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7 Charming Ways To Fill Your Kitchen Walls

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By Katie Carlson on Aug 26, 2016
7 Charming Ways To Fill Your Kitchen Walls

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The kitchen is a great spot for gathering with the family, eating a home cooked meal and entertaining guests. Sometimes we get so busy and used to staring at our blank kitchen walls that we completely forget to decorate them.

Blank walls aren’t the end of the world, but why not take a look at what cute ideas are out there and see if something catches your attention. One of these suggestions may inspire you enough to finally put an end to your bare kitchen walls. There’s an answer out there for everyone. You just have to find a solution that fits your taste and compliments your current kitchen design.    

Decorative Plates


Decorative plates are a unique and fun way to fill those blank kitchen walls! Start collecting them now, or if you already have some vintage plates buried away, then go dig them out! Plate décor is in and it’s here to stay. There are so many different ways you can go with this trend. A lot of times I see decorative plates on the kitchen wall that are each different colors and designs.

The image above stood out to me because it’s a unique spin from what you typically see. Each plate has its own pattern, but all of the plates come together to form one larger floral design. You can get creative about which wall(s) in the kitchen you decorate and play with the height and width of the overall pattern.    



You don’t have to have a particular decorating theme in mind when you’re decorating your home, but it’s helpful if you do. First, decide what look you’re going for, is it modern, rustic, or maybe shabby chic? Or, are you in love with everything Italian and want to incorporate related décor and colors? A Tuscan kitchen is great for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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The kitchen is where friends and family gather to enjoy good food and conversation. Think about what environment you want to create for these types of gatherings. Consider if you’d rather have a comfortable and relaxing vibe, or more of a formal and modern theme. Once you’ve decided on an overall direction, work on incorporating pieces, designs and colors that align with your vision.

Wall Clock

Wall Art, Mirrors & Clocks

Every kitchen has a clock, but not every homeowner should depend on their microwave for the time. Hanging a large decorative wall clock is a great addition to your kitchen. There are a crazy amount of clock styles and designs to choose from. Look around online and do some shopping to see what you like and don’t like. Check out this kitchen utensils wall clock I found online. Yes, it’s different, but I also think it’s a unique and artistic idea that some people might love! If clocks aren’t your thing, a beautiful mirror may suit you better. Mirrors are also nice because they help smaller kitchens appear larger.

Coffee Mugs

Artwork and abstract images can be a bit pricier of an option than some of the other ideas in this article, but they’re worth the investment. An eye-catching piece of art will make your kitchen pop and give the room some real spark. I also love the idea of decorative metal wall art in the shape of coffee cups. Coffee lovers can surely appreciate this design, and it’s the perfect touch for a blank kitchen wall.   

Mason Jars

Mason Jars & Reclaimed Wood

Decorated mason jars are adorable no matter where they’re placed. Oftentimes, we see them being used for wedding décor, but they can also be a perfect addition to your kitchen. Gather some mason jars and reclaimed wood, or an old window, and get to work! Mason jars come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. They can also be painted and filled with beautiful flowers. Get crafty and once they’re done, hang them on the kitchen wall for a bright and cheery, personalized display.


Shelving & Crates

Open shelving isn’t for everyone, but those who like it know that this style brings a lot of character to an otherwise plain kitchen. You can select a particular location to add a few floating shelves, or they can be the center of your kitchen design. Don’t assume because it’s shelving that you have to go with wood. There are glass designs and various materials and colors to choose from. You can even add some up lighting or spotlighting to the shelves if you like that look. If you’re not into open shelving, but like the idea of highlighting your dishes, then think about installing clear upper cabinets which will give you a similar look.

Wine racks are always a popular choice to spruce up a kitchen wall. Not only are wall wine racks nice looking, but they’re useful for storing your wine bottles and can be a real space saver! A big trend homeowners are getting onboard with is building a wine rack right into their cabinets instead of hanging them on a separate wall.



New paint is one project that comes to mind when thinking about upgrades to your kitchen. You can DIY or hire a professional who can get the job done pretty quickly. When you’re thinking about kitchen paint colors and textures, also look into stencil designs and patterns. Maybe all your kitchen needs is a little attractive detail instead of an entire new paint job. You can stencil words, phrases and images to fancy up your kitchen wall. Check out some of the ideas on Pinterest and see what catches your eye!

Wooden Ladder Shelves

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelves allow you to showcase and stack items vertically against the wall. It’s a great look for a kitchen and definitely adds charm. Some homeowners choose to lineup two ladder bookcases side-by-side instead of just one singular ladder. This is an excellent way to display your favorite kitchen items or add more storage space to a small kitchen


By now you should have a few tips and tricks you can use to liven up those blank kitchen walls. If you weren’t a fan of some of these examples, I hope they at least triggered some additional ideas that will work in your home. These type of small details can make your kitchen go from bland to glam in no time!

If your kitchen is in need of a complete makeover and requires professional help, then you’ve come to the right place. Click here and we’ll send you free kitchen remodeling estimates from pros near you.

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