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7 Painting Trends You’ll Want To Try

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By on Feb 21, 2018
7 Painting Trends You’ll Want To Try

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If you’re bored of the way your room currently looks, you could always try redecorating. However, it could be time for an even bigger change. The latest painting trends can help to give you direction on your next change in home décor.

From incorporating deep colors to unique ways of using patterns, paint allows a more permanent change to brighten up the look of the home. Here are 10 painting trends you’ll want to try and where you can use them in your home.

While you can always try a new paint trend yourself, a painting pro will have a better idea of how to make your vision come to life perfectly. Contact a painting contractor today for quotes from contractors in your area, for free.

Current Interior Painting Trends

Current Interior Painting Trends

For homeowners who want to add something different to a room, a small paint project could be just what the space needs. Changing up your paint color and style can truly be what you need to make your home décor pop. “Painting a home is the least expensive way to improve the value of your property,” Casey Black, owner of Casey Black Painting, said. “Go with what colors fit your style and the feel of your home. Every home has character and that should help you move in the correct direction.”

While you’ve likely already looked at this year’s hot colors, it’s how you use them that matter most. Here are a few painting trends you can try in your home:

  • Dark Accent Walls
  • Painting The Trim
  • Using Unexpected Color Combinations
  • Geometric Patterns
  • Colorful Interior Doors
  • Painting Between Shelves
  • Two-Tone Painted Cabinets

However, if you’re planning to sell your home soon, Black advises being cautious with color choice, even if it is trendy.

“If you’re planning on selling your home, I would recommend playing it safe,” he said. “Neutral grays or earth tones throughout the common areas and bedrooms. A splash of color in bathrooms is always a way to add interest.”

Dark Accent Walls

1. Dark Accent Walls

You’ve likely seen this trend popping up on your favorite designer’s Instagram feed or home design magazines. Dark accent walls couldn’t be more popular right now. Many homeowners are surprised to hear that colors, like charcoal black, are currently trending as accent walls in living rooms and bedrooms. It’s a way to make a dramatic and yet cozy statement in your home.

Painting The Walls

2. Painting The Trim

Homeowners have begun to experiment with color in new ways. One way is painting the trim of a room differently than the rest. “Clients are also choosing to paint their trim and moldings the same or a similar shade of color with a different finish,” Black said. “It makes the overall look very clean and contemporary.”

If you’re not ready to conquer a larger paint project yet, try updating the look of your trim and see what a difference it can make to your room.

Unexpected Color Combinations

3. Using Unexpected Color Combinations

Along with painted ceilings, more homeowners are choosing color combinations that you wouldn’t think go together, but actually look quite beautiful. A great example is the 2018 Pantone color of the year, Ultra Violet. This is a bright and bold purple that when done correctly, is a beautiful addition to the room. While it goes well with cool neutrals, it also coordinates well with yellow and blue to create a modern look.

Geometric Patterns

4. Geometric Patterns

In many aspects of interior design right now, geometric patterns are popular. From patterned pillowcases to rugs, you’ll likely see these sleek patterns in many areas of the home. But did you know you can use a stencil to help you get the look on a small accent wall? To see how you can do this yourself, watch How to Paint Patterns.

5. Colorful Interior Doors

We know that colorful exterior doors have been popular for some time, but now that trend is coming inside the home. Painted interior doors are becoming trendy as homeowners look for new and unique ways to add color to their home, without making the commitment of an entire wall. Try out your favorite hue on a bedroom or bathroom door to see what a difference it can make.

6. Painting Between Shelves

If you’re looking to freshen up your bookshelves, paint can help! A new trend is painting the wall space between each shelf in a bright color to help it to stand out. This is a great alternative to buying all new shelves as it’s much cheaper and less time-consuming. Be sure to remove all items from the shelves and tape off the section before you start painting.

Two Tone Cabinets

7. Two-Tone Painted Cabinets

As you may have seen in our 2018 Kitchen Cabinet & Countertop Trends, two-tone cabinets are making an appearance in kitchens across the nation. You don’t need a complete cabinet remodel to get the look. You can paint your cabinets to get the two-toned effect that’s trendy.

“Kitchens have trended towards white upper cabinets and lowers being a color that works with the tone or style of the house,” Black said. “This is where the owner can have some fun with color. That can really accentuate the personality of a home.”

If you’re wondering how to do this in your kitchen, you may want to start with the colors you already have. Two-tone cabinets work well with the same colors in different shades or a neutral on top and a bold color that pops on the bottom cabinet. Be sure to get paint samples to see how the colors look paired together before painting your cabinets.

Paint Project Costs

Of course, with any home improvement project, there will be costs associated with them. Thankfully smaller paint projects are the most affordable, which is what you’ll be doing when it comes to these updates. The average cost to paint a small project is $606, with most homeowners spending between $412 and $667.


While you may already know that a change in paint color can significantly update a room, there are also smaller projects you can try that will really make a difference. These paint trends can be a fun way for you to express your personal style as well as make your home décor pop.

Looking for more hot trends to try? Read Kitchen Cabinet Trends That Are Here To Stay.

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