a cozy country look, light colors like white, gray and pale green or blue will be a perfect complement to complete a rustic theme. Keep the décor simple, with a few muted accent pieces or vintage-inspired cookware items used as decoration. Modern themes will look great with bold, saturated colors like reds and black, and they’ll pair nicely with streamlined accents and bright décor.

2. Pick A Palette that Compliments Wall Colors

If you’re not undergoing a complete kitchen overhaul, it’s important to work with what you have. Determine what undertones are on your current wall color and be sure to pick a color that will be complementary. If your current wall color has warm tones, it’s probably best to stick with cabinet colors that are also on the warm side. Your local paint or hardware store will have color swatches on display that you can bring home to help you find the right palette to match.

Painted Cabinets

3. Consider Your Current Appliance Colors

If you have stainless steel appliances, you’re in luck! Stainless steel goes with almost any color imaginable. But if you have dark appliances, picking a cabinet color to match can be a little trickier. The main thing you want to keep in mind when picking a cabinet color to match black appliances is to incorporate pops of contrasting color throughout the kitchen.

For example, dark cabinets will go well with dark appliances if you have complementary light countertops or a light wall color. Light-colored cabinets can also complement dark appliances if you have dark countertops to coordinate with the dark appliances. As you begin to browse the color options, you’ll find there is a surprising amount of colors that black appliances go with!

Cherry Cabinets

4. Go Bold

The kitchen is the perfect place to embrace bold colors. Retro-inspired colors are back in a big way for cabinet colors. Red, blue, orange, yellow and purple cabinet colors are also popping up in kitchens everywhere, giving your space a cheerful and contemporary look. These bold colors pair well with sleek, simple hardware, so the focus remains on the daring cabinet colors.

Two-tone cabinets make going bold seem less overwhelming by having hints of bright color throughout the kitchen. You can even add barely-there color to an island while keeping your main cabinets neutral, or create a focal point around kitchen windows with bright cabinets framing the outdoor view.

White Neutral Cabinets

5. Neutral Colors Are Always in Style

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White, gray and beige are some of the most popular choices for kitchen cabinet color and for good reason! These colors will never go out of style. Choosing neutral cabinet colors allows you to add pops of color with accessories or cabinet hardware. Or you can go basic, by keeping everything monochromatic for a dramatic, rustic-inspired look. When it’s time to update a neutral kitchen, all you’ll need to do is swap out new accessories, making this color choice easy and inexpensive to maintain.

6. Invest in Quality Paint

When purchasing the paint for your cabinets, you want to be sure you pick a quality paint that will endure lots of touching and washing. Food can splatter on cabinets and greasy hands will often come in direct contact with the paint. For this reason, you’ll want to choose oil-based or semi-gloss paints for kitchen cabinets. These paint types will wipe down easily and hold up well against daily wear and tear. You also want to be sure it’s a non-blocking paint, so it won’t stick together when the cabinet doors are closed, causing peeling and chipping.

Lower Cabinet


Refreshing your kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a pro to update your cabinet paint colors, choosing the perfect color is solely up to you. Bold and daring colors add fun and flair to your kitchen, while simplistic and natural colors can create a vintage-inspired country oasis. The kitchen will always remain the heart of your home, so give it an upgrade with beautiful new cabinet colors!

Ready to give your kitchen a new look? Check out the best way to paint kitchen cabinets to get started on your next project.

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