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7 Patio Designs To Copy

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By on Jan 19, 2016
7 Patio Designs To Copy

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There are certain patios that amuse the average consumer and there are others that wow every guest and homeowner that stops by. Since patios are used to host family get-togethers or quiet getaways to relax and enjoy the scenery, every outdoor entertaining space deserves a little extra when it comes to patio design.

While most of the patio designs below are not cheap, there are certain strategic and budget-friendly options you can incorporate into your own patio design. 

As such, see our seven patio designs to copy.

Fireplace Patio

This black and white contemporary patio did not install anything over the top, but smart color choices, as well as a beautiful view, make the design work. While cement tiles or black iron patio furniture may not be in the cards for some homeowners, a romantic fireplace is one patio décor item that elevates any design.

On top the sleek look, a romantic fireplace like the one above warms up the space (great for those near water) and extends the patio's use. While many patios are too cold come September, a redesigned patio with a fireplace as such is just as comfortable as any hot summer day.

Urban Patio

If this patio doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does. This modern outdoor masterpiece features a high-top bar table, galvanized siding, a glass overhang for some shade, seagrass furniture and of course, a horizontal railing all the way across.

The wood and seagrass furniture are ideal for all contemporary, rustic or modern patio designs. They’re not too expensive, but both bring a stylish and hot design feature to any patio in America.

Traditional Patio

Sometimes, the most traditional designs make the biggest impact on your backyard curb appeal. A terrific way to make a splash with your patio is through brick, tile, water and colorful flowers.

They used all elements to perfection above with brick siding (obviously not part of patio, but nonetheless, plays a role), slate tile floors, an eye-catching water fountain and perfectly placed flowers and plants throughout.

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Slate patios are gaining steam because they match virtually any home design. It comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, and is easy to install and maintain. To save money on installation, wait until the off-season.

If you can’t wait and want to start your patio design, connect with a local patio pro near you.

Tropical Patio

Just because you don’t live on a beach doesn’t mean your patio can’t look like a beach patio. An umbrella, lounging chairs and a few tropical plants will certainly do the trick and not hurt your wallet in the process.

Above, they went with a light wood deck, which can oftentimes be more than a standard patio. Nonetheless, the look speaks for itself. A wood deck doesn’t only increase the value of your home, but comes in so many options such a pine, ipe, redwood, teak and cedar.

Patio Enclosure

You don’t see it often, but thanks to the patio enclosure, these homeowners decided to install carpet on their traditional patio. A carpet design certainly blends well with brick and beige siding and of course, lends itself to more traditional settings. However, too much of one design can seem like overkill. It would behoove these homeowners to perhaps add a few non-traditional patio décor items such as different flooring, wood furniture or non-green plants.

Note: Patio enclosures are not cheap. According to our patio enclosure cost estimator, the average price across the U.S. is $13,735. The average price to repair a patio enclosure is $2,700.

Transitional Patio

When you have a lot of space, a patio can be hard to fill on a limited budget. Therefore, you need furniture pieces that stand out or patio colors that make a statement.

As such, these homeowners went with stained concrete flooring and teak furniture to match their British Colonial vibe. You can stain your patio a variety of colors from red and yellow to orange and purple. Staining concrete is a great way to upgrade your existing patio with a long-lasting finish. This will help prevent chipping, cracking or peeling.

Contemporary Patio

The final patio design is part of our dream collection as they decided to add a full custom hot tub right on their cement patio. The white flooring lends itself to the tropical setting. Sadly, an upscale patio design such as this would only do well in southern or western parts of the country.

Nevertheless, one can dream, right?


Patios bring the party outside and let you enjoy the outdoors and nice weather within your own confines. They can be costly, but with smart design elements like the ones above, you can stay within your budget and have a spectacular patio right in your backyard.

Before you make your final decision, see what a patio costs to install in your zip code with our cost estimator.

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