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7 Laundry Room Problems & How To Solve Them

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By on Aug 6, 2017
7 Laundry Room Problems & How To Solve Them

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Close your eyes and imagine your perfect laundry room. Everything is clean and in a proper place. There are no stray socks and everything is folded neatly, with the iron easily accessible. Now, think about the current state of your laundry room. It’s likely the exact opposite of what your perfect laundry room looks like.

Fear not! There are ways to make your laundry room beautiful and functional. Say goodbye to cluttered work surfaces and hello to a new way to get housework done. See a few common laundry room organization problems and a few ways you can resolve them below.

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Organize Your Supplies

Problem #1: Disorganized Laundry Supplies

Whether you’re loading your washer with dirty clothes or you need to quickly get a fresh stain out, your laundry supplies should be easily accessible. This starts with organization. Throw out any empty bottles and containers that may be taking up space. Then, survey what you have. Any items you don’t use frequently you can place on a cabinet or shelf. Go an extra step and label where each item goes, so everyone in the family knows where things go.

My favorite method for laundry cleaning supply organization is a small cart. This way, you can keep your supplies on hand whenever you need them. From the perfect solution to scrub a stain to a dryer sheet for the final load, your supplies are handy when and where you need them!

Not Enough Storage

Problem #2: Not Enough Storage

For many with small laundry rooms, storage can be an issue. While a small cart can help with supplies, there are other items that are not used as often that need to be put away so you have a clean option. An instant storage area is shelving or cabinets over the washer and dryer. The average cost to install cabinets is $4,305, but this will largely depend on the size of cabinets you’ll be installing. If you’re on a budget, open shelving might be an easy way to keep items stored and in reach when you need them.

Stray Socks And More

Problem #3: Stray Socks & More

We’ve all been there. Mysteriously, a sock went missing during the washing process. This can happen with any item that comes in a pair such as washcloths, gloves and bed linens. It’s a good idea to have a place for the stray item, so when its partner is found, they can be paired together! You can even turn your missing item into temporary wall art. See this tutorial from Katie Brown Home Workshop on how you can make a laundry board.

Loose Change In Pockets

Problem #4: There’s Always Loose Change In Pockets

If you have kids, or even some adults, in your home who haven’t yet learned how to check their pockets before throwing them in the hamper, it’s likely you’ll find change before throwing them into the wash. This can be damaging to your washer and dryer. Be sure to empty all pockets before washing. Keep a change collector nearby, such as a decorative jar or cute wall hanging. If you’d like to make your own, see this tutorial from Lil Luna.

Dryer Lint Storage

Problem #5: Lint, Dryer Sheets & Small Trash Around The Room

While you may not realize it, the laundry room needs to be cleaned too. When cleaning the lint trap, I prefer to keep that waste separate from my trash, as you can reuse lint to make kindling for a fire starter when camping or simply having a backyard fire. I find a cute container or small closed trash can and label it “lint” so everyone knows that’s the only thing that goes in there.

A cute trash can help spruce up the room. I love the look of galvanized steel trash cans in laundry rooms. A lid is helpful too if you have any pets or small children that love to get into things.

Ironing Board Storage

Problem #6: Ironing Board Won’t Fit

A laundry room isn’t complete without an ironing board. However, this is the first item that’s tossed aside by many if they don’t have enough space. Thankfully, you have plenty of options. Add a hook to the back of the door and it becomes instant ironing board storage. Some home improvement stores also sell over-the-door iron and ironing board caddies for less than $30.

If you have a room without a door or, your ironing board simply will not fit, you can always opt to make your own portable ironing board that can fit across a standard washer or dryer. See the tutorial from Dream A Little Bigger to make one for yourself!

Wall Mount Clothing Racks

Problem #7: Sweaters Have No Place To Air Dry

Similarly, to an ironing board, drying racks might also be less of a necessity if your space is small. But there are plenty of creative ways to air dry your clothes that would otherwise shrink in the dryer. Wall-mount drying racks are available and easy to install if you have space. You can find them at your local home goods store.

Another creative way to air dry clothes without taking up space is to install a railing on your high wall or ceiling and use hangers to dry blazers, jackets and more. While not ideal for sweaters or other delicate materials, it will help you save space on bulky items as they dry.


Your laundry room chores should not be difficult. If they are, it’s time to evaluate how you’re organizing your space. Use a few of these simple tips to instantly improve the problems you may have around your laundry room.

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