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By Katie Carlson on Jul 1, 2016
6 Ways To Rock Vibrant Furniture

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Homeowners tend to shy away from decorating their homes with bright and bold furniture for fear of getting it wrong. Think about it, we oftentimes buy clothing in black and neutrals because we know it goes with everything and it’s easy. It’s no different when trying to decorate your home, you go with what’s easy, but I’m challenging you to think outside of the box this time.

Unless you’re hiring a professional interior designer, decorating your home is a tough job, throw in a mix of colors, and it becomes even harder to coordinate. The truth is, that if a bold look isn’t executed properly, you’re at risk for creating a big mess. That’s why I’m here to help. Fall in love with color again using these six creative and sure ways to rock vibrant furniture in your home.


1. Embrace Accents

One way to decorate with color, without going overboard, is to use accent pieces in bold prints or bright hues. For example, display a few small items dressed in black and white stripes to create a tasteful and classy statement in your home. This look catches the eye, but doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Patterned Chairs

Accents should be smaller decorative pieces that enhance the foundation you already have in place. Adding a pop of color with a chair, pillows or a bold footrest or bench are examples of small touches that’ll effortlessly do the trick.

Vibrant Couch

2. Go Bold

If you want to tackle color in one simple swoop, then this may be the option for you. Adding a large, bold piece of furniture, like a couch, is the best way to brighten up your space and set the tone for the rest of the room. If you’re going to use this strategy, you need to make sure the furniture you select speaks for itself. Go big and bold, but take into account the flow of the rest of the room’s décor, so your couch doesn’t look out of place.  

Add Texture

Texture is one of those decorating tricks that’s a bit confusing to understand if it’s not what you do for a living. Basically, texture is all about how things feel. Think about the way soft carpet feels between your toes or the way you sink down into leather couch cushions. Adding rough wooden tabletops or a vibrant couch that’s soft to the touch are a few great ways to draw in these elements.

Dining Room Chairs

3. Super Sleek

This idea entails pairing super sleek, modern chairs with an eclectic mix of patterns and textures. If you’re a fan of modern and contemporary home design, then this is probably the technique you’ll want to use for an attractive and vibrant room. The dining room above incorporates many different colors, styles and patterns, which is daring, but I think we can all agree that it flows. This is a perfect example of how to rock bold, yellow chairs and a mix of designs.

Red Chairs

This second illustration is a toned down version of super sleek. The red chairs are bold but visually appealing to the eye. They’re pleasant to look at and go perfectly with the red trimmed carpet and artwork. This dining room uses color to project an interesting look that includes a modern vibe with a rustic twist.

Patio Décor

4. Spice Up Your Patio

It isn’t just about rocking vibrant furniture in your home, but also around your home. This means not forgetting about all the possibilities your patio holds for pulling off vibrant décor. Designate your furniture cushions or patio set as the main focal point by using them to integrate a pop of color. This can also be done using plants and pillows.

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Also, don’t forget about the foundation under your feet. Installing a multicolor brick patio will compliment any mix of colors you’re incorporating with your furniture. Your patio is somewhere where you’re going to be relaxing and having fun, so there’s no harm in giving it more life by adding color. Use color to set the mood and express your personal touches. 

Kid's Room

5. Surprise Your Kids

If you’re a fan of color, but not too keen on using it in the main rooms of your home, you should start by taking a look at your children’s bedrooms. Get their input and work together to makeover your kid’s room with a fun and lively change, such as adding bold colors. In addition to furniture, lighting, a fresh coat of paint and carpet are practical ways to brighten the space and add texture.

Bedroom Furniture

A second option is to use color, but to use it sparingly. For example, pick one main color and figure out ways to make it pop around the room. This way, your accents can be subtler and work to compliment to the main hue. Bold furniture is the best way to execute a simple but striking look and balance out the room.

Floral Prints

6. Floral Prints

Yes, florals are back and they’re more attractive than ever. This doesn’t mean you need to splash floral prints all over your entire house, but it’s a good way to liven up your space. Floral prints come in many different colors and styles. Chairs and pillows look great in a beautiful, floral print. The florals and colors of the 21st century include large-scale patterns, vibrant blooms and big, bold hues.

Floral prints work really well in the living room or dining room. A tasteful and attractive sitting chair does wonders for a room that needs a little flair. Installing new window treatments or seat covers are also subtle ways to work in a floral print.


Gone are the days of plain and unexciting home décor. It’s a new era in home design, filled with vibrant and bold colors and patterns. Rock vibrant furniture in your home using these six ideas and watch the magic happen. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a positive difference these little touches will bring to your rooms.

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