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6 Ways Mosaic Tile Will Make Your Small Bath Look Big

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By Katie Carlson on Sep 7, 2016
6 Ways Mosaic Tile Will Make Your Small Bath Look Big

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Any homeowner with a small bathroom knows it’s a challenge to make it look and feel bigger. One attractive and affordable solution to this obstacle is mosaic tile. A mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone or other materials. Most mosaics are made of small, flat, roughly square pieces of stone or glass of different colors known as tesserae.

Mosaic tile is more versatile than you may think. It’s frequently used as decorative art or as interior decoration and the possibilities are endless. See six examples of how mosaic tile will effortlessly make your small bath look big and liven it up.  

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Accent Wall

1. Create An Accent Wall

Paint isn’t the only way to create an accent wall. Colorful, delicate mosaic tile delivers a unique solution for brightening up your bathroom. There’s typically not much wall space to work with in a small bath, so getting a bit fancy with your accent wall won’t be too hard on your wallet. A white foundation, natural light and mirrors will also help play tricks on the eyes to make the room appear larger.

Tile Border

2. Build A Border or Backsplash

A border or backsplash is an effective way to make a room look bigger. It also adds style and an element of surprise to your small bath. The continuous design keeps the eye busy as it travels from one element to the next. To keep the project budget-friendly, cover small areas with expensive tiles or larger areas with less expensive tile styles.

Another idea is to fill the blank space between your sink and mirror with colorful, mosaic tile. You won’t believe how something so simple will magnify the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Once again, the eye will be drawn to the tile and travel with the flow of the design.

Tile Wall Backsplash

A backsplash is versatile in that it can take up as much or as little of the space around your sink and vanity as you’d like, without looking strange. In this example, the horizontal tiles travel up the entire wall above the vanity. The tile wall catches your eye so quickly that you have little time to analyze the size of the bath. You’ll be fixated on the design behind the mirror instead of the square footage.  

Thin Vertical Tiles

3. Stack Thin Rectangular Tiles Vertically

Make your ceiling appear even higher by stacking thin, rectangular tiles in a vertical manner. The layout of your tile will have a lot to do with how small or large your bathroom appears to the eye. Orienting a tile pattern vertically emphasizes the height of a space instead of the width. Easily lift the ceiling height in a compact bathroom by implementing tile that draws the eye upward.

Tile Wall

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This bathroom remodeling design idea is proof that small bathrooms don’t have to be boring. You can see for yourself how gorgeous a vertical display of black and white tiles on the bottom half of the wall presents itself. This unique tile layout immediately grabs your attention and pulls your eye to travel both vertically and horizontally, which makes the room look bigger. Hues of black, white and gray come together to bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to this bathroom.

Tile Patterns

4. Use Large Patterns

Large tile patterns may appear as wallpaper at first glance. The difference is that mosaic tile walls have the appeal of luxury without the hefty cost. The large circles open up the space and the colors glisten in the light. The wall projects a continuous design and visual intrigue. Using large tile patterns in a small space actually make it appear larger because there are less distinguished grout joints, therefore reducing the lines that appear to the eye.

Glass Tile

5. Choose Mirrored or Glass Tiles

If you’re looking to really disguise the size of your bathroom, then installing mirrored or glass tiles is for you. The reflective properties and shine will magnify all the right features of your small bath. Pair these tiles with white accents and large tile floors for the ultimate small bath transformation.

The vertical stripes of sparkly tile in this bathroom make a statement without appearing overbearing. Another great idea is to border a mirror with glass tiles.

Tile A Bathtub

6. Glam Up Your Shower or Bathtub

I absolutely love the idea of embellishing the inside of your shower or outside of your bathtub with colorful tiles. The soothing blue colors and tile exterior along the bathtub make this the perfect bathroom for pampering yourself in style. If you look closely, you’ll see there’s not much space to move around, but the flashy tile along the bathtub is beautifully distracting enough where it becomes your main focus.


While the bathroom pictured above isn’t of a shower or bathtub, there’s plenty of glamour going on here. Glamming up the entire bathroom is also effective in drawing your attention away from the size of your small bath. Even though there’s a lot for the eye to take in, this bathroom is stunning. The mosaic tile has a lot to do with its glamourous appeal. This is a go big or go home look fit for anyone who’s a fan of bold interior design.


Tile is one of the most popular and eye-catching materials to incorporate in your interior design. Your small bathroom is the perfect room to experiment with different colors, patterns and materials. Use these tips to create the small bathroom of your dreams and refocus your attention on the beauty of the room. These examples are proof it can be done if your project is properly planned and the tile strategically placed.

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