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7 Back To School Organization Tips For Your Star Student

By on Sep 2, 2016
7 Back To School Organization Tips For Your Star Student

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Welcome back to school! The bell has rung and school is in session once again. Students enter the classroom eagerly to see what the year might have in store for them. Parents love to see their kids learn and grow without hindrance, which is why teaching them valuable organization skills is important.

These skills begin in the home. As you prepare for the school year, begin with a clean and organized home to help you and your child succeed together in the year to come. Prepare your student for their best work this year with these back to school tips.

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Have School Supplies Available

1. Back to School Supplies

Getting your child to school as prepared as possible is key. Many schools often provide a list of necessities that the child will need in that class. Younger students may require more school supplies than older students, nevertheless, never leave home without a back to school shopping list. After all, you know your child best and what they might need to study. If it’s not on the list already, don’t forget:

  • Backpack
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Highlighters
  • Loose Leaf Paper
  • Binder
  • Daily Agenda Book

A great idea is to do your back to school shopping, throughout the year. After all, prices for school supplies are at their highest in late-July and August. Designate a cabinet or bin as the “school supply basket” that you keep stocked with notebooks, pens, paper and more throughout the year. Organize neatly so everything is easily found. This way, your child can have access to what they need when they need it, as well as saving yourself some money as well.

Organized Student Room

2. Back to School Outfits & Clothing

Every child wants to have the perfect look to impress his or her classmates. They’ve likely put plenty of thought into what they will wear on the first day of class, but what about the days after? Help them prepare for the week by helping them lay out their clothes. Repurpose a canvas hanging closet organizer shelf to sort out clothes for the week. Label each shelf in the organizer with a day of the week. On Sunday nights, help them pick out the outfits they will wear each day and place with each day. By preparing in advance, it will take the stress away during the busy mornings trying to make it to the bus on time!

Stacked Notebooks

3. Prep Your Entryway

If your entryway is anything like mine, it tends to be the first stop for bags, shoes, coats and more. You name it, it’s there. Eventually, this becomes a mess and a tripping hazard for anyone trying to use the front door. Organizing your entryway is imperative to keep everyone at home happy as they leave for the day.

Utilize shoe racks and coat hooks with the child’s name on it so they know exactly where their coats, backpacks and shoes go. Or, create a space near their desk for backpacks to be placed as they get home. And, create a habit out of it for everyone in the house, so you can ensure your entryway is safe for all.

Prepare A Healthy School Lunch

4. School Lunch Ideas

With all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the day, the last thing you want to do is prepare lunches as you’re headed out the door. Lunch organization is equally as important to ensure your child gets the most nutritious lunch possible to get them through the day. Lunchboxes and containers can help. Prepack containers or disposable plastic bags with fruits, vegetables and crackers before the week begins to have something to grab quickly as you prepare lunch the night before. Juice boxes and water bottles can be put in lunch bags at the beginning of the week as well. Looking for creative lunch ideas?  See a few suggestions from Natasha’s Kitchen.

Loft Bed Desk

5. Homework Station

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Once everyone is home for the day, your student will likely need a quiet place to work and do homework. Try to make sure this is the same place every day so they get used to the routine of being at their homework station. Keep the area distraction free, so away from T.V. or video games that could look much more appealing than a difficult math problem.

Creating a homework station is something you can involve your child in, as they will be the one to using it. Have any pencils, pens and other supplies neatly there when needed. Include a few standing files where they can put any worksheets or papers that will be helpful. A bulletin board nearby is helpful to pin papers and reminders they can use, as well as a calendar so your student can plan for the week ahead.

Small Desk For Homework

6. Never Miss A Signature

How often have you heard of a parent not seeing or forgetting a permission slip for their child? Parents need their own station too. Create an in-and-out box system in a central location where your kids know to put the papers they need signed by you. Don’t let these papers get out of control. Sign them at the beginning of the night to make sure you don’t miss anything and check in with your children once more. This will help create better communication between you, your child and their education.

Back To School Lunches

7. Back to School Fun

When all of your systems are in place, don’t forget to celebrate the new year ahead with your kids. Ask them what they hope for this year and what they are excited about. Children will know they are supported, even if they are a little nervous for the year ahead.


Going back to school can be a stressful time for both parents and children alike, but it doesn’t have to be. With these organization tips, it will keep you and your student successful throughout the school year.

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