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7 Effortless Ways To Brighten Your Bedroom

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By Katie Carlson on Jun 9, 2016
7 Effortless Ways To Brighten Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you rest, rejuvenate and take a break from the chaos of everyday life. Although your bedroom is made for sleeping in the dark, that doesn’t mean you can’t brighten it up in the off hours.

A brighter bedroom makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning. Incorporating bright colors and installing new lights will energize you so you feel ready to approach the day with a cheerful attitude and outlook. See seven effortless ways to brighten your bedroom and turn it into a restful retreat you never imagined possible.


1. Replace Old Furniture

Your first order of business should be to replace or refresh the big ticket items in your bedroom, which is the furniture. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or gut the entire room, but you do need to be a bit creative and open with your selections.

Old, dark furniture will bring down the look of the room and magnify any outdated pieces. If you do use dark furniture, you'll want to make sure the rest of your décor is uplifting. This doesn’t mean you can’t use antique or used furniture, it just means you need to be mindful about what type of items you’re picking and, if necessary, be willing to add a fresh coat of paint.

Black & White

2. Update to A Black & White Color Scheme

Using a black and white color scheme will automatically draw in bright features and materials that’ll be easy for light to reflect. Make white the main focus and use black for your accents. The bedroom pictured in the image above does a nice job of this by adding a few small pieces of dark furniture to a white background and delicately including black in the bedding.

Window Treatments

3. Enhance Your Window Treatments

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Keep your bedroom window treatments simple with sleek lines and soft fabrics. Layer your window coverings by using blinds and drapes together to add more depth to your room. It’s a great way to blend colors and add some pizzazz.

According to the experts, you can also layer two styles of drapes together. Thin inner drapes will be used for privacy while thick outer ones will act as decorative pieces. Cheerful curtains and light colors will help open up the space and look beautiful when the windows are open and the wind blows.


4. Spruce Up Your Walls

Your walls are another major factor in how brightness plays a role in your bedroom. Dark and dreary paint will kill the ambiance of the room, so stay away from it unless you’re going for a dim or dramatic look. There are a few different ways to make your walls pop, including applying new paint and wallpaper. When selecting your paint color, consider what each color represents and how it’ll affect the mood of the room.


Wall art and decals are two budget-friendly and effortless ways to bring a splash of color and vibrancy to your bedroom. Shop around and give yourself time to pick the perfect pieces. You want to make sure your walls not only brighten up the room but flow with the overall theme.


5. Add Cheerful Bedding & Pillows

Your bedding is probably the most important décor item in your bedroom. It not only keeps you warm and cozy, but your comforter and pillows also function to bring an aesthetic appeal to your room. Updating your bedding is smart to do every so often due to wear and tear and changes in styles.

Your pillows are your savior when it comes to making practical and uplifting updates to your bedroom. There’s no shortage of options out there and it’s something you can do any day of the week. If you’re someone who likes to have a lot of pillows, be sure you get a mixture of comfortable ones you can sleep on and decorative ones that’ll brighten the space.


6. Get Creative with Your Lighting

We all know we need lights in our home, but don’t always take the time to choose the best lighting for our individual rooms. Lighting is everything and oftentimes gets overlooked on the list of enhancements that should be made when updating and remodeling.  

Lamps, back lighting and installing recessed can lights are all great ways to draw in more light and brighten up your space. The more options you have for dimming and setting the mood, the better. Besides material and color, there are lots of unique fixture shapes available on the market.

Layered lighting is a smart and stylish way to make your bedroom feel cozy and comfortable. This type of illumination entails combining different types of lighting (ambient, accent and task lighting) to create a balanced and relaxed space. Layered lighting allows you to maximize the functionality of the room and generate a dynamic look and feel.

Bedroom Decor

7. Use Bright & Shiny Décor

The fun part about making over your bedroom is that you get to personalize the space with your own style through the décor. The details and finishing touches may be last on the list, but they’re the most important items in the room. Your decoration can make or break the sophistication of your bedroom.

Add some life to your room with plants and flowers. Select décor pieces that are bright, shiny and make a statement. This is also an opportunity for you to bring in more color and showcase abstract art. For more tips on sprucing up your bedroom, please see our tips for a master bedroom makeover.


We spend a lot of our lifetime in our bedrooms, so why not make an effort to make it something special? Brightening up the space by paying attention to your furniture, decoration and lighting selections is sure to help get the job done right. Implementing even a few of these ideas may make you see your room in a whole new light and fall in love with your personal sanctuary all over again.

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