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7 DIY Ways To Make Your Patio Awesome

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By on Apr 21, 2014
7 DIY Ways To Make Your Patio Awesome

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Besides enjoying the outdoors or hosting the next family BBQ, outdoor patios have an endless array of benefits, including increasing your home’s value. On top of the classic or standard patios, there are numerous ways to really make your patio stand out. The best part is that you don’t need a professional contractor to make yours the most talked about patio on the block. As such, here are my seven DIY ways to make your patio awesome.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Convert Your Patio Into A Movie Theater

Patios were made for the spring and summer and you should take every chance you get at enjoying the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Let’s take it a step further by enjoying one of America’s very pastimes; outdoor movies.

Everyone has enjoyed a movie or concert in the park. Now, you can bring that experience and relaxing night to your patio and backyard. You will have to build the base of the screen in your backyard, but feel free to convert your patio into movie-theater seating. You can add raisers for additional seating or just set up lawn chairs. The entire process may be long, but when completed, you know you’ll have the most popular patio and backyard on the block.

Add A Built-In Wine or Beer Cooler

Patio CoolerHot days call for cold beverages. Instead of strolling out a portable cooler every time you want to enjoy your awesome patio, why not install a patio table with a built-in wine or beer cooler?

You only need basic DIY skills to complete the project. The toughest portion will be cutting or sawing out the portion of the table for the cooler. The rest of the process is as simple as building a wooden table. See all the details and prices at Domesticated Engineer.

Add A Patio Swing

After you build your awesome patio, all your neighbors and friends will want to come visit so you better have plenty of seating. Instead of just putting out extra lawn chairs, why not build a patio swing that everyone will want to enjoy?

Much like the wine or beer cooler, an average DIYer can accomplish the job with a little help from their local hardware store. If you do go with wood, be sure to add a cushion and umbrella for maximum comfort, even when it rains or snows.

Add A Screen

While parts of the country can enjoy their outdoor patio 24/7/365, there are other areas (us in Chicago included) that have to deal with colder climates (even in April). No worries, as a screened-in patio solves all your problems no matter what side of the country you live on.

Other than enjoying the outdoors during the winter, a screened-in patio can be a huge selling point and add a good amount of resale value to any existing home. According our screened-in patio material estimator and Zillow, it’s estimated that the return on investment for this type of home improvement project is nearly 80%. Of course, this can vary from community to community.

Add A Fire Pit

If you don’t want to screen-in your patio, but still want to enjoy its benefits during the colder months, then add a fire pit to your awesome patio. You can add a stone or brick fire pit to go with the more traditional aroma or choose the modern route and install a fire pit like the one below.

Modern Firepit

Either way, a fire pit will certainly make your patio the place to be when the neighborhood kids are craving a s’mores or two.

Redesign Your Patio Floor

When planning your patio, keep in mind that it should be thought of as an outdoor room. As such, it will be an extension of the house. When people walk into your house, what do they often notice first? Floors and floor coverings. Similarly, your patio surface will be a focal point for this outdoor room and will help set the tone for the entire patio.

Whether you decide to go with tile, wood or stone, think out of the box when you design your patio. If you have a covering, you could even add a unique rug to the mix. To help you get on the right track, be sure to view our 8 Clever & Bizarre Carpet Designs.

Make Your Patio Into A Camping Site

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Kids love camping, but sadly, we don’t always have time to take our kids to the nearest camping site. Well, good thing you have the ability to convert your patio into a camping site with a few strings, sheets and creativity.

Instead of putting the classical tent in your backyard, connect two posts on opposite ends of your patio. Then, attach a string from one end to the other. Cover the string with blankets, bedding or any wide material. Add some comfortable materials on the patio itself and you have your own patio camping site.


When it comes to awesome patios, the biggest obstacle is creativity. If you put your mind to it, you can build it. Don’t let your DIY skills deter you. All these projects and more can be done without the help of a professional contractor. With nice weather around the corner, it’s time to take advantage of your outdoor patio.

Fore more patio or backyard inspiration, check out our 9 Greatest Patio Designs In America or BuzzFeed’s 31 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer.

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