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7 Home Designs That Must Have Been Inspired By The Polar Vortex

By on Mar 26, 2014
7 Home Designs That Must Have Been Inspired By The Polar Vortex

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The Polar Vortex that swept through the U.S. this winter brought record low temperatures and reportedly, cost the U.S. economy up to $5 Billion. Nevertheless, as we like to say, homeowners should always be looking for inspiration for your next home improvement project and weather is certainly a popular destination. So, we decided to find our favorite home improvement remodels that were inspired by winter. We will also throw in some of our favorite images captured from around Chicago, our hometown, this winter.

Classic Snow Home

This may seem like an incomplete home remodel, but the owners of this classic were stepping out of the box. The arched home is held up by boulders, which can withstand such inclement weather like we saw last week. Extra windows and a 3D design certainly make this home one of a kind.

Winter Inspired Bathroom

White was certainly the dominant color when redesigning this bathroom. While the porcelain pedestal sinks are not so common nowadays, the metal and porcelain tub is certainly a sight for sore eyes and we expect them to see a big jump in 2014.

Polar Vortex

Believe it or not, these tough Chicagoans are walking along Lake Michigan via the North Avenue Beach. Didn’t look like a beach or a lake during the Polar Vortex.

Chicago Tribune

Snowflake Art

This condo was undoubtedly inspired by cold weather with the leather sofa, leather pillows, fur throw blanket, shag rug and of course, the snowflake wall art. Who wouldn’t want to live in this remodeled condo?

The White Living Room

Certainly, when the weather outside is frightful, there is nothing like settling down in front of a warm fireplace. Doing so while resting in all white living room makes the fire feel that much warmer.

The White Bedroom

This remodeled room designed by Tucker & Marks demonstrates how to play with two contrasting materials and bring them into harmony. Warm colors vs. cold colors, gold vs. blue and soft vs. hard. It’s like cold vs. freezing.

Lights Shining in Winter

Lodge cabins have certainly been gaining steam the last few years and when you look at this beauty, how can you blame anyone. Despite the snow, this lodge-style home shines brighter than ever in the dead of winter.

The All White Living Room with Side Lamp

Sometimes, it gets so cold, even the bird start flying away.

Did you find inspiration this winter? Start your home improvement project today.

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